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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dee The Snowgirl

Ohh man! I never have any time for myself anymore. I have this job hanging over my head! I am trying to work on this one story so I can put it up on the UMG Productions site. It's a story devoted to Mount St. Helens, and I have appearances being made by Harry Truman, David Johnston and later on, Reid Blackburn. I also have Bandit and some of her friends and Candi (me) in the story. hehehe! Though in this story, Candi is a 17-year old with hormones raging, and she follows David Johnston around like a rockstar groupie! LOL! Actually the original story depicted these characters in a totally different manner. When I first wrote this story, and I described it in one of the first chatrooms I've ever been in, everyone said that it sounded a lot like the St. Helens movie (from 1981). Probably because I just had Harry Truman and David Johnston in the story. But I am tweaking it a little bit. I've made Candi this teenage girl, who sees David Johnston the way modern teenagers see Justin Bieber. She becomes the first ever volcanologist groupie! hehee! Well, let's face it! Johnston was a very handsome man! If groupies ever existed for scientists, he would have had a swarm of them shadowing his every move! I got the idea for this remembering how I was when I saw Tim Farriss at the taping of Rockstar: INXS. I thought this would make an interesting first! I am trying to make it as far unlike the movie St. Helens as I can possibly get it to be, and still keep the characters. I am rather proud of the job I am doing too. The drawings are coming out spectacular! The people look exactly how they should. I notice I do MUCH better likenesses when I am not even trying to draw the people I am supposed to draw. Instead, I trick my mind into believing that I'm only drawing a guy who looks like David Johnston! LOL! Then the drawings come out looking exactly like him.

I remember when I first wrote this story, back in 1997. I had to stare at pictures of David Johnston, Harry Truman and Reid Blackburn for hours and hours on end, so I can capture every little detail. It was then I discovered how very beautiful David Johnston was, and I thought that would be a good angle for the story, have Candi fall in love with him! But no, after hearing a couple times from people I described the story to, saying that the angle was too much like that of the movie, I decided I needed to fix that. I remember I started this story in April of 1997, and I had to have it finished by May 18th. Incidentally, the new Johnston Ridge Observatory was also to be completed that very same day. So I finished that story at the same time the observatory was completed. I didn't even know they were working on an observatory then! Until I heard on the news that it was finished, and now you can look down the throat of the volcano! You can stand in the same place Johnston did when he was taken by the mountain.

Well, I have limited time to work on this story now. I have to go to work and it's not that easy sitting there, drawing (during my breaks) when you have a dozen thick shirts on! I can barely move my arms! Well, Anna and I are doing this job. I feel a little bad that she has to work on her b-day! But I will have a very nice surprise waiting for her when she gets home. She'll love it! This job is beginning to get to me! Even though I am fully aware it is my own fault! I signed on as a full-time worker! But now, my boss is telling me he does not like me to sit down! Why the Hell not??? It's not like I am doing much! I'm not reaching over anything. I'm just standing there, thanking people and telling them to have a Merry Christmas! I can do that just as good sitting down as I can standing up! I usually sit down anyway, I don't care if he sees me or not. Last weekend, he caught Anna standing inside the store and he about went into a conniption! But it was very cold out and the wind was blowing. He doesn't want her or anyone standing inside the store. Easy for him to gripe! I bet he sits at a desk inside a warm building all day long. If the wind wasn't blowing, I would have agreed with him. But the wind was pretty fierce, so I was glad Anna got to stand inside! It's a lot better than fighting that darned wind! I told Anna, that if I ever have to work on a day when it's -30 degrees out there, I'm standing inside the store! I don't care what the boss says! If he fires me, then he's just gonna have to fire me.

Well, the cold can be beat! I'm doing pretty good with putting on a dozen thick shirts and pants, and I have hand and foot warmers that I also use. But let me tell you, walking around in all that, or doing anything at all! It's difficult! I feel like I am going deep-sea diving! All those clothes on, must add at least another 100 pounds to my already over-extended weight! Now I know how it feels to weigh 400 pounds! I have a new respect for those big guys on Operation Repo! It hurts my back! It also hurts my legs! And I stand out there and I feel, and probably look, like a snowman! The kids all look at me like they want to put a carrot on my nose and 2 pieces of coal for my eyes! So I leave the house every day singing this song (to the tune of Frosty the Snowman):

Dee Dee the snow-girl
has to go to work today
It says it'll snow, but Dee Dee goes
and stands outside like a ho----

Oh, Dee Dee the snow-girl
has to wear a dozen shirts
Tugs a backpack 'round, and smiles like a clown
and her boots make her feet hurt!

Well, one thing is keeping me going. That is the fact that this job, if I can keep it, will only last until Christmas Eve. If he fires me before then, that's fine too! I actually have another job waiting for me! And it is an inside job too. I told the supervisor of that job that I cannot do anything until this job is finished. Frankly, I will be glad when it is finished! I'm just not quite ready for it to end yet. After this week though, I will be.
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