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Friday, April 21, 2023

Desperate Trannies

Remember, we just had a mass shooting where a trans "woman" killed 6 people at a Christian school. You know why that happened? Because trannies are getting desperate. They are now afraid of being outlawed out of this country. Several states have happily taken the initiative to make it illegal to transform kids to the opposite sex. So today's trannies are getting desperate. Desperate enough to try anything. Including threatening you and your children. Meet Tara (Thomas) Jay. He has a message for all the women out there.

"I dare you to stop me from going into a woman's bathroom". "I dare you to try and stop another trans "woman" from using a woman's bathroom in my presence". He's saying he is prepared to kill anyone who stops him from using the bathroom he has no business using. He kept saying "Its the last mistake you'll ever make". I totally hate this guy! If anyone out there ever had a shred of doubt that trannies are unstable people, who should not be allowed near guns, this should open your eyes. Mentally deranged people should not own guns. That goes for Thomas Jay. He doesn't need a gun. Its the normal people around him who need the guns. He seems proud of his threats too.

Thomas denies what he posted is a threat. Of course he does! Obama spoiled these trannies and now Biden is spoiling them. He tells them they can never do no wrong. He lets them get away with anything. Modern leftists give them all the ratification to do whatever they want. The entire leftist ideologies have now gone too far. Conservatives need to start fighting back. The problem is, judging by this video, it may already be too late. Thomas is still on Twitter (under the moniker Tranny Vs. The World) and unaware he is making threats. I would not be surprised if everyone, who has been trans-allies before, stop supporting trans people because of the threats made by this man. This man makes me want to gouge out his eyeballs in the slowest, most painful way I can.

What surprises me is that he has not been banned from TikTok or Twitter for his threats. Apparently on TikTok, some people have found out who he is and where he lives. He lives in Kansas. They have called the police on him for the threats he made on the videos. People like him seem to forget that, trans or not, a call to violence is NOT protected under free speech rights. I looked on his Twitter and all I see are all kinds of complaints and "whataboutisms" that leftists always use in their arguments. And they say conservatives do that. Well, maybe we do. But we have good reason to. Because it's seemed the leftists can get away with things others cannot. Yet there is not one single thing the right-wingers can do that leftists cannot. It makes no sense. And that is why conservatives are always throwing in the "whatabouts" in their arguments. But leftists have no reason to use that argument. They just think they don't have rights that we do. But I think the videos this tranny puts out is proof enough that they do indeed have special rights. The videos are still up. Whereas if a Christian man had said anything similar to this, that video would have been removed right away, and a SWAT team would have stormed the house of the poster.

Well, I've let bullies like this guy get the better of me for too long. I put up with all this bullying shit when I was a kid! I'm not going to allow myself to be bullied as an adult. I said to this guy if he threatens my family, it'll not only be the last mistake he ever makes, it'll be the last time he ever sees daylight! He's not afraid to die? Neither am I. And I will protect my family at all costs. If he can protect his dumb little tranny "friends", then I can for sure protect my family! And conservatives all carry guns! And have for all our lives. We can draw faster than this jerk can turn his head! He'll be down before he even has a chance to reach for his gun belt. You don't mess with conservatives. You never know what skills they could have.

Like I said though. It may be too late. We should have stopped this a long time ago! But other people were afraid of being called fascists. Or nazis. Or bigots. Or transphobes! Which is the silliest name of them all. That's why names never bothered me. Besides, the leftists have overused those names to a point where they mean nothing anymore. Someone calls me a bigot, I just laugh at them. Someone calls me a "transphobe", I first laugh at the word, then I laugh at them! It's just like washing socks to me now. I'm not afraid to fight back. I'm not afraid of the words. Actually, I never was afraid of the words. They are just words, after all. Sticks and stones, etc.

Monday, April 17, 2023

The Legendary Courage of Riley Gaines

I have a distinctive feeling this young girl will go down in history! Riley Gaines is the female swimmer who lost her #1 position to a man!

Well, recently she has taken to going around the country to save women's sports. I must say her courage is very inspiring! I know her parents must be proud of her. She's even gone to San Fransisco State University which is the most leftist city you can visit. The students there did not like Riley speaking out against Lia Thomas taking her first place spot away. Like the leftists always do, they attacked her, to a point she needed police escorts. But even they did very little good. She was banged on the head by a man wearing a dress. I cannot blame her for being scared. Those nutters are crazy! I only hope it doesn't discourage her from keeping up the fight. I'm with her in spirit. So are a lot of other conservatives who believe men taking over women's sports is wrong!

