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Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Goes To---Black Lives Matter???

 Before I get into the actual post, I want to first say that I do not put other peoples' pics up here for anyone to go and threaten. If you want to talk about them here or on my Facebook, that's fine. Or if you want to talk to them yourself, you can visit their Facebook page. But please DO NOT THREATEN OR HARASS ANYONE I POST ON THIS BLOG!!!! You can talk to them without making threats. But to have some of my readers go to that person and actually threaten them with harm, I am not all for that and I do not approve of that! One of the things as a conservative I always pride myself on is in not threatening anyone. That is not my intention in posting about people on this blog. If you are going to do that then please do not read this blog.


Anyway, guess which organization has now been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I'll give you a hint...

1. They are NOT peaceful.

2. They have done NOTHING that is constructive for nobody.

3. They are the true racists, fascists and segregationists.

Did you get the answer? If you guessed the phony-baloney organization "black lives matter", then you guessed correctly. I know Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, for doing basically nothing. I know Trump was nominated 3 times for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020, for making peace with the middle east. But unfortunately he did not win because of the bitching crybabies of this country. But he was nominated 3 times by 3 different countries. And now, they want to nominate black lives matter for the Nobel Peace Prize. That's the joke of the century! Yeah, let's all lower the value of the Nobel Peace Prize by giving it to Obama, and then let it's value continue to go into the gutter by nominating black lives matter. So what has black lives matter done to deserve this prize? Nothing except maybe this...

And the biggest, most vile, sin anyone can commit, the killing of this sweet, innocent puppy...

Black lives matter wants us to remember George Floyd and say his name. I say fuck that!!! I want these murderers to remember this puppy and say her name!!! They're lucky I wasn't there. Because if I was and I thought for one second that puppy was being abused, I don't care how many of them would have surrounded me, I'd have got out of my car and demanded these muggers hand that baby over to me!!! For this reason, I will NEVER forgive black lives matter!!!! And I sure as Hell don't believe they deserve any kind of peace prize whatsoever!!! They need to apologize to the owner of that baby and pay for the family's pain and suffering!!!

The leftards are hiding the fact this waste of a human life killed that baby. But I won't hide it! And I won't ever forget him! If he dares try that with my baby, he's gonna be a dead duck and I mean that! Fuck George Floyd! I don't give a shit about him!!! I care about that baby in the pic! May she RIP in doggie Heaven with GOD protecting her. Hopefully she will meet my Groucho and the two of them can play together until I get there and join the game.

But looking at all this, do you really think BLM deserves any kind of peace prize? NO!!! Trump did. He did something constructive for this country. BLM hasn't done shit for anyone!!! They got all those billions of dollars in donations. Not one cent has gone to helping black communities, poverty, black schools, stopping black on black crime, black university students, or scholarships for black people. I'd have a lot more respect for BLM if they did more constructive stuff that actually HELPS black people, and not just pay for riots that commemorate black criminals! Instead all BLM does is make black people look worse. They are literally proving the stereotypes against black people to be true. This is what is causing a great divide in this country! It pisses me off!!! And just having that stupid BLM organization nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, well, it devalues the whole meaning of the award. And I think leftists just nominated BLM to spite Trump correctly deserving the peace prize award.

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