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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Are Blogs Cowardly?

I don't know I never thought they were. My blog is my ranting place, where I go when I want to get something out into the world that forums usually won't allow me to say. I am not afraid of disagreeing with everyone else, or going against what everyone else believes. But I have been in forums before where even the mods will say that disagreeing with others is being negative. Lets face it too, disagreements sometimes cause arguing, and most mods do not want that on their forums. I always say it'll run it's course, but there are always some that will just add fuel to the fire. And some people refuse to, or simply cannot, let some things go. So the arguing continues. I've learned over the years, especially now that I am older, to just let things go. If I go on about them in an angry or negative way, its usually not because of what the other person says. It's usually because I didn't say what I should have said. Like in the case of Patti. She was messed up in the head. And when she had me cornered in the kitchen that one night, I should have told her to shut up. Now, I keep kicking myself because I didn't do that! But that's the only reason I kick myself. There are several times I should have told her off, and I didn't because I was trying too hard to get along with her. That was my only focus the whole time I was there. Well, thank GOD Donna is not like that. Donna has had her family, she's not trying to raise anymore kids, and I thank the LORD for that. Patti never had kids, so that's why she tried to treat me like one. Something was missing and she felt it.

Well, not everyone who has never had kids is as messed up as Patti. I'm not that messed up! Not saying I am perfectly normal, but I am not as messed up as Patti is either. Anyways, there's been a lot of drama going on about the death of Peaches on some of the Facebook groups I am on. This caused some people to get banned from the group. The mod was undoubtedly upset about it as he said he does not like to ban people. I know it's his forum, and he has a right to ban who he feels is necessary, but I told him I think he made the wrong call. Of course I was the only one who said this, everyone else was praising his decision. I have nothing against this mod, but one of the people he banned I think was banned unfairly. There was this one guy, named Paul, who kept adding fuel to the fire. Yet he was not banned. Me, I just say what I need to say and that's it. I keep my comments simple and to the point. If people call me names, or don't like what I say, then that is on them. Not me.

The thing is, I know what it's like to be unfairly bullied by the moderator of a forum. Not that I am saying the mod of this group was bullying anybody! He's a good man. I still consider him a friend. But I have been treated unfairly once by a mod that was a bully. Back on the Switchboard, which was started by someone named Vicki, the fans would have fun ogling pictures of the INXS band members. This forum was meant to be a continuation of the former INXS Fan Forum. I used to join in the ogling, mostly to fit in with the crowd, as I always did on the Fan Forum. When the Switchboard first started, it was DonnaG who referred me to that forum. Back then, we got along OK. Vicki would sometimes talk to me, but I got the feeling that if I hadn't been friends with DonnaG back then, Vicki would never have liked me at all, nor spoken to me. She just struck me as being that kind of a person. My instincts are usually impeccable about things like that. I can go into an online forum, look at a few posts and immediately tell who is going to like me and who isn't. 90% of the time, I am usually right. And something about Vicki just sent so many red flags off in my head. But I was polite and kind to her anyways, just out of respect for her forum.

Well, after I had cooled off the "friendship" with DonnaG (IF you want to call it that), I began to notice a change in Vicki's behavior. And my problems with DonnaG had NOTHING to do with Vicki. I stopped the friendship with DonnaG for various reasons, but none of them had anything to do with Vicki. Well, shortly after I announced on my MSN blog that I no longer liked DonnaG, the delusional fans forum went up, run by Catsredrum and Netrage. They poked fun at a few fans, but most of their attention was centered around me. I got the feeling from the start that they were doing what they were doing just because I was no longer friends with DonnaG, mostly because the only person they didn't make fun of was DonnaG, and DonnaG is the most delusional fan I know. She used to kiss Jon Farriss in the mouth, and her primary goal was to get Jon to leave Kerry and marry her instead. It was actually me who told her it'll never happen. I mean, I never had the desire to get Tim to leave his family and marry me. No way! I never even kissed Timmy. I didn't want to. In my opinion, that is invading his space.

