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Monday, April 17, 2023

The Legendary Courage of Riley Gaines

I have a distinctive feeling this young girl will go down in history! Riley Gaines is the female swimmer who lost her #1 position to a man!

Well, recently she has taken to going around the country to save women's sports. I must say her courage is very inspiring! I know her parents must be proud of her. She's even gone to San Fransisco State University which is the most leftist city you can visit. The students there did not like Riley speaking out against Lia Thomas taking her first place spot away. Like the leftists always do, they attacked her, to a point she needed police escorts. But even they did very little good. She was banged on the head by a man wearing a dress. I cannot blame her for being scared. Those nutters are crazy! I only hope it doesn't discourage her from keeping up the fight. I'm with her in spirit. So are a lot of other conservatives who believe men taking over women's sports is wrong!

As I have stated before, I am not even into women's sports. I would not advocate for them at all, except now they have allowed men to compete against women, and I just think that's totally wrong! Especially in the case of Lia Thomas, who transitioned just so he could beat real women out of their own game. It made me angry to hear he did that. So now, I am joining in this battle against trans-"women" in women's sports. Pretty soon, if this is kept up, women will have nothing that is just ours, and ours alone. We'll have to share stuff that was traditionally only for us, with biological men. And it seems there is nothing women can do about it. Or there wasn't. But look what allowing trans-"women" in real womens' spaces has allowed; 3 women were raped in a woman's prison by a man who claimed he was a woman. Women have lost their first place positions in women's sports. Biological men are ogling young girls in women's locker rooms. Men are invading women's restrooms, and several times I've heard of women getting raped by them. It's an awful time to be an active woman now. It makes me angry at this world. And it's all Biden's fault!

Men are claiming to be women now because they get pats on the back for it on Twitter and TikTok. Those imbeciles call them "brave". Well, they're NOT brave. They're actually the most cowardly people of all. There is nothing brave about claiming to be the opposite sex. Any child can do that. They do it in play though. They don't do it to change their lives, no matter what the leftists say. The real brave people are the people like Riley Gaines, who go against the violent leftist mobs and say what they really feel. Believe me that takes a lot of courage! Courage that no tranny anywhere can ever even dream to match! As a person who speaks her mind a lot, I know the kind of bravery it takes. A regular tranny would fall apart under that kind of pressure. You have to be prepared that it could get you beaten, and not many people are willing to have your back. You have to be prepared that a lot of people will hate you for it. Even those who you might think are your friends. That's why I say I do not have friends at all. And proud of it! The more human friends you have, the bigger an ass-kisser you are. So, I don't want human friends. I'm perfectly happy just having my family and pets around.

I am no doubt in Club Gaines! Lia Thomas can go suck dick for all I care. Katrina and I are doing our part to fight the leftist mob. Right now, we are blowing up in the face of Jeffrey Marsh. Dylan Mulveney is next. Dylan has ruined Budweiser's career! I don't even drink beer. I think it all tastes like piss water. But if I did, I wouldn't put any more money in Budweiser's pockets!!! Most people who do drink beer are conservatives. So, it was a dooming idea for Budweiser to spit in the face of their biggest supporters by getting Dylan Mulveney to sponsor their products. Nike is a lost cause. But Budweiser surprised everyone. Now, no one is supporting them.

If you want to join us conservatives in the fight against allowing men in women's spaces, Riley Gaines has begun a page where you can show your support. Go to Riley Gaines | Save Women’s Sports | Official Website | Riley Gaines and show some love and support.

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