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Friday, September 14, 2018

No! No Sharia Law For Me!

Video courtesy of YouTube/TippingPointWithLizWheelerOnOAN

Here is a video discussing how Sharia Law is dangerous and should be left OUT of the USA! The saddest part of all this is there is a woman, named Linda Sarsour who is fighting to put the USA under Sharia Law. Obama nearly went for it, and ignored the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952. This act states, in a nutshell, that anyone immigrating to this country has to live by our country's laws and rules and cannot conduct any subversive behavior. See! I told you all Obama was going to ruin this country. He tried to get rid of our Second-Amendment right, the right to bear arms, and then gave guns and other military-style weapons to ISIS (a known terrorist organization) and then ignored the McCarran-Walter Act that would say no one may practice Sharia Law in this country.

Obama spoiled Americans. That's why you have gullible people saying he was the "best president our country ever had". Bullshit!! He was one of the worst we've ever had! He turned this country upside-down! I was watching some 9/11 specials the other night on TV and people were standing in the streets of NYC, watching as the World Trade Center was going up in flames. One man commented "We need to go to their country and blast them all!" Well, after Obama apologized to those muslim countries for the war, and basically set the stage for how the rest of the country sees the middle east, I wonder if that same guy is still saying that. And people today are saying Trump is bad because he made friends with Vladimir Putin.

Well, the big difference between Obama apologizing to the president of the middle east and Trump making friends with Vladimir Putin, is that the middle east has no interest in changing it's ways. So, to apologize to them for the war, to me, seems a ridiculous waste of time. Like Rosanda said to me before she wussed out on me, the damage is already done. LOL! Only in this case, it was the muslims' attacks on 9/11. That is unforgivable. So many innocent people were killed in those attacks that didn't deserve to go that way. But you know what? The Russians actually had our back after that attack. The USA was awarded this memorial in honor of those who died.

That's a 100-foot high monument, located in Bayonne, NJ. It was given to the USA by Russia after the attacks on 9/11. It's a giant teardrop in between 2 large pillars that represent the Twin Towers. And liberals want to let muslims and islamics into this country. And this witch, Linda Sarsour wants to impose sharia law on everybody in this country. So dumb!! The sad part is, the liberals will go for it. You know they will! Because to say anything against it would be 'racist'!

Well, call me a racist all you want to! I don't care anymore! I do NOT WANT THEM HERE!!!!! Leave your stupid Sharia law back in your OWN country where it belongs! And while you're at it, pack up and take Linda Sarsour with it!! I refuse to be told what I can and cannot do just because I am a woman. And I TOTALLY refuse to obey a "god", who is not even a god at all, who tells me I can't have my dogs in the house, but I could have a dozen cats. Fuck that especially! Don't these stupid fuckers even realize that if Sharia Law moves into this country, militant muslims are going to break into peoples' homes that are gay, or unmarried women, or transsexuals, and take those people to be killed? Just because "it's what Mohammed said".

UGH!! I'll never figure liberals out. First they want to give gay people rights, then they want to impose Sharia law into this country. You can't have it both ways!!!! Gays and muslims do not mix! So, either give gay people their rights, OR give muslims the right to practice Sharia Law!! Personally, I'd rather that gays have their rights. They aren't hurting anyone. Sharia law states certain people have to be killed, which is not right.

But if Sharia law does come to this country, then I hope Linda Sarsour is it's very first victim! She's already broken one of their rules; she cannot protest and she cannot make laws. And I am sure she's driven a car at some point in her life.

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