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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Popular Kids

OK, not really kids, but anyways, I decided to write a post about why I hate the so-called popular people. I was thinking about this the other day, because someone told me some INXS fan was bullying them. I don't doubt it! INXS fans are just as bad nowadays as U2 fans have always been. It seemed to all start when Rockstar: INXS came on the air. Of course I've always known about INXS fans who were bullies, but back then I think it was all the work of one single fan, and it just grew from there because of that fan's popularity. You ever notice how the most popular people are the ones who become the biggest bullies? Well, I've always found that to be true.

I'm thinking back now to when I first signed on to Facebook. I gained a few friends when I announced that I was signing on. One of those people was a woman I had met a couple times before. She calls herself Duran2INXS on the forums. Her real name is Cindy. I was shocked that she even asked to become one of my Facebook friends, because one thing I know about her is she is a DonnaG supporter. She was nice when I met her in person, but after DonnaG and I cut out the friendship, I fully expected her to take DonnaG's side and not have anything to do with me anymore. Which was really fine with me. But it was a shock to me that she even asked me to add her to my Facebook friends. I thought about it for a few minutes before I added her, because of the fact she is a DonnaG supporter. At first I was going to deny her request, but then I thought about it and decided (against my better judgment) to add her anyways. I thought I would just sit back and see how it goes. If she asked me in the first place, I figured maybe she wasn't as shallow as I thought she was.

A couple of months passed and I hadn't heard anything from her at all. And then suddenly, she deleted herself from my Facebook friends. This, I so totally expected from her. I counted on it so much, I knew who was gone before I even checked my list to see who was missing. Back then it was easy to tell because I didn't have a lot of people on my list. I only checked my list to make sure I was right, and that it was maybe not someone I truly liked. I didn't want her coming back to me, and I did not even care to see anything she would post on Facebook, so I blocked her butt. Now, I don't see anything she posts at all. Her name even gets blocked out when someone mentions her in the comments, which is awesome. I do kinda wonder though if she still supports DonnaG. I can tell her truthfully that DonnaG does not really like her. The only reason DonnaG has anything at all to do with her is because she is a friend of INXS's. DonnaG told me this herself when we were staying at the hotel in LA together. The only people that DonnaG associates with is people who are friends of INXS's because she wants to get into Jon's pants. Average fans, like me, she spits on. I could never be like DonnaG. I have friends, and I like them for who they are. Not for what they can do for me.

But the reason I do not like the popular people is much like why I do not like Cindy or DonnaG. Because they shit on the lesser people like me, who cannot offer them anything or do anything for them. The only thing I can offer anyone is true, pure, unbridled friendship. Some people are satisfied with that, but a lot of others are not. This is a trend I often see with the popular people. They want more than just a simple, honest-to-goodness friendship. For example, the popular people wants everyone to agree with what they say and what they do 100%, no matter what it is. If you disagree with them, even slightly, on any one subject, they drop you like a sack of rocks. I cannot live like that. To me, that is a passive form of bullying. Or controlling. Like they are saying "I'll be your friend as long as you don't give me your opposing opinion." I've blocked a lot of the popular people on Facebook because I don't want them asking me to become my friend on Facebook. It's a kind of defensive strategy with me. Like "get them before they get me". I also take friendship very seriously, even on Facebook. To me, they are friends too, and deserve to be treated as such. But if I disagree with someone, I will let them know it. Doesn't mean I don't like that person, it just means I don't agree with what they say on that subject. I even have these kind of disagreements with family. We each just give our opinions and move on.

I hate to be controlled. I admit I do have a few popular people among my friends list, but they are stronger people who accept me the way I am. I have one friend for example, that supports PETA. I hate PETA with a passion, and I will not support anything PETA does. Nor will I support anyone's interest in PETA. It doesn't mean I don't like this friend as much as my other friends, it just means that I will not support PETA. Thankfully this friend knows this, and is OK with it. That, to me, is the trademark of a real friend. Not someone who only pretends to like me because I could give them something, or because I am friends with someone they support. Unfortunately the latter forms are more common in this day and age. I don't consider them friends. They're nothing more than friendly acquaintences. I was never even DonnaG's friend. I didn't consider her any more than the same, a friendly acquaintence. I was mistreated by her too much to consider her a friend. Especially when she talked her stupid cronies into opening up the delusional mods forum, which strangely enough, is not on the internet anymore. I know DonnaG was behind that forum! She denies it, but I know she was behind what those people there were doing. Because they mentioned things only she knew, or that only she was exposed to. Also, they never once attacked her on that forum, and she is a much more delusional fan than I ever was. In fact when we were in LA together, every time I tried to snap Donna back into reality and tell her she will never get Jon to marry her, she would tear my head off. I was the one with my head in reality on that trip. Not DonnaG. Yet the delusional fans forum never attacked her. So, that alone said everything.

I remember I decided to launch a counter-attack against the delusional fans forum when one of them started to accuse me of killing my Groucho on purpose. That person was lucky she did not say that to my face, I'd have belted her one upside the head and put her on her ass on the floor. You can accuse me of a lot of things. You can say I am crazy, you can accuse me of trying to get Timmy to have sex with me, you can even accuse me of being a hypocrite. I don't care! But one thing I will not tolerate is someone accusing me of killing my pets! That crosses the line. That would be like if I had accused Catsredrum of raping her 13-year old niece. Well, ANY accusations without proper proof is bad, but to me, accusing me of killing one of my beloved pets is totally crossing the line. Even implying that makes me madder than anything. I love my dogs, I would NEVER let one of them die so I could attend a concert. I would have given up going to that concert and meet-and-greet completely, if I thought it would have saved my baby's life.

What got me about that as well was how many of my so-called "friends" actually believed them. You wonder why I hate people so much? That's why. People are so dumb, they will believe anything some evil person says about another without asking the person who is being slammed on. See this is also why I don't want to become popular, and also why I want nothing to do with the popular people. They are the biggest malefactors of spreading gossip, and believing in it too. I admit I say more in my blogs here than I would say in real life, but that is why I have blogs. This blog is my ranting place. But really it only constitutes about 1% of my life (IF that much). This is how I am able to keep calm in the face of angry people, or hateful people. I write about them here. I could say everything I say on here to that person's face, but then that person would be bringing it up in my face for the rest of my life, even after the feeling has gone. And yes, it does go. So I rant on here. Writing about it helps me get over it. I am still currently working on a story that I have Patti involved in. Its one of my revenge stories, and I intend to tell most everything in this story, only this time, explain it with pics.

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