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Friday, July 8, 2011

Do No Real Humans Watch My Videos?

I can see the vegans are still trying to get my attention. They keep trying to comment on my videos. But I always know it's them. I've got to a point where I look at a commenter's profile before I read the comment. If they are vegan fanatics, I block them, and don't even read their comment. Over the past week, I've seen nothing but vegan fanatics trying to post on my videos. It makes me wonder, are there any REAL humans viewing my videos? Or are they all nothing but insane hippies? No, I don't think vegan fanatics are real humans. They belong in the jungle, not in society.

There is no point in really reading their comments because it's always the same thing. But out of curiosity, I read this one's comment. This one decided to get at least a little more creative. This one thinks I am "incompetent" and "dyslexic". LOLOL!!!! XD It's actually kinda funny what these people will say just because someone doesn't want to live their lives the way the vegan fanatics want them to! And as usual, they think they are the most educated people on the planet! When they aren't! They're nothing but robots who are programmed to believe what other vegan fanatics want them to believe. They ignore that there is so much more proof that meat is actually good for you. But they want us to ignore the meat industries' advertisements, calling them "biased". Again, LOL!! I say no. The vegan community is biased. That is why in my research, I looked for articles by former vegans. They've been there and back, and know the dark side of going vegan. I'd rather listen to them than to the fanatics that are only going to tell you what they want you to know.

Funny thing about the fanatics, they think they are soooo educated, and they think they are healthier than someone who eats meat, and they use a lot of big words to make themselves seem more educated and knowledgeable. Well, using big words does NOT make you look educated. One thing I learned early on in my internet career, is that it just makes you look like an idiot who uses big words, like the thing that said I am 'dyslexic' and 'incompetent'. LOL!! I'll be laughing at that one for a long time! It's almost too bad that I had to reject that comment. But the fanatics don't stop at that, they gripe because I am fat too. LOL!! Well, I'd rather be fat than be a bony wimp. Even if I were to lose weight, I'd still not want to be as thin as a lot of the vegans I've seen. They're too thin!! A lot of the women have no boobs, so they look like men. And the men have girlish figures, so they look like girls. I have NEVER seen a vegan man I thought was handsome. Sorry to my vegan friends, but it's true. I think a man should have some meat on his bones, instead of having his ribs sticking out and showing.

The words they also use to intimidate people away from eating meat and drinking milk. They call meat "corpses", and milk "pus", or "secretions". Well, I'll tell you now, NONE of those words scare, or bother, me. And that drives the vegan fanatics CRA-ZY! As for calling meat a corpse; it doesn't faze me. If eating dead animals is good enough for other animals, it's good enough for me! Cows are cute, but let's face it, they taste GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!! As for calling milk "pus", doesn't bother me now! Now that I've read it's just a bunch of bullshit. And that is why the vegans are attempting to say I am "uneducated", and calling me every name in the book, because I refuse to believe what they want me to believe, so they feel they have to make other people think I don't know what I am talking about. But deep down, they KNOW I know what I am talking about. Otherwise, they would have all gone away by now. That's how I see it.

Well, if they all think their harassment is going to get me to change my ways, they have a serious disappointment coming. I've said it before and I will say it again and forever, I can NEVER become a vegan. It just won't happen. I won't buy factory farm meat, but eating "corpses" does not bother me. But it was MY choice not to eat factory farm beef, NOT their's. After I read about the hormones they put in cattle to bulk them up, I didn't want anything to do with factory farm beef anymore. So I made a complete switch to bison meat. No hormones needed there! Bison are naturally bulky. And frankly, they taste better. What the vegans say doesn't bother me either, because I know I am more educated and knowledgeable than any of them will ever be. I've been studying animals for a lot longer than most of them have been alive, so I know what I am talking about. The thing that bothers me is that I keep getting comments from these mock-humans, and having to filter them out and blocking all of them. I'd like to receive some more comments from REAL humans again! Not these whatever they are that eats nothing but sissy rabbit food and belong in the forests instead of in society or on the internet. And here's a secret, NO ONE in Montana is a vegan. If there are, they are very well hidden. But most people here prefer to be tough and rugged. Well, one thing I will give the vegans credit for in the end, bringing my videos to other peoples' attention. Maybe one day I will make partner at YouTube. Then I can put up full-length movies. :)


Katrina said...

before you can become a yt partner you have to allow them to comment. right?

TimGal said...

If I allow them to comment, that would be in a way acknowleging them. And I don't want to do that.