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Monday, January 14, 2013

Forever Stalkers

I knew it!! Bill Waggoner is still stalking me!! HAHA!!! I won $10 from Katrina. :) A couple of times I got comments from people whose avatar showed them in Anonymous masks, and they were right after I wrote about Anonymous in this blog. There is a world of difference between Bill Waggoner and Anonymous! If you're good at spotting the difference like I am, you can tell the difference. Bill Waggoner just says they're going to do something, and really do nothing. Anonymous does without warning. Bill Waggoner is just a bunch of buffoons, Anonymous is serious stuff. Bill Waggoner is trying to be like Anonymous, but they will never be Anonymous.

I found out this morning that Bill Waggoner is still stalking me because some idiot posted a comment about Bill Waggoner. I didn't really read the comment, I saw the words Bill Waggoner and figured that was all I needed to see, and I ignored the comment and blocked the idiot. I don't even know what he said about Bill Waggoner. I just figured if he is with this dumbass, then he needs to be blocked and ignored. I am still hellbent on ignoring these kind of people. There are some comments I just don't read, and don't need to read. It may even have been these guys that told the people of that apartment in Bozeman about this blog. Too bad for them, I was already on the way out. But if that is the case, then I owe the dirty dozen an apology. LOL! But once I was on the way out I didn't have to look back.

They look in at this blog all the time, too bad Bill Waggoner cannot read! If he could read, he would have known I do not accept negative comments at all anymore. I don't even need to read his comments to know they are going to be negative. He thinks he's being funny, but really, he's showing he is nothing but an illiterate dumbass. He's just pissed off because I told the people on the Craigslist pet forum that he is calling people who leave missing pet ads on Craigslist and telling them that he killed their pet or will only give their pet back if they have sex with him. So now he has nothing to do. But at least I pissed him off! LOL! That's good anyway. :) And I would do it all again, if I ever catch him calling missing pet ads telling the owners things like that. Yes, I will do it all again! Bill Waggoner can piss and moan all he wants, I will continue to tell on him. :)

Too bad for him, I have nothing bad to say about the people here. So far everyone here has been so nice and helpful. My neighbors are great! And I am home again. That is the important thing. I so missed being home. No body needs to worry about me saying bad things about them, as long as they don't cross me. So far, no one here has done that. They did it all the time in Bozeman, but then again there, I was living next door to a bunch of wierdos, drunkards and drug-addicts. Not all of them were like that, there were a handful of people there that I liked and respected. Some people I liked when I first met them, but later turned out to be assholes, even long before they read this blog. Matter of fact, I thought they already knew about this blog. The only person I said anything bad about that I wish I hadn't was Deb. But not her husband. I don't give a shit that I offended him, because he was being an asshole. He still was even after I left there. Honestly I don't know how Deb can stand being married to that jerk. I would not want to be married to someone like that. And that is why I refuse to be married to this day. Besides the fact that I just would not like sharing my house with a man.

I remember when I was looking for a roommate, a couple of people called me that said they had men who lived in the house. My ad clearly stated I do not want to live in the same house with a man. One of the people who called even said they only have one bathroom. That was an immediate no. I especially do not want to share a bathroom with a man. And Patti wondered why I did not want to get married (I'm not sure, but I think she had some kind of plan to marry me off to someone!) But I don't want to get married. I don't care if 100 suiters propose to me, and are the best-looking and richest bachelors in town, I still would not want to marry. Though I won't say that I wouldn't admire. LOL! Marriage means being tied down, and I don't want that. At least dogs can travel. Men, unless it is their occupation to travel, cannot. Right now, work is looking good, so Katrina and I are planning a possible trip to Victoria Is. Gonna catch the ferry up there and stay for a couple days and have fun this summer. As beach-combing pals.

As for Bill Waggoner, well, it's nice to know I am so important to some stranger's life. But too bad for him anything he says on my videos will be rejected, and may not even be read. I suspected the anonymous posts had to be him, because I don't think Anonymous has any interest in me. Only Bill Waggoner, and he's not the same thing.

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