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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jared Milton

I was watching some of this kid's videos last night, he's the one who first came out with the idea of starting some kind of war against people who hate Justin Beiber. He tries to sound all intimidating in his videos, but he comes off as simply disgusting! I watch him talk and he is so annoying in every way! He reminds me a lot of Kim Hedges back at that apartment in Bozeman; he's dumb as dirt, crosseyed, ugly as shit, wants people to think he's perfect, and pretends not to be bothered by what others think of him. He's just like Kim in every way! LOL! I wouldn't be surprised if those two are in some way related, they are so much alike! They both probably like the same music. I know that kid's real name is not Jared Milton. He admitted in one of his videos that the name is made up. Unlike Kim though, in some ways, he sounds like a well-educated teenager. He uses words that you don't usually hear come from someone who is 14 years old, and he uses them well. But I say he is dumb as dirt because he made videos that has gotten him in a lot of trouble worldwide and he does not believe he did anything wrong.

Here is his first video, where he declares war against people who hate Justin Beiber.

This was the video that got him in so much trouble. Especially with Anonymous. Anonymous prides it's self in hassling children who make videos, especially when the videos contain death threats. That's what this Jared Milton does in this video. He's always saying how his parents can hack everyone, and he has permission from the CIA and FBI to hack people and post their private information on some website that he bought. And later he says how 30 minutes after putting up that site, Anonymous hacked it. Well, I don't blame Anonymous! This dumb kid had no right to threaten anyone! And for what reason? Because we hate Justin Boober? This kid thinks he's doing Justin Beiber some kind of favor by posting up these videos, when really, I'm sure Justin Beiber would be pissed at him, because he is making not only Justin Beiber fans look bad, but also Justin Beiber himself!

I know if I were Justin Beiber, I would not want to know this kid is representing my fans. Anyway, here is where Jared Milton starts to sound like Kim from Bozeman:

I think this is the video he is referring to. I always burst out laughing every time he says "You're not getting to me" or "You can't hurt me!" and then turns around and reads his comments while sobbing and crying. It's very clear that the comments are getting to him.

Here he sounds like Kim again:

Here, Anonymous decided to have some fun with him:

Now, if there is one group on the internet you don't want to piss off, it's Anonymous. Even I try to stay away from them, and I'm pretty bold. When I left Bozeman, I walked through a room full of people who wanted to kill me, and didn't give a shit. I just carried on like nothing was wrong. I'm usually pretty brave! Like a wolverine. But when it comes to Anonymous, I back off. They're like a pack of wolves, they work as one. And they can hack anything. I once even heard about how they hacked the sprinkler system of a business that pissed them off. That's one of the main reasons why I never post threats on the internet. Besides the fact that I just don't like to threaten people. But I would rather have a gang of angry vegan fanatics come at me with pitchforks and torches than to have Anonymous after me! I would rather be forced into a room, tied to a couch with no Timmy pics, and have Andy DiSanti with his stinking body odor sit next to me, and pictures of Kim Hedges naked all over the walls for 90 days than to have Anonymous discover me. I would rather have a chihuahua that looks like the Taco Bell dog than to have Anonymous after me. LOL! That is how nervous they make me. I have a friend that showed me a picture of her daughter holding an Anonymous mask, and even that made me nervous! I don't even know for sure if her daughter is a member of Anonymous. Just looking at the mask made me nervous, and I thought "I'd better not piss off this friend!" LOL! Not that I ever would, she's such a nice person anyway.

Seriously though, if these dumb teenagers are going to try something like this, then have the balls to stand up and say "OK, I was wrong. But I am not perfect!" instead of trying to say you are perfect. That's what makes me laugh is these teenagers saying shit like this guy (and Jessi Slaughter) and getting maximum trolling, then coming off trying to make us think we're jealous because they are 'perfect' or rich or something like that. It only makes them look dumb. I am not rich, and don't pretend to be. I know damn well I am not perfect, so I never try to convince people I am. I have made some accomplishments that I am proud of, and I do boast from time to time. But I get trolled all the time. And believe me when I say it does not faze me. You will NEVER see me crying in a video over something someone on the internet has said to me or about me. The only people that can hurt me like that are my friends and family. That's the way it is when you reach my age. I don't take kindly to threats though. I don't mind name-calling, but I am very wary of threats. Even if the threat is mild. Like the guy who said its time to get my "mentally retarded" sister out of Montana, and then added "It's going to happen." I took that last sentence as a threat. It may be a mild threat, but it is still a threat. The "mentally retarded" part does not bother me though. My sis is going to the university, which is probably a lot more than this person who made the threat can ever say about himself. Not saying he's maybe jealous, but if you are going to call someone else 'mentally retarded', you'd better make absolutely certain your own backyard is clean!

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