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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Twitter + Elon Musk = White Supremacy?

 I knew it! Elon Musk buying Twitter was going to be a thorn in the sides of leftists! Or more like a railroad spike! The leftists are completely losing it! I love it. It's so funny to watch their little pathetic rants. When they were at the helm of Twitter, they would cheer and jump for joy when a conservative would get banned off Twitter. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they're crying, griping and complaining. I'm loving this so much!! Elon Musk even fired the attorney who said Donald Trump must be banned and censored the Hunter Biden laptop story. Thank GOD!! I'll bet anything ol' Susan Burklund is now foaming at the mouth, saying the same thing all the other leftists are saying; "He just fired her because she was colored and a woman who doesn't support Trump!" Times like that, I wish I did live back in Ocean Shores. Watching her fall apart would be the highlight of my day! 😂😂😂

Elon Musk is having fun creating and posting memes of leftists all over Twitter. I'm having fun seeing them. He and AOC even got into it together on Twitter. AOC tweeted this...

This is the same exact woman who thought Jan. 6 of 2021 was scarier than the BLM riots of 2020. She's also the same one who claims straight white men don't like her BS because "she would never date them". That's what she said! So, Elon Musk (with that in mind) tweeted this in response...

And just like all leftists who do not wish to take responsibility for the stupid things they say, AOC closed with this argument...

Yeah right!! You're a lying wuss, AOC!! And you're stupid too. You know damn well you did not tweet that about Zuckerberg! You know how I know? Because Zuckerberg is still on the side of the leftists. I've never known AOC to bad-mouth people who side with the left! She only talks out against people on the right. And she is the most sheepish of the sheep! She believes every word the leftist media says about anybody she's against, as if it was told to her by the Almighty Himself!

The entire leftist media is angry. But then, so are conservatives. We all are sick and tired of "the act". We're sick of the left's lies and hypocrisy. We're sick of the leftist media hiding the criminal acts of democrats, while simultaneously exploding the actions of republicans, which always prove to be false! We're sick of being slandered by leftists who call right-wingers names like "racist" or "misogynist" or "whatever-phobic" with no proof that's really what we are. Most of all, we're sick of being kicked off the platforms just for saying what is true or exercising our free speech rights! We're ALL sick of it!! And I am quite sure that is the reason Elon Musk is buying Twitter. I even reactivated my account on Twitter because of the buy-out. Not that I was ever on Twitter that much to begin with. But now, I may go in more often.

Yes you know it! The leftists are accusing Elon Musk of turning Twitter into a "white supremacist area". I even heard of one leftist media outlet (I think it was MSNBC) say "Elon Musk's idea of free speech is white supremacy". And I'm like "WHAT?!?! You don't know that! You're not Elon Musk!" Giving a wink back to Judge Judy, you can't tell us what Elon Musk means when he says free speech! You can't read his mind! Only Elon Musk can tell us what he means by free speech, and he hasn't mentioned a word about "white supremacy". But the dumb leftists are saying "black and brown people should be afraid" and "This is the end of black Twitter". UGH! They make me so sick! I am so glad I left the left. I guess I should thank the leftist INXS fans who pushed me away after my pa died. They were the first ones to show me what leftists are really like. And I was right! BIG thank you to Mya too, who pulled me through, and made me feel better. And also a BIG BIG thanks to Elon Musk for keeping his word and standing up for free speech.

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