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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Trump Acquitted For The Second Time!

 HAHAAAA!!!!! So, the democrats tried to impeach Trump again, just like they did last year at this time. They were so proudly casting their votes last year to have Trump removed from office. But in the end, the impeachment was overruled because Trump didn't do anything wrong!! HAHA!! And you'd have thought the dummycrats would have learned their lesson. Wouldn't you? Well, you guessed WRONG! Just like some stupid alien animal without the brain capacity to learn, they tried impeaching him again this year. This time, they tried getting him on the January 6th incident at the capital. They believed he incited violence. But they could not be more wrong.

I have the feeling that people like Nancy Pelosi get all their information from the stupid mainstream media, instead of her own experience. How sad must she be to just be looking for so much negativity. Ya know what they say, if you search and search for negativity, eventually you will find it. The problem is, nobody else sees it except the leftists. And the only reason they see it is because that's all they look for. Trump was acquitted, yet again, from impeachment!! And why? Because he did NOTHING wrong!!!! He told protesters to go to the capital and protest PEACEFULLY! See, if you only get your information from leftist media, you would never know Trump added the word peacefully to the end of that sentence. And then you'd be sitting there like the dumbass Nancy Pelosi thinking that Trump told everyone to storm the capital and cause a ruckus, and kill people. No, he did not! And they still want to make it sound like so many people in the capital were killed. I think about a dozen people were killed in the capital riots. And the leftists want to blame that on Trump.

Well, I don't mean to say their lives were less important when I say that more people were killed in the BLM riots last year. Not to mention a sweet little puddy that was also killed! I think something like 38 people were killed by BLM that summer alone. And that's just counting the bodies we know about. There were like 10 sacks of chopped up people in Seattle Harbor that summer that we cannot really pinpoint to BLM, but it's too much of a coincidence to downplay the fact that they could also have been victims of the rioters. That would raise the total of murders WAY above those killed at the capital. And the leftist media back then still called those "peaceful protests" and didn't allow any action to be taken against them.

But let's all face it, if you are a black person who is supporting BLM, you're not very bright anyway. BLM doesn't want any good for black people. They want black people to continue to see themselves as victims. That's the basic premise the organization was built on! You take away their oppression, then they feel they've lost everything. They need to feel oppressed. That's their "oxygen". LOL! Me personally, I can't live like that. I like to feel happy. I like to feel a sense of accomplishment. Even if it doesn't gather the attention of other people. Impressing other people has never been my goal in life. Admittedly, it can make me feel good when my friends are happy with me. But in all honesty even if I don't receive any acclaim from them, I'm happy anyway. Because that's just who I am. As a loner, I don't look to impress anyone at all.

Well anyway, now that Trump was acquitted, Nancy Pelosi is already looking for another way to have Trump incarcerated! Oh man! Watching Nancy Pelosi is like watching a bird try to fly with a busted wing! It's pitiful, almost to a point of being downright sad, to watch. She always tries and says "This time I've got him!" But each attempt she makes turns out in failure. The last impeachment (just like the first one) was nothing but a waste of time and taxpayer money! Now, she wants to continue poking the bear, even though he's no longer in office. She's just simply going to keep on wasting her life away, trying to find some way to convict Trump, until she finds someone who actually agrees with her and convicts Trump. And she apparently does not care if she looks like a fool while doing it either!

Thank GOD I am not a leftist!!! I wondered why all that shit happened a few years back. Well now I know! It was to drive me away from the left, which is where I was heading then. I guess I can really thank the SJW INXS fans for that! It's about the only good they've ever done before. Now, the old "statue for Michael" group is nothing but a big joke among INXS fans. Shoot! I told them to fuck off long ago. I'm sure glad I did too! The mods there are just as clammy and phony as Nancy Pelosi is!

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