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Saturday, January 16, 2021

RIP Chris Murphy

 The world of INXS is in mourning right now. Chris Murphy, the man who single-handedly rose INXS to worldwide fame, has passed away peacefully in his sleep. I admire Chris Murphy for what he did for INXS. The man had almost god-like determination and ingenuity. When INXS almost failed in 1987, Chris Murphy helped them get beyond that with his quick wit, valor, and even a little bit of deception. The Kick album almost didn't make it out of the studio because the big wigs offered Chris Murphy $1 million to burn the album. He refused to do it. He saw a lot of potential in the album. So, he kept pushing until someone would agree to sponsor the album, going for the school kids first. It really is the kids and teens who decide who gets big, and I'm sure the sexy men in the band also had a lot to do with getting that album sold. Especially with Michael's sexy voice and sexy moves!!!

Sadly there are no more sexy men in music. Nothing like my Michael. Everyone today either does that rap or RnB music, which I can't stand. There are very few good songs out today, and very little good music.

Well, I found out Chris Murphy died from Lymphoma. That's cancer of the lymph nodes. Good GOD cancer SUCKS!!! Cancer claimed my father 4 years ago. I'll never forgive it for that!!! I wish we could completely eradicate the disease! When I first heard the news about Chris Murphy, I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. The only good thing is now, he is reunited with Michael. And I am sure all his questions he had in his head about how Michael died have all been answered. At least he has that now. But it's still sad that he's gone. He could have done so much for so many other Australian bands coming out now. He didn't go into his business as a manager. He actually started out as a booking agent. Basically nothing more than a secretary. But he did awesome work as a manager for someone who didn't start out into the managing business!

As for the men of INXS, I cannot even begin to imagine the heartbreak they feel. Chris Murphy did so much for them. They considered him to be a 7th band member. I once heard Michael refer to him as the band's "alter-ego". LOL! That was cute too. And Chris Murphy also left behind a wife, kids and grandkids. He also had the largest collection of INXS paraphernalia anywhere! He had so much, he had a special shed built on his property to house it all. I wonder what'll happen now to all that stuff? I heard something about a couple years ago about an INXS museum. That would be AWESOME!!! And maybe even worth going to Australia for. UGH!!! I'm grunting because I hate flying! If only I can get to Australia by train, or boat! I'd be at that museum the minute it goes up!! And of course I cannot go anywhere without my moo-moo!!! And my next dog when I get it.

I almost cannot handle this. I'm still in shock! It's hard feeling all these emotions at once. As if what I am going through already wasn't difficult enough. First I lose my Michael. Then my grandma. Then my Groucho. Then my dad. Then Chris Cornell. Then Marie Fredriksson. Then a Biden/Kamala Harris presidency. And now it's Chris Murphy. This is why I hate getting old. This last week was Per Gessle's birthday. I wished him a happy birthday. Katrina was visiting and said to me "I think you are starting to like him again!" I said to her "Well Katrina, he's all I've got now!" And he is! He's all I got from my childhood. He's all there is left of when I originally got into rock n roll music. I'd better enjoy him while I still can. Kinda harder now than it was back then, knowing Per Gessle is a cat person! I told him myself only wimpy men prefer cats over dogs. Though he did say he had a traumatic experience with their family dog when he was 4 years old. What is ironic now is Per Gessle owns a little toy poodle dog. And no cats at all. He says he loves it, and it is a cute little dog! He has also said he kinda hates his dog too, and I said to him "If you don't learn to love that baby, I'm gonna come over and take him from you!" I was joking of course!!! I would not really do that! But I say that to people who have dogs they don't want to love. And I do like poodles, they're good dogs! Especially toy poodles. That little sweet of his deserves a LOT of love!!!

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