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Thursday, April 25, 2019

How I Judge A Real Man

Well, this is all just my opinion, but based on what I've seen so far in my life, I want to express what I think makes a man a real man. The other day, I got into a disagreement with someone on Quora. I said that men who prefer cats over dogs are not real men. I've found that to be mostly true. Most men who prefer cats over dogs are usually ugly, whiny-voiced, liberal men. Though there are some conservatives that also bears those characteristics. It's not always liberals. But the majority of liberals prefer cats over dogs. One example of a conservative that prefers cats is a guy on YouTube who calls himself Red Pill Philosophy. You can't miss him. He's a kindof ugly guy, he says he's part Cuban, but he has blue eyes. He also always has a thick, black beard and mustache, and thick eyebrows. But he also has a whiny voice. Now, I have nothing personal against Red Pill Philosophy, although he does say all fat women are hideous. Hell that's his prerogative! But I remember one time he critiqued a video of a guy who was being cussed out by an Uber driver. He talked about how that guy had a high-pitched whiny voice and the whole video was RPP making fun of this guy's voice. I listened and watched the video, and I even compared the voices of both men. And I am sorry to say, that RPP has a much higher voice than that guy in the video he was critiquing. I believe it's because he has those stupid cats all over his house.

Anyways, I was in a little disagreement with someone on Quora because I said pretty much the same thing. It's been my personal experience. But then again, the liberal world has been expanding, and I remember a time when men were really men. Anyways, this woman told me about her husband, whom she adores a great deal (obviously). She claims her husband is the best hubby in the world. Which I remember a time when ALL women said the same thing about their husbands. That was nothing unique in my generation. She told me her husband prefers cats too, just like her. But he's the kind of person who people walking down the street fear, because she says he looks like a motorbiker. My first impression of her husband (judging only on the fact he prefers cats over dogs), was he may be one of those types that looks mean, but when he talks, he probably sounds like a 10-year old boy, even though he is in his 70s.

Personally, motorbikers do not intimidate me. I've met some who were nice, and some who were mean. But looking intimidating does not make a man a real man. First of all, a man should have a manly voice. I have yet to meet any guy who prefers cats over dogs that even remotely sounds like a grown man. I got a look at this woman's husband, and I told her even, to me he looks like a tiny, bald missy-man with a long beard. Plus, he was shorter than she was. And skinnier. So, he would not intimidate me if I was to just see him walking down the road. Second, real men do not shave their heads. Though some might, most real men keep their hair. To me, a man who shaves his head is just a guy who is trying to look tough, when really he's not. Third, men should have some meat on their bones. Not obese, but a little meat is good. Fourth, a man should know how to treat a lady like a lady. Whether he thinks she's pretty or not. And real men generally do not get into fights. Back when I was in the voc school, I learned something. I learned a man is more of a man if he walks away from a fight than if he gets into one. And I believe that to be true. Only sissy men use their superior strength to gain power. I've seen men who start battles with others, and bully others, but those are not the kind I see as real men.

This woman said to me "He knows he does not have to walk into a room with 3 big rottweilers to look tough." Personally, I don't agree with that either. I don't like men who use their dogs as a status symbol. Chris Cornell had pugs, not necessarily a rottweiler, and he could scream in his videos and not sound like a girl doing it! Like Katrina said about him once. LOL! So, the size, ferocity and reputation of the breed has nothing to do with what I am saying. This woman's husband could have owned a yorkshire terrier, or a chihuahua, and I would still see him as more of a man than he is preferring cats. There's just something about men preferring cats over dogs that makes them not even seem like real men. And I have seen the same thing over and over again. It's not like her husband was the first.

Maybe it's just that sissy men are naturally more attracted to cats, but there is just something about men who prefer cats over dogs that just does not make them seem like real men. Most of them don't even look like real men. Having a mustache and beard does NOT make a man a man. I've seen a lot of manly men who did not have whiskers. And I've seen a lot of missy men who did. In fact, I've noticed it's always been the sissy men who think they must have a mustache and/or beard to look like a real man. Well, Bin Ladin had a mustache and beard and to me, he did not look like a real man. He just looked like a fool with a mustache and beard. And he was such a sissy, he used bombers to do his dirty bidding! He didn't even have the decency to use himself.

Another thing I learned about what makes a man a real man, when they do something wrong, they own up to it. Not like these libtard men who hit and run, or hide themselves. A great example of that was that dumb old Matt Burney. Remember him? LOL! He shit talked me and someone I was once friends with because neither of us liked Paula Yates. Then he accused us of being "jealous" of a dead slut. LMAO!! Then he ran and hid. By "hid" I mean he blocked us. Usually only sissy men do that. He couldn't take it that we may respond to him, so he hid. That, to me, is not a real man. A real man wouldn't have made accusations and then ran and hid. He would have tried to work it out. Of course a real man wouldn't have picked an argument in the first place, with 2 women just because we don't agree with him.

Ya know, I heard Lily contacted the moderator of one of the 2 INXS groups I am on and yelled at her for allowing people on her group to talk bad about Paula Yates. The main problem I have is Paula was a celebrity. People are going to not like her. Whether Lily likes that or not. If she doesn't like anyone talking bad about Paula, then she needs to stay off social media. Stay off the groups. Or learn to get over it. Because there are some people who are not going to like her. I am one of them. And there is nothing she, or anyone else, can do about it. I can't stand Paula. I still believe she had something to do with Michael's death. The only respect I have for Paula is she was a dog lover, and she obviously taught her kids to love dogs. But that's so far the only brownie point she's earned from me. But even though she is dead, she was still a public figure. People who put themselves out in public do not have any rights against criticism. To suggest they do, is a seriously leftist snowflake ideal. And I do not listen anyways to leftist snowflakes. Most often I just tell them to shut the fuck up! LOL!

Well, snowflakes are not real men either. Actually, the men I find to be the truest of men out there are cowboys. I have a saying going on now. Fake men love cats. Real men love dogs. Ultra men love horses! The ugliest people love cats. More handsome people love dogs. The best looking people love horses! There's just something about people who love horses and dogs that makes them the most attractive people of all. I guess it's because those people get out more and move around. Cat people don't have to do anything. They can just sit around the house all day long and get lazy, fat and ugly. In fact, I saw on Quora someone asked the question "What makes you prefer cats?" I saw one person's answer, and except for the loud barking (which even I agree I can do without), she did not list any good reasons to not like dogs. Most of her reasons were things like "dogs have big penises" or "dogs have hair, where cats have fur", or "it's fun having a miniature hunter around the house". Ya know, stupid shit like that. I personally love dogs. Dogs have buns, cats just have a big, ugly anus that sticks out like a sore thumb. The dog family is much older than the cat family, so I love having a living fossil around the house. I love it that dogs come in 6 different coat-types, 50 different patterns and over 400 official breeds where cats only come in 2 coat types, about 5 patterns and only 200 official breeds. Dogs also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With cats well, you see one cat, you've seen them all.

Well, in other news, I am working on another videobook. This one is for the story called Growing Up Is Hard to Do. It's the first videobook I've worked on in a long time, 2 years at least! I really need to work on more of these! I'm doing the stories that are considered UMG masterpieces first. Then I will get to the other stories. This time, I am getting more voices involved because I've used up all my tricks masking my own voice. I wanted fresh new voices. I even got my sis involved and one of her friends. LOL! Hopefully it'll be done and up in a week. We will see.

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