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Monday, January 25, 2021

"Pick Of The Litter"

 LOL! Well, kinda. I'm looking for another puppy sometime this year. I'm checking out all options, including the local paper. Though it's tough finding a good breeder who has all I need to offer in the newspaper. But I want to get a little playmate for Mya (and myself) before she gets too old to play. Though she is still very spry. This time, I am looking for a really good breeder. Like I got with Mya. I want to find one who does all the health tests for the breed I am looking for. Showing is not necessary, but favored. This next pup is just going to be a pet. Nothing more. But I've got a registered name already picked out for her. Yes, I want a girl. I also have a call-name and it is a girl's name. I'm keeping up my tradition of naming my dogs after INXS songs and lyrics. This one that I am choosing will be named for the song "Elegantly Wasted". I had that planned for years now.

When looking for a puppy, there are some things (besides health testing and showing) that I look for. Most have to do with the breeder themselves. For one thing, I will never buy from anyone who cannot even spell the name of the breed they are breeding. Ie, "german shepard". I see that all the time. Mostly in the newspapers. Someone who can't even spell the name properly of the breed they are breeding probably doesn't know many other things about that breed either. So that is a definite NO for me!! It's supposed to be spelled "German Shepherd". The word "shepherd" comes from an abbreviated version of "sheep herder". And who ever heard of "arding" a sheep!? That one drives me crazy every time I see it!

Another no for me is off-color breeds. Meaning people who breed dogs in colors they were never meant to come in. Like blue merle cocker spaniels, or merle french bulldogs. Those are really a no for me. Because it tells me the breeder is breeding more for color than conformation and health. So, a definite NO!

Another kind of breeder I'll never buy from is one who has a history of mixing breeds. Some mongrel breeders will even breed purebreds, I've seen them before. Some even show their dogs. I've seen that too. But someone who will allow breeds to mix from their kennel is a red flag for me. It tells me the breeder is in it for the money and the fads, and not because they love the breed they are breeding.

Another thing that is a no for me, breeders who charge more for females, or a special kind of coloring. Though I know it's a personal choice, and in some cases, a special looking puppy is like a prime rib beef steak from a store (like blue merle, blue-eyed australian shepherds), but it's harder for me to accept breeders who charge more for female pups, or pups of a special look. It leads me to think the breeder is breeding for money and looks, and not temperament, health or proper conformation.

Another kind of breeder I won't buy from, is really not that bad though. But I would rather not buy from someone who does not know the proper name of the breed they are breeding. Such is the case with people who call miniature American shepherds "miniature australian shepherds". But for that particular breed, I can overlook it because "Miniature american shepherd" is actually a new term for the breed. They were called "Miniature australian shepherds" up until 2012, when AKC accepted the name "Miniature american shepherds". But any other breed, I would not overlook it because it tells me that the person breeding either is too lazy to learn the breed's name, or just doesn't care. Therefore, does not care about the dogs they are breeding.

Another kind of breeder I won't buy from is actually quite obvious. I won't buy from someone whose dogs do not look like good versions of the breed they are supposed to be. Now, I admit I love all dogs. But if I bring a puppy into my home, I want it to look like the breed it's supposed to. I don't want like a cocker spaniel that looks like a golden retriever-poodle cross. I like it when I am walking my dogs and someone says to me "Lovely sheltie", or something like that, and I don't even have to tell them what breed she is. Very rarely.

Well, this time when I was looking for a breed, I did something rather different. I chose to get my Facebook friends involved in the choosing process. I had it narrowed down to about a half dozen or so breeds. And yes, I've researched them all. For the past 40 years! So I posted pics of the breeds I've been steadily thinking of, and asked my friends to take a vote. I was going to choose based on the number of likes on that breed. Some people voted more than once, so I didn't count their votes. But the one that got the most votes was the beagle. So now, that is what I am looking for. I'm in no hurry though. I'm still saving for it. But that's going to be my next baby. I can hardly wait to start posting pics!!

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