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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Video Removal

I usually hate doing this, but I am thinking of removing some of my videos from YouTube. The reason is because I have been spending the last 2 years trying very hard to learn to ignore negative people, and the videos I have in mind to remove are video responses I made to negative people. I accept all comments now, but I only respond to people who are not negative, and I only block people now who are so hateful that I feel they belong in prison rather than on YouTube. Those are not just negative commenters or people I just disagree with, they are the true haters and bigots. I still won't respond to them, I've even gotten to a point now where I don't even talk about those kind of people here in my blog, because I do not want them to have any more publicity than they deserve.

One video where I get the most haters, I never even stopped accepting negative comments on, because it was one video that, before I had it put up on YouTube, I promised myself that I was never going to reject any comment made on that video, no matter how hateful or nasty it sounded. But I still block haters and bigots. And yes, I've even gotten threats. I just block them and take their threats with a grain of salt. I can afford to now. Besides, what are they really going to do to me? LOL! They don't know where I am. I have mentioned here I am in Reno, but no one really knows where. And they never will, not as long as I am here. Reno is a big town, lots of outlining towns too. The only people who know where I am are family members and they are the only ones who need to know right now.

But yes, as part of this new regime I have of ignoring trolls and haters, I am taking down these videos. They will no longer be available after tonight.

I am going tonight to a cake decorating class, something I've always wanted to do again. Actually this will be the second time I've taken cake decorating. The first time was when I was 12 years old, and 150 pounds lighter. LOL! I remember back then, I made a nearly perfect likeness of Charlie Chaplin on a cake, and I took it home to show my father. But when we got home, and opened the door to our Volkswagon bus and I was getting out, wouldn't you know it, the cake fell and splatted face-down on the ground! UGH! I was so mad!! I never did get to show it to my father! Well, I am hoping to learn more here. Maybe I will advance to creating flowers and stuff. That would be awesome!

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