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Friday, April 21, 2023

Desperate Trannies

Remember, we just had a mass shooting where a trans "woman" killed 6 people at a Christian school. You know why that happened? Because trannies are getting desperate. They are now afraid of being outlawed out of this country. Several states have happily taken the initiative to make it illegal to transform kids to the opposite sex. So today's trannies are getting desperate. Desperate enough to try anything. Including threatening you and your children. Meet Tara (Thomas) Jay. He has a message for all the women out there.

"I dare you to stop me from going into a woman's bathroom". "I dare you to try and stop another trans "woman" from using a woman's bathroom in my presence". He's saying he is prepared to kill anyone who stops him from using the bathroom he has no business using. He kept saying "Its the last mistake you'll ever make". I totally hate this guy! If anyone out there ever had a shred of doubt that trannies are unstable people, who should not be allowed near guns, this should open your eyes. Mentally deranged people should not own guns. That goes for Thomas Jay. He doesn't need a gun. Its the normal people around him who need the guns. He seems proud of his threats too.

Thomas denies what he posted is a threat. Of course he does! Obama spoiled these trannies and now Biden is spoiling them. He tells them they can never do no wrong. He lets them get away with anything. Modern leftists give them all the ratification to do whatever they want. The entire leftist ideologies have now gone too far. Conservatives need to start fighting back. The problem is, judging by this video, it may already be too late. Thomas is still on Twitter (under the moniker Tranny Vs. The World) and unaware he is making threats. I would not be surprised if everyone, who has been trans-allies before, stop supporting trans people because of the threats made by this man. This man makes me want to gouge out his eyeballs in the slowest, most painful way I can.

What surprises me is that he has not been banned from TikTok or Twitter for his threats. Apparently on TikTok, some people have found out who he is and where he lives. He lives in Kansas. They have called the police on him for the threats he made on the videos. People like him seem to forget that, trans or not, a call to violence is NOT protected under free speech rights. I looked on his Twitter and all I see are all kinds of complaints and "whataboutisms" that leftists always use in their arguments. And they say conservatives do that. Well, maybe we do. But we have good reason to. Because it's seemed the leftists can get away with things others cannot. Yet there is not one single thing the right-wingers can do that leftists cannot. It makes no sense. And that is why conservatives are always throwing in the "whatabouts" in their arguments. But leftists have no reason to use that argument. They just think they don't have rights that we do. But I think the videos this tranny puts out is proof enough that they do indeed have special rights. The videos are still up. Whereas if a Christian man had said anything similar to this, that video would have been removed right away, and a SWAT team would have stormed the house of the poster.

Well, I've let bullies like this guy get the better of me for too long. I put up with all this bullying shit when I was a kid! I'm not going to allow myself to be bullied as an adult. I said to this guy if he threatens my family, it'll not only be the last mistake he ever makes, it'll be the last time he ever sees daylight! He's not afraid to die? Neither am I. And I will protect my family at all costs. If he can protect his dumb little tranny "friends", then I can for sure protect my family! And conservatives all carry guns! And have for all our lives. We can draw faster than this jerk can turn his head! He'll be down before he even has a chance to reach for his gun belt. You don't mess with conservatives. You never know what skills they could have.

Like I said though. It may be too late. We should have stopped this a long time ago! But other people were afraid of being called fascists. Or nazis. Or bigots. Or transphobes! Which is the silliest name of them all. That's why names never bothered me. Besides, the leftists have overused those names to a point where they mean nothing anymore. Someone calls me a bigot, I just laugh at them. Someone calls me a "transphobe", I first laugh at the word, then I laugh at them! It's just like washing socks to me now. I'm not afraid to fight back. I'm not afraid of the words. Actually, I never was afraid of the words. They are just words, after all. Sticks and stones, etc.

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