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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

When You Support Psychos

 Did anyone hear of this yet? A week ago, a white man was stabbed by a black man who was very unhinged. The white man was named Ryan Carson. He was 32 years old. The attacker was Brian Dowling, and he's a damn teenager. But he has been convicted before of murder, but he was set free on bail from prison. I think I heard it was his mother who bailed him out. As sad as this death is, I have very little sympathy for Ryan Carson. I haven't shed a single tear for him, and let me tell you why.

Ryan Carson is one of those BLM supporters who was also in support of defunding the police. I have very little sympathy for any BLM supporting person who also wants to defund the police! I don't want the police to think all of us civilians are like that. I don't support BLM or defunding the police. In fact if you ask me, I think the police should be given more funding. I don't give two shits about BLM. None whatsoever! If this happened, and Ryan hadn't gotten hurt too bad, I'd be asking him if it's true he supports BLM and how he feels now about defunding the police. Legitimate question. Because this is the kind of shit that happens when you defund the police. The only reason BLM wants to take down the police department is because they wanted to be able to keep committing more crimes. I knew that from the beginning when George Floyd died. If there's one thing today's black liberals love doing is committing crimes. They favor committing crimes just as an artist may prefer to work in ink, painting or sculpting.

Notice I am only talking about black liberals. Because you never see black conservatives doing any rioting or looting. I don't like criminals. That's why I'd much rather be standing next to a black conservative than a black liberal. Know how I can tell the difference? Because black liberals never smile or say hello. Either they are thinking about robbing stores and looting, or they are thinking any white person standing next to them has "white privilege". Leftists really hate it when they think someone has any sort of privileges they think they don't have. The truth is, ANYONE can have privilege. If I was out robbing and rioting violently like Antifa does, I'd expect nothing more than to get arrested. If I ever snapped and did what Antifa does, I'd hope the police would arrest me and put me away. Because I wouldn't be in my right mind!

However, I've never seen black conservatives doing what Antifa does. They are usually against the things Antifa does. Only black liberals who go overboard with white privilege and defunding the police approve of what Antifa does. That's why I don't like black liberals. Call me "racist" all you want to. I do not like black liberals. And I will always be cautious of them. If they want us to stop stereotyping them, then do yourselves a favor and stop acting like spoiled little brats. Take away that ammo we have to use as stereotypes against you. So far, all black liberals have done is prove the stereotypes are correct. Like I've always stated, stereotypes are there for a reason. And as humans, we learned to avoid danger by going by those stereotypes. The animals that didn't remember those stereotypes are the ones that die off.

Anyway, back to Ryan Carson. He was at a bus stop with his girlfriend when Dowling passed them. Carson and his girlfriend were quietly sitting at the bus stop and Dowling was a few yards from them, knocking down scooters. He turns to the couple and says "whatchya lookin' at?!" Apparently, looking at a black person is a major sin. They seem to always ask others what they're looking at when they look at them. Which actually makes me think of a funny incident that happened when I was taking a computer class. I'll talk about that later.

Carson approached the assailant and tried to get him to calm down. The assailant pulled out a knife and the victim stood between the assailant and his girlfriend. Apparently so she wouldn't get hurt. The thug stuck the knife into Ryan's chest and ran away. Ryan collapsed to the ground and died shortly after, leaving the girlfriend weeping over him. After that, the thug's girlfriend came up and said she was sorry and ran off. Who knows if she was really sorry. For all I know, since she's with the thug, she may have caught up to him, laughing about him killing a white guy. I wouldn't put it past her. That's what black liberals do. They have no sympathy for white victims. Remember the lady who tried to rent a bicycle and was attacked by black men trying to take the bicycle from her. Black liberals all over the media were bellyaching about "white tears". Just like they always do!

Now I even hear that the victim's girlfriend is asking people to feel bad for the criminal, probably because she thinks the thug was "a victim of the system". Again, that's what all leftists believe. Well, I don't feel bad for the thug. At least not in the way she would want me to. I feel bad for the society that let him out of prison. Because even after numerous incidents that have happened like this since George Floyd was put to sleep, the leftists still haven't learned their lesson. Not everyone can be tamed! It doesn't matter what skin color they are, some people just do not belong in civilization! I don't know how many more people are going to have to die in this manner before they get the message! But that is the saddest thing about this whole situation.

I would even argue that I don't belong in civilization, as I hate people with a passion. But there is only one thing wrong with that; I've never killed anyone. I have that little voice inside me that tells me killing people is wrong. I never even had the desire to kill anyone. That just isn't who I am. I just keep to myself and see all people as something to be avoided until they prove otherwise.

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