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Sunday, April 22, 2018

So Where Have I Been?

I know I don't write much in my blogs these days. There is a good reason for that. I haven't been around much because I've been working heavily on my Metazoic project, and I am on a roll!! I'm trying to turn Metazoica into like a sort of visual checklist of the mammals of the period. I've got different names and species and I've been working on the drawings for the site and putting up different families almost daily. And usually up to 2 new family groups a week. I've actually been having fun doing this!! And I've been needing to make more pics for the site. Been a long time in between the last time I worked on some of those pics to now. And I've been having people ask me for more. I work at my own pace. And later on, I intend to write a whole book, giving full detail about these animals. But that's later on down the road. Although I've started on it now. I think I have enough material to start.

Since beginning my Metazoic project over 20 years ago, a lot has changed. Including tweaking the animals a bit. There has also been a huge addition of species. I want to create an entire world of new mammals, including a vast number of species. So, that is what I am doing. In the past 2 months I've completed more than a dozen families and placed them on the site. Sometimes I work on the small groups, and sometimes I work on the larger families. It depends on how I feel. Like right this minute, I am working on the family of Metazoic True Squirrels. There are actually 3 squirrel families in the Metazoic. But 2 of them are very different from the true squirrel group. The true squirrels I have are actually descended from modern squirrels. Whereas the other 2 groups are descended from relatives of the guinea pig. I just call them "squirrels" because they look a lot like modern squirrels. But this is a BIG family!!! It's going to take some time to complete. But that is what keeps me busy, other than Mya.

The fun thing about this is, some of these animals I am drawing for the very first time, and it's fun to sit and think about what this animal is going to look like, what colors I can put on it, to make it blend into it's world? How can I tweak it to make it a "more advanced" species? A great number of species I have never drawn and I get to figure out how that animal is going to look. It's a fun way to spend my days, and it keeps me thinking. When I am finished, I can put their page up, create a link, and surprise my viewers. So, I've been pretty busy. Not much time is left to sit and write a blog post. I want to do this for as long as I am in the mood. Because I know how I am. I'll get in the mood and stay this way for a while, but sooner or later, this mood will dissipate and I'll look for other projects to work on. It happens all the time. I can never stick to working on one project for very long. I cannot say how long this feeling will last, but it is quite an adrenaline rush when I complete a family and put it up.

This is me. This is my way. Last year, I was on a roll completing stories for the UMG Productions website, and I got 5 stories completed and put up. Now, I am on a roll for Metazoica. It's exciting! I never know what I am going to work on next. But I leave it all in GOD's hands, and I get so excited when I finish a group. As soon as I am done with the squirrels, let's see what else I'll work on next. IF I feel like working on another group. I never know. But for now, I am on a roll! And I am happy! If anyone reading this wants to see what I've worked on so far, visit my Meet The Mammals page at Metazoica.net. Or just click the link I now provided 😁 Enjoy!

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