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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Bad Seed

Well, I am a little bit upset, but not entirely. It's a good thing I did not count too heavily on this lead! Before I left Bozeman, my partner and I were assigned a calling job with a company in Texas. My job was as the secretary and my partner's job was as a head of a call center. Well, the hiring manager was a man who called himself Lake Davis. I spoke to him on Skype a couple times at the request of my partner, since that is part of my job. When I signed on to my partner's Skype account and saw Lake's profile, I thought it was kindof odd! The very first thing I noticed is that his profile picture is of an anime character. You all know how I feel about anime! I hate it! I cannot even half watch those cartoons because I hate the motion. The characters are simply ugly too. I thought it was odd that Lake's profile pic was of an anime cartoon character, but I didn't want to think the worst. Even though deep down inside, I did think the worst. Some of the worst people I've ever seen online are anime fanatics. They always have some anime cartoon character as their avatar or profile picture. But as a professional in online freelancing, I am not allowed to judge anyone based on their interests if they are offering us a job. So I set my fears aside and just continued on with the set up. I believe though that I did mention something similar to my partner. But we brushed it off because I wanted to give Lake Davis a chance.

I was supposed to get money each month from my partner. But the first month after hiring ended, and I hadn't received anything. Then the next month came and went, no paycheck. So I finally decided to contact my partner. He said he has never received anything either from Lake. And then he showed me this website. Seems little mister Lake Davis is a fraud! Check it out! http://scamalert.activaworld.com/?p=6 He has scammed not only me and my partner, but many other individuals as well. He sounded so nice to talk to, but behind his kind words and gentle voice, is an evil heart! In a way, I was kindof counting on the money we were supposed to get from him to help me in my month-to-month expenses. But also in a way, I did not count too heavily on this lead either. Simply because he is an anime freak. I don't really trust them! I've seen several of them throughout the internet, on several message boards, chatrooms, and on YouTube, and usually they are bad news. I've never had anyone, who has an anime profile pic, say anything nice or positive in any of my videos or anywhere. Usually if I see they have a profile pic made up of some anime cartoon character, I don't generally even read their comment, because I know it's not going to be a friendly one.

That's what anime seems to be doing to today's kids' minds. Kids are becoming disrespectful and conventionally nasty people. Not too long ago, I saw an article in a blog someone posted, referring back to my blog here, and a post I wrote about today's kids and anime cartoons, and the bad influence I feel anime is having on today's kids. They compared american kids watching anime and japanese kids watching anime. Anime does not seem to have the same effect on japanese kids as it does on american kids. Well, having lived in a predominantly japanese household, I can tell you that japanese kids don't watch as much television as american kids. The japanese go to school for 10 hours a day, including Saturdays. So they don't have as much time to devote to watching anime cartoons as american kids do. But go to the darker side of Japan, and watch children there who may have spent more hours watching anime cartoons, and you might see that they are just like american children are. Even like some young american adults.

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