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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Left's Push For Pedophile Acceptance

OMG it's actually happening!!! I knew it!! The SJWs are doing it! They are pushing to gain acceptance for pedophiles! Now, these leftists are calling themselves "pedophile sympathizers". I cannot believe it! Oh wait! Yes I can believe it! Because that's what SJWs do! Why the hell do I always say "I can't believe it" when it comes to SJWs??!! I guess I have a hard time remembering that there are people like them who do stupid shit and agree with stupid shit! This pretty much takes the cake!

Hey! That reminds me. I wonder how this "Statue for Michael Hutchence" deal is pulling off now. LOL!

Well, I am not saying they agree with pedophilia, but they are SJWs. I'm afraid if enough people want to push for pedophile acceptance, even those SJWs will relent eventually.

This chick is saying that pedophiles and homosexuals are in the same class. But that is not true! I know a lot of decent homosexuals that are NOT pedophiles!!

Well, I have to say I am sorry, but this is where I draw the line at. Call me a "pedophobe" all you want. Which I think is a dumb name for someone who just hates pedophiles. It really means someone who is afraid of children, like I am. LOL! Call me that all you want to I don't care! I will NEVER agree to pedophile acceptance! It won't happen! To me, an adult man having sex with a prepubescent child is completely WRONG!!! And it makes me physically ill to think of it! It also makes me physically ill to think there are SJWs who want to push for "pedophile pride"!

See, I knew this would happen! I have nothing against gay people, but once they got full acceptance, now everyone wants their mindset to be accepted! I knew pedophilia was going to be among those! I knew this was coming!!! This is why I stopped having anything to do with SJWs!!! They're just plain DUMB!!! Which is what I learned when the SJW INXS fans turned against me after my father died. They are dumb!!

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