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Thursday, December 8, 2011


You know I have a friend whose family lives in Nairobi, and every year she goes there and stays with them for the holiday season. I was watching some videos on YouTube, and they showed  packs of African wild dogs with their prey. Those are some brave dogs, let me tell you! I've seen them stand up to lions before! Well, lions have some advantage over all other animals, because they say it's the lions you don't see you should worry about. But these dogs are brave. I've seen a video of them standing up to lions and driving them away! I'd love to see packs of wild dogs doing their thing in the wild. I wish we had animals like that here. We have wolves, but wolves are nowhere near as spectacular as African wild dogs!

I'd love to someday go on a safari! Preferably a safari in Australia's outback. LOL! I would say an African safari, but with my shitty luck, I'd never see any wild dogs! Probably I'd go there and all I would see are some dumb lions, or a stupid leopard! No wild dogs. That would SUCK!! Then I'd be pissed because I wasted all that money and all I would be forced to watch are some dumb panthers! And if I wanted to see them, I'd stay at home and watch them for free on TV. And I don't even do that. African safaris run around $20,000. If I am going to spend that kind of money, I would want to see something rare, something I don't see (or hear of) every day to a point it gets sickening. These people who have videos of wild dogs, they should play the lottery! I'd bet you they'd win! If they're lucky enough to see a pack of wild dogs, they'd be lucky enough to win the lottery! I wish that would be me though!

I think they're kinda cute! Take away those odd markings, and I'd say that's one of the cutest faces I've ever seen! And they are brave! Much more so than hyenas! Unfortunately they are becoming extinct. I don't know why. Here, wolves are thriving! More wolves have been spotted here than cougars.

Well, in other news, Anna is quitting this job today. The winters here in Montana are just too brutal to stand outside. And the boss fusses when we stand inside. And I totally refuse to stand outside when it is going to be -30 degrees out there! I'm going to quit too, but not yet. I'll quit maybe after next week. If not this weekend. I hope he will let Anna quit. If not, then Anna can screw up and make him terminate her. That's what I'd do! The boss said if he ever caught us sitting down, or inside the store again, then we would never work for him again. LOL! So that would be one way Anna could be released from this job. Well, unfortunately I'm the one who has today off, and it's Anna's birthday. She should have got today off, not me. Well, as promised, I will make her a cake. Hope she likes it. She also wants a trip to Idaho Falls, and I cannot give that to her now. For that one, she will have to wait.
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