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Sunday, October 15, 2023


 I remember how I used to hate Donald Trump. I've even gone so far as to call him "president Dump". Oh boy! I look back on that now and cringe. It's amazing how my mind goes from thinking one thing to thinking another. There's even a post way back where I say CNN is reliable news. I sure don't think that today! That's why, when you read posts I've made in the past, it'd be foolish to think I still think the same way today. Not every past post is that way. I still believe some of the things I've thought in the past. So, not all the posts would be wrong today. But only I know what is in my mind today.

One of the reasons I hated Trump so much was because all the leftist media was saying Trump was going to be the start of WW3. But now, 5 years later, I haven't seen Trump starting any wars. In fact, he's the only president in recent history who did not start any wars. Both Bushs did. Clinton started an internal war on this country. Obama started the same (with BLM and other race wars) and ISIS. Biden has the Russia/Ukraine war and now the Palestine Gaza war going on. But what wars did Trump start? None that I can think of. If anyone can jar my memory with a war that Trump started, let me know in the comments. But as far as I know, Trump did everything in his power to stop war from happening. Even making peace with North Korea.

When he did, all the leftists saw was "Trump is talking to the enemy!" and called him a traitor and all that other bullshit. What I saw was completely different. I saw our president making peace because he didn't want us to get stuck in another world war. And it worked as long as he was in office. I still believe Trump should have got the Nobel Peace Prize. No other president we've ever had, deserves it more than Trump. Not even Obama. Shoot! Especially not Obama!! Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama just turned the whole thing into a bubblegum prize. That was nothing but a joke! They would have gained my respect back again if they had just given Trump the award and told the leftists to shut up!

Well, I have to send kudos to Candace Owens. She told off one of them LGBTQ allies in a manner that no one else has done publicly before. However, I've been saying the same thing for years. Some nutso on a college campus asked Candace what she would tell the LGBTQ kids on campus who felt threatened by her very presence that day. Candace stood up, straight and tall, and responded "Life is tough, get a helmet! I'm too pregnant for this!" That seriously made me laugh out loud! To a point I almost choked to death! That's very similar to what I would have said. Of course I don't think I would have thought of telling them to get a helmet. But that was funny! Seriously! Leave Candace alone! She has 2 kids at home and one on the way! I'm sure she has better things to do than to babysit a bunch of 20 year old children who weep and cry every time someone they don't agree with comes on campus! No one could care less about how a bunch of whiny trannies feel!

Oh, now trans and non-binary people are complaining because they have a hard time getting jobs. That too is funny because they bring that upon themselves. Any employer worth their salt has seen how these people act at work. I even saw one crazy non-binary woman on Tik Tok say when her boss calls for all ladies to return to work, she's just going to ignore him. I saw that and I said "I wouldn't hire you either!" she'd be gone within the hour if she was going to act like that in my business! I've even seen people who have been misgendered by their boss, by co-workers, and even customers sit in a corner and cry, gripe and complain. I won't have that either! People seem to have forgotten a person needs to earn respect. Not everyone is the same in what conditions they will give the other person respect. But for me, you won't earn my respect by sitting in a corner crying just because you were called a "she" instead of a "they". Nor if you are disobedient when you should be doing what you've been told.

UGH! This is why I am not a good trans-ally. These days it's increasingly harder to tell the honest trans people from the fakers. I don't like the fakers.

Anyway, the leftists are always calling Trump a war-monger. But then you ask what wars, or even bombings, happened while Trump was in office, and they cannot even answer that. That's because they can't think of anything. They'll either tell you to google it or they'll say "Just listen to his speeches". I heard many of his speeches. Not one talked about starting war with another country. One of the people who doesn't like Trump, I used to consider one of my buds. I've even heard that person say the same thing. That same bud, even said Trump is a murderer. I always want to ask them "Who did Trump murder????" I never did understand that argument! Even on January 6, 2021 Trump didn't tell anyone to murder anyone. He said "If you're going to protest, then do so peacefully!" And they did. Nothing underhanded happened at the Capitol building that day. That's the problem with the leftists. I think they really project the shit other leftists do (like Antifa and BLM) and pretend the Trump supporters are doing it when they really aren't.

The leftists laugh at that observation, but let's face it, I've never seen MAGA supporters harass or harm anyone. I once saw a video (by Brandon Farley) where BLM and Antifa were in Portland, chasing an older man, who tripped on a garbage can and fell to the ground, and an Anrifa thug kicked the poor guy in the head and knocked his tooth out. I also heard on that video a bunch of young, black leftist girls laughing at the guy who was on the ground. They were laughing "He got himself knocked the fuck out!" I heard that and said "That's not funny at all!" Apparently, the man said something bad about blm. Probably stating what should be stated; that ALL lives matter. I notice that really sets black liberals off the deep end. Now, say what you want to about us conservatives. But I've never seen a MAGA conservative do anything like that! We're mostly peaceful, friendly, upstanding people. We don't invade cities like a bunch of rat antifa thugs do.

I don't blame Trump for the shit antifa and other leftists do. Because I know he's not the one telling those goons to cause destruction. I wholeheartedly blame the leftists, not to mention their parents, because they brought them up to be little crybaby bitches who get mad when they don't get their way. As for being a war-monger, I think the only one who fits that description now is Biden. The world is laughing at us now, and taking advantage of Biden's weakness and stupidity. This is embarrassing for the USA. I want Trump back! I really do! He's made some good, strong promises for when he gets back in office. I want to see him put those promises into effect. This is what I love about Trump. He keeps his promises. Most of them anyway. As long as the democrats don't interfere.

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