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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

When And How To Be Honest

OK, let me first point out, I am not a liberal. I am not a democrat. I speak my mind too, and yes I have been through drama because of it, so I know how it feels. But Katrina showed me a video of a man named Onision. I just have to say something. I don't care for the guy, and yes I also am known for being something of an asshole too, and I am not exactly calling him a pedophile. Though I do believe, in a small way, he is one. I mean really, he married a teenage girl when he was almost in his 30s! There's something about it that doesn't sound right to me. Anyways, the video was Onision giving people his opinion of their bodies. Well, he says the girls asked for it, so he gave it to them. Yes, I will also give my opinion, and especially if people ASK me! I will give them my honest opinion. And I too say don't get angry at me if you ask me for it and I give it to you. That's what I do. I am an honest person. But my opinion is just my opinion. I do not state it as fact. The only "fact" is that it is my opinion. Opinions are not facts. It is just how one person sees the world, whether it is me or Onision, or anyone else. I think some INXS fans are stupid for thinking I think cancer is a joke, especially since they knew cancer killed my father. But I am sure they don't agree with me that they are stupid. But that's their opinion.

Yeah I know! I just had to throw that ball in the park one more time! LOL!

What ticks me off about the way Onision did his video, is he is dealing with young girls (and possibly young boys). OK, it's one thing to give your most honest, brutal opinion. But what he did was attack children. You are not dealing with adults. You say to an adult "Hey. Your body looks like Shrek's body. You should go on a diet. I would suggest veganism." What's the worst they are going to do? Probably punch you in the nose. But you say to a child, especially one that has been looking up to you as a hero, that her body looks like Shrek's and you find her "disgusting", well, you're going to scar that child for life. What he should have done was think. Think about the person he was talking to. I may be an asshole sometimes, but one thing I have never said to anyone is that I think they are disgusting or ugly or anything like that. Well, usually when I call someone "ugly", I mean it as in their attitude. Unless I am talking about Paula Yates. I never met Paula Yates, although I do know someone who has. So, I can't judge on her personality. But I can talk about how she looks. Yes that is fair, because she is a celebrity. No matter that she has children out there. She put herself out there, just like me. It's like the shark scenario. You go in the ocean, and you may get attacked by sharks. The sharks do not care about your rights, or your children. All it knows is that it is hungry and you are potential food. But you put yourself in a situation where a shark can attack you.

But really, you've got to think of the person you are talking to, especially if they are children. You can be honest without being a jerk. You could have left out the mocking overtones; calling the child "disgusting" and saying she looks like Shrek, and instead just said something to the effect of "I think you could be super cute if you would lose some weight." And leave out the vegetarian-vegan advice! No one asked you for that and you have no right to tell them what to eat!! There are ways you can eat even red meat and still lose weight! Katrina said that if she ever meets Onision, she's going to kick her 3-inch high heel shoe up his butt and pull it out slowly. Those were her words, not mine! LOL!! But she said that people like him are the reason she won't let her kids post pics of themselves online. She doesn't even post pics of her kids online! She told me she never will either. Just to me and my sis, that's it. And her messages are always private.

Well, since Katrina showed me this video, I did a little research of my own. Someone said in a video that one of the girls Onision posted in his online video was the 13-year old little sister of one of his subscribers, and the subscriber asked Onision to remove her picture from the video and Onision wouldn't do it. The fact that Onision used a child's half-nude picture in his video is bad enough, but since the sibling asked Onision to remove the picture and he wouldn't, that kind of thing pisses me off more! Now, I confess to using other peoples' pics in my videos, I recently did a video and put some pics of Tess Obrien in it. But she is a grown woman, and I did not attack her child! I draw the line at attacking children, especially now that I am in my 40s. The video is still up, but no one has asked me to take it down yet. If they did, I might. But hey, it's doing pretty good on YouTube. Onision says these kids posted these pics on his forum under their own will. But he should have said no. If that were my forum, I would have said to the first person that posted pics of themselves half-naked not to do that or they would be banned! Especially if I even suspect it's a child. Onision uses the excuse that "most of" his fanbase is between 18-25 years old. The problem with that is he's going by the stats on YouTube. You can't go strictly by that, because kids lie! Believe me they do! Some get on YouTube to view adult videos! So, they lie about their age. I've heard one person admit that before. Long time ago, some guy who calls himself JackSpicer2311 admitted he said his age was 25-30 on his YouTube profile because he wanted to watch a video of Saddam Hussein's execution. He was really 15 at the time. I saved that video before he went and made it private. I won't post it here, out of respect for him, since he made it private, but anyways, it proves that kids often lie on their YouTube profile so they can watch age-restricted videos. Something to think about, Onision.

Just a few words of advice, not an attack. I'm not a fan of Onision's, never was subscribed to him, he always seemed a bit too edgy to me. But I cannot hate the guy. I won't jump on the bandwagon, I know what it's like myself to have so-called "friends" abandon me. Though I have to say none of them ever met me personally. I pray to GOD they never do either. But if they did, and really got to know me, I'm pretty sure their hostile opinions of me would change. Heck! We don't want to do that, now do we? LOL!! But one thing they can never accuse me of doing, is saying to a child she is disgusting or she looks like Shrek, or some kind of shit like that.

OK, I saw a post from back in 2009, and this yankovich kid did pester me, but he was one fat kid making fun of another fat person. He deserved it. It was more like an eye-opener for him. And I wasn't even in my 40s in 2009! LOL!


katrina said...

he sucks. he needs to wither and die. how dare he say shit like this to children! fuck him!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

He does need to be taken down a peg or two!