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Sunday, October 8, 2023

My Reward

This is late in coming, but I just had to write this here! I went to the bird expo in Medford last weekend. I said I was going. I got a little laryngitis, and I said even that was not going to keep me from going! I was as determined to go to that bird expo as this cold was in stopping me from going. I looked up to the Heavens and said "Bring it on, bitch!" to mother Nature. I also flipped her the bird. I said NOTHING is stopping me from going to that bird expo. Well, my patience and determination was rewarded. I found most everything I wanted. I found every natural color of gouldian finches and bought a male and female of each. I also got some zebra finches. I'm not a huge fan of them, but I love their cute little calls. So I said if I found some that looked decent I'll get them.

I also found a man selling scarlet-chested parakeets. Now, I have ALWAYS wanted those! Ever since I had my last set of birds in 1992. I found them at a pet store and they were so beautiful, they took my breath away! Their colors seemed to glow in the light.

That's exactly what my male looks like. The female is not as colorful. Those were the first birds I got when I entered the building. I also found someone practically giving away Pacific green parrotlets. I always wanted a parrotlet. Its a female and I don't have a name for her yet. I thought about calling her Camille. That was just the first name that came to my mind when I saw her. I have to work with her a little more, she is not tame. I guess that was why this guy was selling her so cheap. Oh well. I love her anyway. She's so adorable!! She did bite me when I was trying to get her out of the carrier. She bites hard too! But I just chalk it up to an occupational hazard. LMAO! Amazingly, the scarlet chested parakeets don't bite. But they are not tame either.

I wanted to try and get a female diamond dove. Lots of people did have diamond doves there, but none of them were the natural colors I like. They were all blues with white tails and I'm not into mutated colors in birds. I'm very picky about that kind of thing. I only like natural colors. So, I wasn't able to get a female diamond dove. My poor male is so lonely. All he has now is the female ground dove. I lost the male ground dove when I went to Medford. Don't know why, it just happened. I came home and he was deceased on the bottom of the cage. I managed to save him from the kittens, but he got taken by something else. He may have been sick and I didn't know about it. I'll just have to wait until this livestock place has some available again.

I also managed to find some blue-faced parrot finches. I could not find the Forbes parrot finches, but then again those are quite rare. I didn't expect to have any luck finding some. The blue-faced parrot finches I got have a little bit of white on top of the head. I don't normally go for that, but it's only a little bit of white. On the female, it hardly shows much. But they are a proven couple. That means they have had babies before together. Well, at least I got them back. Now, if only I can find the Forbes finches again. My usual supplier has them. Or he DID have some. I don't know if he does anymore. They are no longer listed on his ordering page. I may be waiting for them for a long time! They are still listed on his website. Just not available now.

Well, I have plans for the next year. My sis is moving back to Bozeman, and I'm going to have to go with her. This time, I have no choice. My sis has the car, and I am going blind. A little bit at a time. But I need her to drive me places now. I'm gonna miss the ocean. But I told my sis if we can get property close to a river or stream, I'll be just as happy. And I don't have to move into the loony house again! I heard ol' Andy got himself in trouble. Now, he's getting violent. He's begun physically abusing people. Not at all a surprise. He did smack Karen B. with a newspaper once. For an occasion like that, I'd better buy a gun. There is no way I can beat Andy in a physical altercation, and with my bad leg, I cannot run away anymore. So, I need a gun. I really do not want to shoot anyone. Not even Andy, as much as I loathe him. With all my heart and soul. But I don't want to kill him. I just want him to stay away from me and leave me alone. Same with Karen. In fact, I don't want anything to do with any of those loonies. My sis and I are hoping to get a home and stay there. Far away from the loony house! Anna can keep her friends, but I don't want to mingle with the loonies anymore.

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