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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Trannies With Guns

OK I always wait until things have calmed down before I write anything about it. This is about the shooting in Nashville. The shooter was a trans "woman". Still a man, just a man who wears a wig, make up and a dress. As a real woman, I don't even wear dresses. In this case it was a man who thinks he's a woman, shooting up a Christian school. Of the 6 who were killed, three were children under 10 years old, and three were staff members. Then the tranny killed himself. The sad thing is, this is not the first time this kind of thing happened. I remember a few years ago, there was another trans "woman" who carried an axe into a convenience store swinging in Australia. This is how we can be sure people calling themselves trans "women" are not real women. Mass shooters are almost exclusively male. And there is a biological reason for that.

Now I hear that the day that happened, was some kind of official "trans day of vengeance" or something to that effect. I also saw where only a week before that happened, Cenk Yugar from TYT said in his podcast that he's totally against anyone having guns. With the exception of trans people. Fuck that! The rest of us need guns to protect ourselves against trans people especially! Only allowing trans people to be armed is an extremely dangerous way to go! Judging especially by the way ol' Johnathan Yaniv acted with weapons! He used them hap-hazardly against people who he just disagrees with. Not against anyone who would attack him physically. That's what dumbass anti-gun people like Cenk Yugar want for trans people. NO ONE with a mental disorder that bad should be allowed near a gun! Cenk says "they need it in case some 'right-wing lunatics' confront them". Well, I've never met a right-wing "lunatic". They may be out there, but I haven't seen them. The real lunatics have always been on the left. And anyone who thinks they are something they really are not, is definitely a lunatic!

There should NEVER be a trans day of vengeance! Unless it's something like April Fools day where trans people get even with normal people just for fun. But only in FUN. Not to kill or anything bad like that. And NO child is trans on their own. So, leave kids out of it! My prayers are forever with the families of the victims in the Nashville shooting. Not the shooter himself. I don't care what happens to his soul. He made the choice to shoot up a school he had NOTHING to do with! And he killed kids! That's totally wrong! And I'll bet when Cenk Yugar heard about the shooting, he laughed and cheered for the shooter. After all, he was the one who said a week before the incident that trans people are the only ones who should have guns. No one else. No doubt he inspired that event. This is why I stopped watching TYT, and I'm glad I haven't looked back!

Though I heard Anna Casparian is beginning to have a change in attitude. Well, she wouldn't be the first of the panel to change. Dave Rubin used to be with TYT, and he changed his mind after finding out what hypocrites the leftists are. He left the left. I'd like to think Anna Casparian is seeing the same light. Especially after this shooting incident. I don't see how anyone with a heart can hear of the shooting in Nashville and feel good in any way about it. It makes me sick! It makes me think we should never have allowed trannies to have their own way. They don't deserve special treatment. I liked the world better when they were staying in the closet. I've already stated I would never allow them in my business. I'd not even allow them in my house! Just like a pit bull, they may snap at any time. I'm not going to deal with that. I'm not going to call someone with broad shoulders and looking like a linebacker "ma'am". Not gonna happen! If they walk into my business and behave like a normal human being, I'll gladly serve them. But not if they come in demanding I call them by a pronoun I am not familiar with or don't see in them. And I've really only seen a small handful of trannies that would have me fooled.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that while I agree that trans women aren't women and indeed 99% of shooters are male, the Nashville shooter was, in fact, a woman--a trans-identified woman. Her name was Audrey Hale.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Hello. Sorry but "trans-identified" means nothing. He was born a male. He was a male when he died.