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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Why Hate All Dog Breeders?

This is the group I was telling you all about in my last post. Well, it's not really a group, it's a page on Facebook. But it's all rescue people who tout how much they hate dog breeders. It's called I Hate Dog Breeders.  It's nothing but a bunch of ADS fags fake-laughing, joking around and bad-mouthing all breeders. These are the kind of people I don't like myself. But then again, I feel the same way about ALL radicals. Just like any other kind of radicals, these people don't even realize they're radicals. They think that they're just monkeying around for the sake of animals in shelters. Sadly though, just like all radicals, they make others of their kind look bad.

The funny thing is, I was once in the same boat with these people. I hated all breeders too. If you look back toward the beginning of this blog, up until about a few years ago, you'll notice I said a lot of bad things about dog breeders too. And still, even today, I don't forgive the old show breeders for what they did to me on that email group I was in that made me turn against show breeders. A group that I don't even think is still up. Not sure if Yahoo got rid of all it's email groups, I haven't been on Yahoo in ages. But I was in a group of chihuahua breeders (all of them show breeders) and I did not like the attitude of the people I saw. Particularly the one named John Cipollina. He was so quick to snap at me for basically no reason whatsoever and throw his ton of weight at me as well. At first, I rationally tried to calm the situation by clarifying what I'd said, but he still continued to attack me angrily. Next thing I knew, all his dumbass friends were also ganging up on me. Then I felt the need to defend myself, to tell them to back off, basically.

But my hatred of show breeders went further back than that. It went all the way back to Bischi on the anti-merle chihuahua forum. I caught her in lies more than once. And this was an old woman!! She proved to me that show breeders were people who never grew up. For some reason though, she was stuck on me. She refused to admit it, but I think she really wanted to be friends with me. Unfortunately for her, the feeling was not mutual. How could I be friends with someone I cannot trust? And she proved to me, more than once, that she cannot be trusted. This was what I came to know in the beginning of what show breeders are like.

Well, thankfully I haven't heard from Bischi or John Cipollina in a long time. Not that I miss them. Both had a hand in ruining my views of show breeders. But then back in 2016, I met someone who would override all I thought before about show breeders. I won't say her name here, but she was a younger woman, probably around the same age as my sis, she bred and showed chihuahuas, she loved the 80s rock groups, and also sells jewelry. I've bought a few necklaces of her's and I love them. She does not make money off her dogs, she makes most of her income selling this jewelry. She restored my faith in show breeders once again. She is NOTHING like Bischi NOR John Cipollina!! She is a good person. And I am not being paid to say that either. LOL! I'm saying it because I've found it to be true.

There are times I still agree with rescuing a dog. Like if someone is looking for one of these "designer mutts". No need to go to a person who is breeding those and pay massive amounts of money for a mutt. Go to a shelter, and you'll find some that need homes. Or if you want a bully-type dog, there are plenty in rescues. We don't need anymore pit bulls being bred. There's too many already. There, I will agree more with going to a rescue than buying from a breeder. But there are some breeds some people want that you will not find in any shelter or rescue anywhere. Skye terriers are one. Vastgottaspets are increasing in popularity, so that is another. The problem is not responsible breeders. The problem is a lack of education, and people simply breeding to whatever they think is cute, rather than doing pedigree research to find a good match. Or like a single woman with 3 very young kids living in an apartment who buys a border collie because it looks attractive. Or the guy who buys a cocker spaniel from a backyard breeder because it's a popular breed and he didn't want to go through the vigorous background checks responsible breeders put their clients through, or pay the money a reputable breeder charges. Or the backyard breeder who breeds "laberdoos" because 'everyone wants one', without gaining the knowledge of what it takes to breed well-mannered dogs. Those are the people to blame for dogs in shelters. And all can be fixed with some education.

Anyways, let's begin with these posts I found on there. These people sound like I used to be...

Well, to both of those people, I say they should see the posts the owner of this page takes down. I commented on that page, and I think all I said was I bought my dog from a breeder, and I love her. I don't remember now. But I did not call anyone in there names. I did not spread hate. I didn't even call them what they are on their page; ADS fags. LOL! But I was banned, and probably called names, and my post was taken down. I'm not even a breeder. I'm currently just a pet owner. And my dog is spayed. She isn't contributing to the pet overpopulation.

I knew what I wanted when I got Mya, I wanted a shetland sheepdog puppy that was mahogany in color, and smaller than average shelties. How can I find exactly those specifications in a dog at the pound? Mya came along and I grabbed her. I wanted her more than anything. And to this day, I do not regret getting her. She's helped me in ways no human could. Most breeders would not like me posting about my specs, they usually do not like buyers who want a certain size, or color. I've come across those kind of breeders before, and yes, they were reputable. Even I admit that now. Even though at the time, I despised being turned down by show breeders.

Then I saw this post...

True, there is a difference between someone calling themselves a "reputable breeder" and someone who actually is a reputable breeder. ADS people will never understand it though. But a reputable breeder is not the same thing as a backyard breeder. A reputable breeder does pedigree research. They do not breed unless they have a purpose, either they have a waiting list, or they want to produce something to show. They don't just sell any puppies to anybody. I've seen people who wanted to get on the waiting list for a puppy from a reputable breeder, but got turned down because they didn't meet the breeder's requirements for one of their puppies. So, there's your "greedy show breeders" for you.

Like I said earlier in this post, I have also been on the receiving end of childish name-calling from other show breeders. But then again, I've also seen the same thing from rescue people. The difference I've seen is, today's show breeders only resort to bashing pages like "I Hate Dog Breeders" because they clump all breeders (including truly reputable breeders) in the same category with puppymillers and backyard breeders without even considering the difference. And rescue ADS people just flat-out attacks everybody, whether they are breeders or not, reputable or not, agrees with them or not. They treat all pet lovers the same way. In short, reputable breeders are like conservatives, while rescue people are like leftists. I also know a lot of show breeders who foster, and yes, even adopt from shelters. Reputable breeders are not all bad. But rescue people are all bad. So, that's the difference between the two groups. But people like the owner of this page will never understand that. They see the world in black and white. "You either get your dog from a rescue, or you are a rotten, horrible, nasty asshole that hates animals and has no respect for life".

Those people will fall in love with ANYONE who tells them what they want to hear. Even if said person is not a good person. Today I looked in their page and found this...

Fucking Adam Ruins Everything???!!! OMG!!! They love this guy too! I don't. Adam Ruins Everything is the same person who has said Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Obama are all better than President Trump, and Antifa has never harmed anyone, and that socialism and communism would be best for our country. My ass I'm gonna listen to Adam Ruins Everything!!! Fuck him! He even looks too much like a typical leftists for me to put any trust in! But these people love him because he says the things they agree with and doesn't contradict their opinions.

So I ask all of you, who are the more reasonable crowd here?

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