Well, on their forum, Catsredrum and all her stupid friends took things I said and twisted them to imply their own meanings. They were saying that I said things I never said, basically putting words in my mouth. They were actually saying that I tried to get into Tim's pants when we had a photo op in Seattle, and I never did that! I never even touched him below the waist. I never even kissed him. I never even asked to kiss him. I only asked him if he would let me have a picture taken with him and he graciously obliged. Once the picture was over, I thanked him and we parted ways. But his voice, when he called me "sweetheart" will always stick with me! hehehe! I won't deny that I enjoyed that! I also don't deny that I do fantasize about having a one-night stand with Tim, but I would never actually do it. Just a fantasy to me. Unlike DonnaG, who expected Jon to leave his wife (then girlfriend) and marry her instead. She probably denies that now to try and not make herself look so bad, but when we were in LA together, that's all she talked about.

My hunches about DonnaG being the mastermind behind the delusional fans forum was confirmed when one night Katrina (MY best friend) went in the forum and discovered a picture of me and Garry was posted in there, and the name on the album the picture came from was Donna Gallagher. She showed that to me and I was floored! For one reason because Donna herself is a delusional fan. What's she doing making up a forum to poke fun of less delusional fans than she is? The picture was posted by a poltroon who calls herself "incognito", who could have actually been DonnaG, or it could have been Vicki too. I got an even greater hunch it was the latter when I suddenly saw Catsredrum and Netrage in the Switchboard. The one forum where fans love to come in and talk freely about how much they love the men of INXS. Catsredrum and Netrage, being the way they were on their forum, did not belong on the Switchboard. That's like putting sharks in the same tank with guppies. Vicki admitted to inviting them there because she said they were friends of her's. But that was not really the reason she invited them to the Switchboard. The day before they arrived there, I had written on my MSN blog that I hope they never join the Switchboard. But I said that for the good of all concerned. Vicki invited them there, not because she thought they could fit in, or learn anything. She invited them there just to spite me for what I wrote, and I knew that. Catsredrum's first post on the forum confirmed this instinct was correct. I got angry anyways, because I thought Catsredrum and Natrage were there to make fun of everybody, like they did on their own forum. I warned everyone there to beware of those two.

Well, after I wrote a warning post to everyone on the Switchboard, Vicki sent me a very angry, and very threatening PM. Basically she was bullying me into accepting Catsredrum and Netrage. She said she would banish me if I ever "started anymore negativity with them". I wasn't going to accept those two just because Vicki wants me to, I was not even going to pretend to like them when I don't. So, I banished myself from the forum. I said screw Vicki! I'll just banish myself. But I felt sorry for the people who stayed there with those two! Or those three!

Well, that's one of the reasons I don't go into forums anymore. I don't like being controlled. Incidentally, that's why I am so grateful I don't live with Patti anymore. But one of my Facebook friends put it so eloquently, if I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a joystick. Vicki disappeared from the Switchboard shortly after she invited Catsredrum and Netrage. Strangely enough, when Vicki disappeared from the Switchboard, incognito disappeared from the delusional fans forum. Before she left, she admitted she doesn't like delusional fans. So, she really did not like DonnaG. Even though she said to her face she is "beyond awesome". Also, I would say Vicki does not like herself. She had this huge tattoo on her arm of all the men of INXS. Only obsessed, delusional people have pictures of other people tattooed on their body!

Well, I made two big mistakes on the Switchboard. One was I let Vicki's stupidity get to me. I should never have yelled at Catsredrum and Netrage, because the only reason Vicki invited them to the Switchboard was to get a reaction out of me. I shouldn't have given it to her, and now I know that. I should have known it then. The other mistake I made was in trying to fit in. I should have just been myself. But if I had done that, Vicki still would have been set to banish me for "being negative". That is why I prefer blogs over forums. I can say whatever I want on here, I can be as negative as I want to, or as positive as I want. People have tried to shut me up on here, but I just give them a big "F- you!" and do what I've always done on this blog. If people foreword this blog to others because I talk about them, let them do it! It won't shut me up. Hey, more views, more money, that's how I see it! LOL!

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