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Monday, November 25, 2019

No Longer YouTube Creators

Well, I heard next year, YouTube is going to crack down hard on creators. YouTube used to be a fun platform to post videos on. I've posted videos on YouTube since 2009. I've seen a lot of features come and go. It used to be you couldn't make a YouTube video longer than 10 minutes. Then they changed it to 15 minutes. But if you became a partner, you could post a video up on YouTube that is as long as you want it to be. I've seen videos that were as long as 8, 10, 24 and even 48 hours!! Yes! Single videos that long! A far cry from when YouTube only allowed 10 minutes per video. And I very often made videos that were longer than 10 minutes. But even if they were 10 minutes and 2 seconds long, the uploaders on YouTube would say the video was too long and could not be posted. That SUCKED!!! It got frustrating! So I was glad when YouTube changed that to 15 minutes. But I have so much to say per video, even that got to where it wasn't enough. I was glad when I made partner and I could post much longer videos.

Things at YouTube were running beautifully smooth. I was making some fair money. Not great! But fair. Anyways, it was an extra $100 when I needed it. One of those pay checks helped me get Mya. But then something happened early in 2018. A dumbass on YouTube made a huge mistake. The name of the dumbass was Logan Paul. He made a video of himself going to Japan. In that video, he went to the so-called "Suicide forest", known by the natives as Aogikahara, or the "Sea of Trees". While he was there, he saw a man who had hung himself from one of the trees and he filmed it!! Not only did he film it, but a lot of people got pissed because he and his friends were standing there in front of the poor man, mocking and laughing at him. Logan stated it was a nervous-type laugh. And it may have been. But still mocking the poor guy who killed himself was disrespectful! I feel exactly the same way when I see people making fun of my Michael. And believe me, I've seen a lot of that. A lot more than you'd think!

Well, viewers got outraged when this happened. YouTube got the flack for it, and decided to fight that by cutting ad revenue for many creators. They said if you have less than 1000 active subscribers, you will not be eligible for monetization. Well, I've never been on YouTube for the numbers, so I knew my monetization was going to be lost completely. I cannot tell you enough how much I wanted to kill Logan Paul!! I'm surprised he didn't get a swarm of angry YouTubers chasing him down with knives, guns and pitchforks!! But that video marked the end of regular monetization. I totally blame Logan Paul for that! No one else!! So, I lost monetization.

Then, back in June this year, another thing happened. The Steven Crowder/Carlos Maza debacle happened. I wrote about that here in this blog back when it happened. Carlos Maza went on a rampage against YouTube because Steven Crowder called him a "lispy queer". Carlos Maza kept going on and on and on about YouTube still allowing Crowder to make and post videos and keep his monetization, even though he was making fun of gays. YouTube did not punish Crowder because they said he has his rights of free speech, and they did not consider what he said "hate speech". But they did take his monetization away, as they did with a lot of other creators, even though they did have 1000 or more active subscribers. YouTube said now, anyone who posts ANY controversial videos, or says anything even remotely controversial in their videos, will have all their monetization taken away. That goes for conservative channels, as well as liberal channels. So, because of that, a lot of people got demonetized. Now, this was beginning to piss me off! Now, you can't even use words like "sex", or refer to anything sexual, or "predator", or any of the cuss words. If you do, your whole channel gets demonetized.

Can't even use the word "predator"??? What about nature videos that talk about predatory animals???

Well, in August, the whiny gays and queers decided they were going to take on YouTube in a class action lawsuit, because they lost monetization. As far as I understand, they lost the lawsuit. Like I said, it was laughed out of court! I could be wrong, but it seems I heard they lost the court case. That's because now YouTube does not allow any content of a sexual nature on their platform. And gays and queers are always talking about sex! That's what being gay or queer is all about. So, in a way, Carlos Maza got what he wanted (somewhat). But it also costed him. He too lost monetization, and lost his job at Vox too. He reaped what he sowed.

Well, now YouTube is saying that starting next year, any videos that are not bringing ad revenue to YouTube will be deleted from the platform completely. I already lost the ability to turn on ad revenue on my channel. So, that probably means all my videos will be deleted. If that's the case, then I will have to create my own platform for videos. I have a pay-per-view provider, all I need is a platform to display the videos on. Make them viewable for tips only. I heard even Patreon is deranking conservative creators. Man! It's hard being a conservative in today's world! We're treated like no-class citizens. Yet the libtards get away with their hypocrisy and lies all the time! They are always proven wrong too.

I was never on YouTube for the numbers. I was on because I like making and sharing videos. If people watch them, then OK. If people don't watch them, then it's no skin off my nose. But now, that kind of attitude might get my whole channel deleted. I don't ever expect to become popular on YouTube. Nor do I really want to!! I've seen popular creators have their lives ruined because they had too many viewers. That's the downfall of being popular on any social media. You get haters. Some are so bent on ruining your life, they will go to any lengths to do so. I've heard of strangers showing up at the homes of popular creators. I've heard of creators getting beat up in the streets. I've heard of people driving by the homes of creators shooting into their windows. I've heard of creators killing themselves even over shit their viewers say to them. Being popular can ruin your life! So that's why numbers were never important to me on YouTube. I'm not the type to become popular anyways. I'm not a video game player. I'm not gay. I'm not trans. I'm not a cat person. So, there's no way I'd become popular on YouTube anyways. And that does not bother me at all. But even having a lax attitude is going to apparently be my undoing on YouTube. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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