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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bye-Bye Boo-Boo

After all these years and many trials and tribulations, Vegas has been called back to Doggie Heaven. I've been thinking about him all day long. It was a difficult decision to make, and my sis almost didn't want to make it. But I told her it's what is now best for Vegas. I hated seeing him suffer. But a couple nights ago, it got worse. My sis took him out on Tuesday to go potty, and she was only gone a minute. But when she came back in, Vegas was growling at everything, and he would not stand up on his own. When we tried to touch him to comfort him, he growled and nipped at us. He didn't hurt us. He had no teeth. But it was enough to worry me.

We couldn't do anything about it right away, so the next day, he was still not walking on his own. So, we took him to the vet. Unfortunately we had to take him to a vet in Lincoln City because all the vets in Tillamook were all booked up into next week! How does that happen??? How can a vet in a small town be so booked up they cannot squeeze a little dog in until the following week??? Especially if it's an emergency! So, we had no choice but to go to a vet in Lincoln City. That vet diagnosed Vegas as having a ruptured ligament. OUCH!!! She put him on anti-inflammatory medicine and told us to keep him immobile for the next 8 weeks. So, we took him home, prepared to do what the vet said.

Well, last night, it got much worse. He started puking up the anti-inflammatory medicine as well as his regular medicine. After that he started a deep decline downward. Ya know they say a good mom can feel when her child is going to get better, or going to get worse. I began feeling the night before that Vegas was not going to get any better. So, I started talking to my sis about having Vegas put to sleep. It took some coaxing, but I talked her into ending Vegas' suffering. Believe me, I didn't want to put him down either! It broke my heart to even discuss it. But I knew it was what was best for Vegas. From the looks of him at this point, I didn't think he was going to last the night. He had puked too much, and he could barely keep his head up. The only vet we could go to was all the way in Beaverton. So, even though we had not much money and very little gas to get down there, we drove all the way to Beaverton in the dark.

By the time we got there, my sis was taking Vegas out of the car, and he went limp in her arms. I was like "I was right, he wouldn't have made it through the night." I knew then he was already on his way out. We carried him into the vet's office. The vet took him right away and carried him back to the IC unit. My sis and I waited in a room for the vet to come and speak to us. When she came, she told us that he wasn't going to make it through the night. And even if he did, he would not have a very good quality of life, and that would be the most important thing. So, I said I really believe it's his time to go. So, we said our goodbyes to Vegas, and we stood there as the vet gave him his final shot. It was sad to watch, but again, we knew it was the best thing for him.

We got home this morning about 2:30 AM. It had been a very sad night. I missed Vegas already by the time I got home. My sis and I were talking about how Vegas was as a baby. We helped bring him into this world. We remembered the day he was born. I kept pics going of him, and showed them off to my buds on the INXS.com forum. I was so proud of him. I even showed him off to some other Chihuahua breeders in the old Pluba forum that I knew. But now, he's no longer with us. It was a sudden shift in lifestyle.

Well, he's resting in peace. We ordered an urn to put him in, and I have a plan for his favorite toy, and his little pawprint. I managed to get Minnie's ashes back. But I now have a plan for Vegas's ashes. I'm going to get one of those display boxes from a craft store, and set it up as a memorial to Vegas. I didn't do anything like that for Minnie because first of all, I wasn't there to help make the decision. Second, there wouldn't be much to put in that memorial box! Minnie didn't play with much of anything. She wasn't a player. But Vegas had this Bumble stuffed toy that he absolutely LOVED!!! I thought it would be only fitting and proper to put his ashes in with his toy and his pawprint. I'm going to hang it up in my room. I bought him that toy, and he was my dog at one time, so I think I should have this. I might even put Minnie's ashes in the box with Vegas's.

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