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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Mass "Genocide" That Isn't

 I swear leftists are so DUMB!!! They make me want to scream! Or slap some sense into them. Now, they are calling us being against transgendering children some kind of mass "genocide". WTF?! That's an offense to people who have really suffered genocide. There's nothing genocidal about not allowing little kids to transition to the opposite gender. Being trans is not genetic! It's learned behavior that, when left alone, will fix it's self with age. It is much more genocidal to actually transition children than the other way around. Transitioning kids takes away their ability to reproduce properly, which is what genocide is. It's the forceful depletion of an entire gene pool. There is no gene pool that I know of, outside the imagination of leftists, where everyone is trans!

Let me tell you, Hitler killing Jewish people was a mass genocide. Killing of Indian tribes was a mass genocide. Killing of endangered animals is a mass genocide. Even killing of slaves would be considered genocide. Stopping kids from mutilating their own bodies is not genocide! It's protection from genocide. There are people out there who should not even be parents. Those are the ones who don't really give a shit about their kids. Or they see their kids as social media pawns. You can always tell those parents apart from others because they get on TikTok and show off their "trans" kids. Those kind of people make me sick! I don't like them. That's why I am getting so sick of trans people!

It was fine when all they wanted was to live their lives, love whom they love and be happy. I was fine with that. But now, they are demanding special treatment. Remember Sam Brinton?! That ugly SOB who has a fetish for having sex with dogs? Remember how he knowingly stole the luggage of 3 other women? He has now managed to strike a plea bargain so he would not be thrown in prison. Now, if he was a normal human being, he would have been put away for several years. But because he's a trans idiot with a fetish for dogs, he was able to plea bargain with the judge. And the judge (no doubt a leftist) fell for it. So the judge is going to let another criminal back on the streets to do his crimes over again.

I saw an article this morning that a friend shared with me, that was about four Walmart stores in Chicago closing down. No one will say it out loud, but it's because of the constant thefts and shoplifting going on in those stores. No one will say it except FOX News. Which is why the leftists need to start watching FOX News. But they refuse to. Without it, they don't get the full story. Only the leftwing media's side of the story. And as we all know (from watching Tess Obrien) the leftists are LIARS!!! But that's why leftists are so dumb. Because they only hear the left side. The leftist media is not going to tell you Walmarts are closing down all over the country because of thieves and shoplifters. They will more likely blame Donald Trump or white people. They won't admit it's because the District Attorney is so soft on criminals.

Speaking of blaming Donald Trump. Alvin Braggs, the current manager of NYC who was chosen just because he was black, has found a way to have Trump arrested. Trump went peacefully with no resistance whatsoever. The crime? Giving hush money to a prostitute. Now, since when is giving someone hush money illegal? The DA thinks she was given money to not talk about Trump colluding with the Russians. So, the leftists have finally done it. But you know what? I'm not worried. Not at all. Like I said, giving someone hush money is not a crime. And it's already been proven that Trump did not collude with Russia. But Clinton did. So why don't they go after her? For the same reason they won't arrest Sam Brinton. Because she's a leftist with a fetish. I knew there was something about that Alvin Braggs that I didn't like. And despite what Susan Burklund thinks, it wasn't just because he was black. It's because he's a jerk who only sees corruption in Trump, just like Susan. But is too scared to arrest the real criminals that invade the streets of NYC.

Trump handled his arrest gracefully, even though he did nothing wrong. I must say I am proud of him for that! He did a lot better than that goon, George Floyd! Now I have even more respect for Trump! I don't care what the NY courts think. Next election, I am going to vote for Trump. No questions asked. If he's running, I'm voting!

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