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Friday, December 9, 2011

Vegan Video Comments Are Now Permanently Closed

It's true! I have now closed all the comments sections to all my vegan videos. Any video I have relating to veganism. I've been saying ever since I reopened the comments sections, that the first person who posts any threats to me and I will close out the comments sections of those videos and I will NOT reopen them again! I don't mind their name-calling, but I don't tolerate threats! Today's threat came from someone who calls himself "evertyhingtruelygood". It was probably a teenager, some irresponsible kid who did not take my warnings seriously. I also mentioned that anyone who posts veganism crap on any of my other videos will be blocked and reported. They had their chance. Like I said, irresponsible people ruin everything for everybody, and now because of this one, I had to close out the comments section of all my vegan videos. Not sure how the vegans will react to that, some may praise this kid, some may curse him. But no matter what, now that I have given them a second chance, and they blew it, the comments section will remain closed for good. I told them not to even ask me to open the comments back up again! I won't do it!

Oddly enough, I'm surprised it took this long for a nazi vegan fanatic to post any threats! Usually that's normal for them. And just so everyone knows, no I did not close the comments because I am "afraid". Some vegans said that before. No, this time I even gave the name of the person who posted the threat, telling all the vegans that wish to comment that they can thank him for the comments section being closed now. I wasn't ever going to close it again, until this would happen.

Well, in other news, I quit this job. I was going to go until the end of the week, and my supervisor was a little angry. But our car broke down. I can't move it, and now I have to concentrate on getting it fixed. I was in such a rotten mood today, it hurt my lips to smile at everyone. I probably gave some people a half-assed smirk, instead of a full smile. That's how bad my mood was! The whole business with the car just had me so upset! Then the guy who dropped us off at work (both me and Anna) was supposed to come and pick us up, and he didn't. He never showed up! He completely forgot about us, so Anna and I had to walk home from the stores we were working at. Luckily it really is not that far either way. The walk actually did me some good. Got my mind off the car trouble for a little while. But all the way home, I was cursing that damn car!! Now, we have to figure out how we are going to get it fixed!

It just came to me, LOL! I think I should post the threat this kid made! DUH! This is what he said:

"TimmyGal, you're the most ugly thing I've ever seen. You were cursed by a God. I hope God sends one of his archangel's down from heaven to murder you. TimmyGal, I hope someone cuts your head off, and then we can all take turns kicking it around, whilst we spit, and piss on it."

Heck, I don't care if he thinks I'm ugly. He is most likely a dumb fanatic that thinks anyone who is not a vegan is ugly. Doesn't bother me. But then threatening to murder me, cutting my head off to kick it around, and piss and spit on it, that's going way too far! That is why I closed the comments. Of course if I saw him coming at me with a knife to cut my head off, I'd kick him in the nads. Then while he is on the floor, moaning in pain, I would take him and tie his hands behind his back, and his feet tied to his hands, turn him over and sit on his chest, take a PVC pipe, and a bottle of Listerine, jam the pipe in his mouth to hold it open, then I would gargle with all the Listerine and spit it into his mouth! Then I would make sure he'd swallow it! I'd make sure it's the kind that stings too! No killing involved! I'd want him to be alive while I'm spitting Listerine into his mouth! Make him suffer. And make a movie of it too. hehehe!
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