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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Roommate Made In Heaven

Well when I last blogged I spoke of my move to Reno, and I made it with no problems. Thank GOD! But as usual, the hard part of moving to any place is finding an apartment. I looked around town for several possibilities, but with my limited income, it was hard to find something I would be comfortable in. One little rental home I found I would have been happy in, and I could have fixed it up really cute, but the bathroom leaves much to be desired. The bathroom was small, and the bath tub was HUGE!!! It was so big and wide, it overlapped the toilet seat. So if I needed to use the toilet, I would have had to partially sit on the edge of the bathtub, and that would have been uncomfortable. You can probably tell I really enjoy my relaxation in the bathroom! I LOVE long showers! Or a bubble bath. And yes, I do enjoy my loo. hehe.

By about my 5th day here and not finding anything, I looked in the Nickel Saver ads. I found a few people looking for roommates. I said I would take moving in with another roommate if I had to, like I would have no other choice. But at the same time, I remembered how it was living with Patti. But also, I remembered that Patti was a lunatic. Not all roommates could possibly be like Patti! Well, I called the first roommate and she was a 77 year old woman named Donna, and she loves animals. I asked her if she allowed animals and she asked me what I have. I told her I have 2 small dogs, one a Chihuahua and the other a papillon. Well, Donna also has a Chihuahua that is 13 years old, and has congestive heart failure. But she was anxious to meet my dogs. I didn't take them at first because I thought she should get to know me as a person. THEN get to know the dogs.

Donna and I have a lot in common, she's a loner and so am I. Both of us have had our fair share of nightmarish roommates. I had one, and that was Patti. She was enough! Donna had one that was a schizophrenic and would sit and talk to herself in different voices. That is kinda scary, but I also lived with Patti and she would do almost the same thing. Well, Patti would sometimes start talking to herself, not really in different voices. More than anything, Patti was pushy, bossy and crazy. I mean crazier than I am. Donna is just the opposite of that. She is sweet, generous and kind, even though she is a loner, she is still a very sweet person, and I enjoy staying at her place. And she loves the dogs too. Patti said Minnie and Vegas were adorable, but I don't think she really liked them. She had a big-ass dog. Ugliest dang mutt you ever seen in your life!! Ugly, just like Patti was! And another thing that makes Donna better than Patti, Donna has had children, and has grandchildren. This alone, makes her a lot more patient and understanding than Patti was. Patti never had kids. More likely, Patti drank and drugged her way through her youth.

Now, I am not saying that having kids makes a person a better person. It depends on the parents. But Donna is such a nice person, I'd bet she was a wonderful mom to her children. The only bad thing she does is smoke, and when she does I can smell it throughout the house. I am allergic to cigarette smoke, so I cannot really tolerate too much of it. But I like Donna, so I am willing to accept little things like that. At least Donna was completely honest before I moved in. Patti was not honest at all. Before I moved in, Patti said she liked comfort food, she only drank occasionally, and never told me she did not use the dishwasher, or did drugs. I still have no proof of her doing drugs, but it kinda goes hand in hand with her attitude and drinking booze, which I know Patti must have done FAR more of than she ever let on. After she found out I was not going to buy her the bottle of booze she so badly wanted when we went shopping, she got mean and nasty. That was when her attitude went downhill. But I was unfortunately nice to Patti, even after she told me I was being kicked out. But I thank GOD for getting me out of her place when HE did! Who knows what would have happened had I stayed any longer at Patti's. But Donna is 10000-billion X's better than Patti!! I was thanking GOD for helping me find her last night. I've been living with Donna now for 2 weeks, and no problems, so I know the problem at Patti's wasn't me. The problem had to be her.

Another theory, Patti used Craigslist. Donna didn't. Donna used the Nickel Saver. Nickel Saver ads you have to pay for, so those people know what they want. Anyone can put an ad in Craigslist for free, that means any loony like Patti can place an ad, whether or not they are serious about getting a roommate or anything.

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