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Friday, September 1, 2017

California Is A Dumb State!

Well, I would move to Alaska if I could right now, but I'm worried ma may never come visit me again! At least it's not a liberal state and I'd still be somewhat close to the ocean! I used to want to move to Australia, but again, it's full of liberals. I don't want to live there. Of course I am judging it based on the INXS fans I've met from there, and only the ones who acted like liberals. Not really everyone. But I am getting so sick of fricken liberals! They make me so mad, I want to punch something. But no, I would not really do that. I just would take my baby girl and pet her, toss the ball for her, and that helps me feel better. No, I really mean it. Throwing a ball feels like you're punching someone, so it makes me feel better. And Mya gets a good workout out of it too, and no one gets hurt but the ball. Mya loves it. I made a video of one such session.

Well, the libtards have done it again. Now, California liberals are pushing for a vote to punish people who use the wrong pronouns on another person. Oh-my-GAWD!!!!!!!!!!! And as expected, the lefts are agreeing to it! I'm beginning to wonder about these leftists! Do they have minds of their own? Or are they just robots who are programmed to agree with any dumb, stupid thing someone says?! So now, if you call a man a man, and he happens to identify as a woman, you can get thrown in jail. That is so DUMB!!!! I'm all for accompanying someone with a disability, but this is fucking ridiculous! My mom's apartment is designed for someone in a wheelchair. As a consequence, all the appliances are low-lying. It drives my mom crazy, because she is not in a wheelchair. I understand that though, because she lives in a complex made for disabled and elderly people. But you're now telling me, if that place did not accompany handicapped people in that way, the building owners could go to jail?

Well, this new bill only caters to mentally ill transgender, non-binary people and people who just don't want to be themselves. Like some old fart who identifies himself as a 6-year old little girl, you have to call him what he wants to be called, or you risk going to jail. To me, that's crazy, because it's one step in taking away our free speech rights. It's totally dumb! It should be our choice if we want to accompany the mentally ill in their beliefs. Like me. I'm a woman, and people often say I look like a man. Or they call me "he" or "him". Do you think I give a shit? Hell NO! I don't. I don't care what someone else wants to call me. Call me a "he". Call me a woman. Call me a fatass, I don't give a fuck!! I'm not going to suggest you get arrested for it. That's dumb! You have a right to your opinions. I've always stood for that. These trannies are nothing but left-wing crybabies!

This is why I fucking love Blair White. She's a tranny (yes, she calls herself "tranny"), but she doesn't believe in political correctness. If someone calls her a man, she doesn't care. Or so she says in her videos. And calling someone names is NOT an act of violence. That's just plain silly. It may be rude, but it's not violent. ONLY when someone is calling you names and they follow it up with hitting, or pushing, or putting their hands on you in any way, would it be considered an act of violence. A person has the option to ignore and just walk away. If the offender follows you and continues to call you names, it's still not an act of violence. But it is harassment at that point. I even heard one tranny, Riley J. Dennis, say we are bigoted if we don't date trannies. I'm sorry but, I can be friends with trannies, that doesn't bother me. But I would be absolutely FURIOUS if a man approached me, acting like he wanted to be with me forever, and I find out later on he has a vagina! If he told me in the beginning, that's different. I still wouldn't date him. But I would gladly be his friend. And it's not bigoted to say no. It's bigoted if the tranny thinks I am bigoted just for saying I don't want to date him.

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