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Monday, June 20, 2022

Juneteenth Is Dangerous!

 I heard about what happened over the weekend. While most of us were celebrating Father's Day, like we should have been, black people were celebrating what they call "Juneteenth" which is their own version of an Independence Day. So how do they celebrate? Well, they do what black liberals today do best; they twerk on other peoples' property and shoot at each other. They twerk because they think they're being cute, but it really just looks disgusting. And they shoot each other because, well, why not? I guess! It's what they do! The leftists may not want to hear this, but it is indeed true, judging by this evidence, that black people have created a culture of violence.

Normal people get together on Independence Day, and light fireworks, go on picnics, or go to the beach and have fun. But not black liberal people. These yo-yos can't set even one day aside out of the year to get together and be peaceful. No, they have to turn even their own momentous day into another mass-shooting! A day that they BEGGED, beseeched and insisted to have set aside for their own holiday. And this is how they give respect to their ancestors. This is what happens when tradition is broken! Things get out of hand! Especially when you give an inch to black liberals. Everybody (with sense) knows they're going to take a mile! And anyone with sense also knows the black liberals are going to put the blame all on white supremacy! 

"Our twerking party was ruined because of white supremacy" "It's the white man's fault". They make me sick! Unless we find out the shooter was indeed an angry white person, it cannot really be said it was "the white man's fault" their Juneteenth was ruined. The worst thing to come out of this by far is that a young teen was killed in the shooting. A young TEEN!!! Barely had the chance to grow up. I think I heard the boy was only 15. That is sad! I feel bad for his parents too, and any siblings he may have left behind! I swear! Blacks living in Africa are not this violent. That's probably why the African black people do not like American black people! This is also why I don't like modern rap. One of my friends, who is working with me on UMG Productions, says his brother loves rap. I told him I don't like rap. I want NO rap music coming through UMG Productions. None at all! Especially knowing this guy likes dark humor.

Don't get me wrong, he's a wonderful guy, and I adore him. But he likes anime and rap music and I don't. He also favors dark humor, which is a bad combination. However, he has very good potential, and I think I can get him to come around my way of thinking. I'm going to wean him off of anime and rap music, and learn to appreciate the classics.

I've told him before I don't like anime because I think it's a bad influence on today's kids. I've learned that it is because of anime that kids are learning how to be gay, and be SJWs, and just simply be mean to each other and disrespectful to adults. That's why I don't like anime, and I will NEVER allow that shit in UMG Productions. Kids need to go back to seeing mature adults as leaders, and people to look up to. Not seeing other kids and gay teachers as people to look up to. The gay teachers are looking to the kids for affirmation!!! The blind cannot lead the blind! That's why we need normal, and mature adults leading our children now, more than ever! Woke parents sure as Hell won't do it. That's why UMG Productions is going to conserve old fashioned values, showing kids who they should look up to, and how.

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