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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keyboard Warriors

Don't you just "love" these types. I call them keyboard warriors. They are people who act tough over the internet or over the phone, and in real life they are complete wussies. I'm not that stupid! I don't make threats over the internet. Like I said to this one viewer on YouTube, who calls himself Nick Crews, some people are all talk. TwiztidAsh is among these. She talks tough and makes big threats over the internet, but I would be willing to bet she's not as tough as she talks in real life. People who make threats over the internet usually aren't. I'm no fighter, not unless I have to be, but I don't make threats over the internet. And the only time I would ever hold up my fists and hit someone is if they are beating on someone I love. I usually don't care what someone does to me, but if they are harming someone, or something, close to my heart, I can be pretty aggressive. I don't threaten, I just act. I may be fat, but then so is a grizzly bear. A grizzly bear can run faster than a horse, and can be on top of a person swiftly and silently, and knock that person down to the ground. Now, I am not saying I can run faster than a horse, but like the mighty grizzly, I can seem clumsy and even docile one minute, and hell on earth the next minute.

When I say hell on earth, I don't mean over the internet. Over the internet you can't do anything. I'm talking face to face. When I was leaving Bozeman, and Andy (and his body odor) attacked me in the elevator, actually the worst thing was his body odor, lol. I didn't do anything to him as he was attacking. I didn't feel threatened. Like I said, the worst thing was his body odor. He did try to grab my arm and I slapped his hand away and told him not to touch me. He didn't do anything then, he just walked out of the elevator and charged back in again. I still did not feel threatened. I just held my nose until the door closed. LOL! But, if my sis or my dogs had been in that elevator, or I had been holding my Timmy pics, and Andy did something to any one of them, the whole story would have been much different. I probably would have gone to jail, because I would have tried to kill him. Shoot, if I'd had a gun with me at the time he attacked me, he'd be dead right now, because I would not have hesitated to use it. That is no threat. If I'd had a gun, and Andy would have left me alone, I would not have used it at all. I only would have used it on him if I had it and he charged at me. But as it was, the only thing bad about his attack on me was how much he stunk up the elevator. LOL! And you know months later, after I moved away from Bozeman, my sis said Andy still has that bad body odor! LOL!

Nick Crews is a new subscriber of mine, and dumb as a bucket of rocks! He doesn't even know what a panther is! LOL! He thinks a panther just means a black panther. He also says the info I know about lemurs I learned only from Google. What this little moron doesn't know is I've been studying lemurs for nearly 30 years. LONG before there was Google. But I let him have his little idiotic beliefs. This is another method I have of combating keyboard warriors, just let them have their beliefs. I don't try to correct them, I don't argue with them, I just play along with whatever they say. It's pointless to try and argue with them. That's one thing I learned over the years of being on YouTube. Now, last week I did something I know I should not have done. I spoke to a vegan. I usually don't speak to vegans unless they are in my circle of friends. Though sometimes I read from my vegan friends' friends just to see what they have to say, but not very often. He said I would benefit from a vegan diet, it clears the mind. I said to him no thanks. I've seen "clear" vegan minds, I'm not interested. I have enough problems keeping my mind sharp for writing. And vegan minds seem even more messed up than non-vegan minds. Well! Vegans are biased. To a vegan only another vegan is going to be good at anything, even though there are lots of very good, best-selling non-vegan authors out there. But I don't normally speak to vegans because once you respond to them, others will follow and start harassing you again, and I refuse to get into a debate with vegans because I eat meat. I'm not going to keep explaining myself to them because I don't feel the need to. I eat meat because I like it. I don't need any other reason for enjoying a nice steak or a chicken tender. Especially when I see vegans out there who own cats, the most carnivorous animal anyone can legally own.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate kitty cats. I still have memories of this one I almost took home from the vet in Port Angeles. I still love Siamese cats. I also like hairless cats. Though I think Persians are a pain in the butt, I also think they are cute. There is this commercial on TV now for odorless cat litter and at the end of the commercial there is an exotic shorthair (a short-haired Persian) and I always say how cute I think that cat is. But I still have hatred for strays, who kill birds and small animals and have caused extinctions of wild animals in some areas. I don't want a pet cat personally, but I don't hate them anymore. That one at the vet really made me see, if I can think about that kitty the way I did, there's still some kitty-love there somewhere. Now, the only cat owners I question are the vegans, who are all cat owners. Seems only manly vegans own dogs, and no vegans own rabbits.

Another keyboard warrior is someone I got on my fat people video about 3 or 4 years ago, and he calls himself smokeysmurf420420420, he's a marijuana addict. The funny thing about him is he called me names like "fat" and "ugly". Back then, he had no videos or pics up of himself, which is usually the case for people like that. Well, recently I found out he now has videos up of himself, that is how I found out he's a druggie. I saw his face, and boy!!! He is ugly himself! He's at least as ugly as I am. Maybe uglier. He looks like a child molester, and he's got yellow eyes too. UGH!! I wanted to post a picture of him on here, but for some reason, this computer won't let me. I will post soon enough. That's why now I laugh at people who say I am ugly, when they don't have any pics up of themselves. I always say those people had better look like a god themselves. Well, smokeysmurf is no Adonis! He's ugly as shit!
*******************************************EDIT to ADD********************************************

UGH!! Tonight I found out Nick Crews is nothing but a damn kid!! And to think I was beginning to think he had some credibility. Admittedly not much, but maybe some. But no, he has no credibility at all because he is a damn kid!! Not even a teenager. I hate banning people from my channel. I've gotten to a point where I only ban people who act so hateful and mean that I think they belong more behind bars than on the internet. Nick was not like that at all. He was actually quite calm, and I guess as nice as one could expect from a panther-fag. I'd never seen him until tonight, and only then because I got bored. I don't get involved in other peoples' videos anymore. But I was a little PO'd when I found out I was dealing with a damn kid! He's lucky I'm not his mama! Well, obviously his own mama doesn't teach him any manners. That's the unfortunate thing about kids today. None of them have any good manners.


Anonymous said...

I suggest instead of wasting so much time making videos, maybe you should go out and spread the gospel of Christ. No offense, but everyone just makes a big joke of your videos and honestly you probably make them just to get attention. Do something more productive and get the right kind of attention instead of sitting around arguing over things that aren't important. JUST SAY'N

Anonymous said...

Dee, you are 21st century definition of ratchet

Anonymous said...

^nuff said..

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Let them joke, as long as they are watching, I couldn't care less what they think.