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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That Darn Car!

LOL! I don't have a cat, but I do have a car (reference to the movie "That Darn Cat") It's just not used to this weather, and neither am I. I had to quit my job. I wasn't going to until this last week was finished, I was supposed to work on Saturday as well, but I couldn't. I was also hoping the car would be fixed by Friday night so I could work on Saturday! But no, Friday night I had to walk home because I still could not get the car started. My boss was PISSED! Because I told him I was going to finish last week. He demanded an answer Friday morning. I was going to wait until that night to tell him, but he said he needed to make out the next week's schedules. I assumed the car was going to be fixed that night and it would run again. But no. So I had to tell the boss there was no way I was going to be able to make it to work Saturday either. He was disappointed, and I apologized. I couldn't help it! It was the damn car's fault! Well, since that tow truck driver got it started again, it's been working alright. Though I had to go to the library yesterday, and once again it would not start. However, I did manage to get it started again, by using my battery charger. I finally convinced Anna to get roadside assistance added to her insurance. It's going to cost $5 a month extra, but out here in Montana, it'll be quite useful! I'm sure this will not be the last time that car decides not to start.

I guess now that I am not working anymore I can reveal what my job was. I was bell-ringing for the Salvatian Army. The guy I worked for called himself "the captain". He seemed like a fun guy, a lot better than the one I had in Lakewood! But there were some things I didn't like about this guy, as opposed to the guy I worked for in Lakewood. The supervisor of Lakewood's Salvatian Army bell-ringers was rude, but he never griped about me sitting down to ring the bell, or stand inside the store. The captain did bitch about that stuff. And this is Montana! It gets colder than a son of a bitch out there! MUCH colder than Lakewood got! You'd think this supervisor would have been a little more understanding about us standing inside to do our job! But no, he'd bitch about it. He fired Anna for that reason! Of course he gave her a second chance, which was cool. But still, he said if he ever caught us sitting down, or inside the store again we would never work for him again, EVER! Which was fine with me! I never intended to apply for this job again. I worked 40 hours a week ago, and I only got $190. So, this job does not pay like I would want it to. Definitely not worth standing outside just to ring a bell. Of course no matter what he would say, I had every intention of standing inside the building if it was going to be -30 degrees outside. I'm not used to that kind of cold. And if he would have fired me for that, then I would not have cared. As for sitting down, who cares?? The most action you're doing is ringing a bell! As long as I am ringing that bell, thanking and telling people to have a merry Christmas, what does it matter if I am sitting down, standing, or lying on my back for that matter? I never saw the point in standing up to do that job. If it required a lot of moving around, that would have been different. I'd say "OK, I have to stand up to do that". But the most action you're doing on that job is tinkering a tiny bell back and forth. And I was so upset last Friday because of that darned car, I kept dropping the bell! LOL! I was such a butterfingers that day! LOL!

Well, in other news, INXS were apparently great in Paris. I'm just glad they made it out of there without getting mugged! One of my Facebook buds became one of the first fans to meet Ciaran Gribbin. Ya know, I like that guy! He has a Facebook page, and he interacts with the fans. He talks to them, he "likes" their posts and comments. He's different. He's definitely not one of those uppity celebs that doesn't even seem to acknowledge his fans. I like him. I haven't even met him, but I like him already. I hope INXS KEEPS HIM!!!! I love INXS still, and I always will, but I am getting a little bit sick of them changing lead singers. A band isn't supposed to do that! They go through singers like most people go through underwear! Timmy once said that INXS has become it's own tribute band. OK fine with me! But even tribute bands stick with one lead singer. INXS needs to settle on someONE, or figure it's not meant to be, and retire. I feel like the summer of 2005 is now wasted because JD is no longer with them. It's upsetting! That was the best summer of my life! I still watch Rockstar: INXS and get all giddy. But sometimes I find myself crying during the episode where JD is elected the new lead singer. I figure "What's the point now?" Makes me so mad! I love Timmy, and once the words "JD, you are right for our band, INXS" made me laugh out loud! But now, I watch that episode and I cannot help but think that whole series was such a waste! Who'd have thought, ey?
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