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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Snow-White or Shit-Brown?

 So what is it going to be? Disney is making yet another live action movie. This one is their woke remake of Snow White. I like the original 1937 movie Walt Disney himself made. But I don't think I'm going to like the woke Snow White. For one thing, they turned Snow White into a colored person. I think she's hispanic or something. Her name is Rachel Zegler, and she is a spoiled little brat! What gets me is I am sick of the constant race-swapping and the complete change of the story that Disney has been doing lately. I mean they change the storylines to a point they aren't even recognizable anymore. So why change the story and not change the name? What's up with that? Instead of calling the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" they should have retitled this movie "Shit Brown and the Seven Weirdos". One of the things the whole story is centered around is Snow White's skin as white as snow, with hair black as ebony. But woke Disney wants to make Snow White's snow-white skin into a shitty brown.

The seven dwarfs are not even dwarfs. They're just a bunch of wackos that woke Disney refers to as "magical creatures". Again, there is no magical creatures in the original Snow White movie. Not even in the original story by the Grimm brothers. The only magic performed in the movie is when the wicked queen turns herself into that old lady. They also took the whole plot of the story completely out. They didn't have Snow White find her Prince Charming. This movie has Snow White seeking power, which is dumb! Its not even remotely like the original story. As a woman, I enjoy the innocence of Snow White looking for her prince. I also love the songs she sang in the original Disney movie. If Snow White is looking for power, she's no longer innocent. She's probably an evil, mean, psychotic woman who will be shown killing men in the woke version.

Well the woke Disney version comes out in 2024. I probably won't be watching it. All these woke stories Disney is putting out is no different than the one before it. They are all about colored women hating men, and seeking power. Boring! I don't care to see that. But next year, the Daily Wire is putting out their own version of Snow White, starring Brett Cooper. I might watch that one. If I can. I think the Daily Wire needs to offer their movies and stuff on DVDs. Knowing the Daily Wire the way I do, I'm sure their version of Snow White will be better than anything woke Disney could ever make.

Most people now, even leftists, are sick of the woke Disney remakes of old movies, and it seems NO ONE likes Rachel Zegler. There is just no point. Most young women want to meet their own Prince Charming. They like seeing young women in movies finding themselves a loving man. No one wants to see a powerful woman seeking power. That's so dull! And the outcome is so predictable. These days, if you'd seen one woke movie, you've seen them all. One movie where a woman gains power is one thing. But woke Disney is overdoing it. It's gotten sickening.

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