As I have stated before, I am not even into women's sports. I would not advocate for them at all, except now they have allowed men to compete against women, and I just think that's totally wrong! Especially in the case of Lia Thomas, who transitioned just so he could beat real women out of their own game. It made me angry to hear he did that. So now, I am joining in this battle against trans-"women" in women's sports. Pretty soon, if this is kept up, women will have nothing that is just ours, and ours alone. We'll have to share stuff that was traditionally only for us, with biological men. And it seems there is nothing women can do about it. Or there wasn't. But look what allowing trans-"women" in real womens' spaces has allowed; 3 women were raped in a woman's prison by a man who claimed he was a woman. Women have lost their first place positions in women's sports. Biological men are ogling young girls in women's locker rooms. Men are invading women's restrooms, and several times I've heard of women getting raped by them. It's an awful time to be an active woman now. It makes me angry at this world. And it's all Biden's fault!

Men are claiming to be women now because they get pats on the back for it on Twitter and TikTok. Those imbeciles call them "brave". Well, they're NOT brave. They're actually the most cowardly people of all. There is nothing brave about claiming to be the opposite sex. Any child can do that. They do it in play though. They don't do it to change their lives, no matter what the leftists say. The real brave people are the people like Riley Gaines, who go against the violent leftist mobs and say what they really feel. Believe me that takes a lot of courage! Courage that no tranny anywhere can ever even dream to match! As a person who speaks her mind a lot, I know the kind of bravery it takes. A regular tranny would fall apart under that kind of pressure. You have to be prepared that it could get you beaten, and not many people are willing to have your back. You have to be prepared that a lot of people will hate you for it. Even those who you might think are your friends. That's why I say I do not have friends at all. And proud of it! The more human friends you have, the bigger an ass-kisser you are. So, I don't want human friends. I'm perfectly happy just having my family and pets around.

I am no doubt in Club Gaines! Lia Thomas can go suck dick for all I care. Katrina and I are doing our part to fight the leftist mob. Right now, we are blowing up in the face of Jeffrey Marsh. Dylan Mulveney is next. Dylan has ruined Budweiser's career! I don't even drink beer. I think it all tastes like piss water. But if I did, I wouldn't put any more money in Budweiser's pockets!!! Most people who do drink beer are conservatives. So, it was a dooming idea for Budweiser to spit in the face of their biggest supporters by getting Dylan Mulveney to sponsor their products. Nike is a lost cause. But Budweiser surprised everyone. Now, no one is supporting them.

If you want to join us conservatives in the fight against allowing men in women's spaces, Riley Gaines has begun a page where you can show your support. Go to Riley Gaines | Save Women’s Sports | Official Website | Riley Gaines and show some love and support.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Mass "Genocide" That Isn't

 I swear leftists are so DUMB!!! They make me want to scream! Or slap some sense into them. Now, they are calling us being against transgendering children some kind of mass "genocide". WTF?! That's an offense to people who have really suffered genocide. There's nothing genocidal about not allowing little kids to transition to the opposite gender. Being trans is not genetic! It's learned behavior that, when left alone, will fix it's self with age. It is much more genocidal to actually transition children than the other way around. Transitioning kids takes away their ability to reproduce properly, which is what genocide is. It's the forceful depletion of an entire gene pool. There is no gene pool that I know of, outside the imagination of leftists, where everyone is trans!

Let me tell you, Hitler killing Jewish people was a mass genocide. Killing of Indian tribes was a mass genocide. Killing of endangered animals is a mass genocide. Even killing of slaves would be considered genocide. Stopping kids from mutilating their own bodies is not genocide! It's protection from genocide. There are people out there who should not even be parents. Those are the ones who don't really give a shit about their kids. Or they see their kids as social media pawns. You can always tell those parents apart from others because they get on TikTok and show off their "trans" kids. Those kind of people make me sick! I don't like them. That's why I am getting so sick of trans people!

It was fine when all they wanted was to live their lives, love whom they love and be happy. I was fine with that. But now, they are demanding special treatment. Remember Sam Brinton?! That ugly SOB who has a fetish for having sex with dogs? Remember how he knowingly stole the luggage of 3 other women? He has now managed to strike a plea bargain so he would not be thrown in prison. Now, if he was a normal human being, he would have been put away for several years. But because he's a trans idiot with a fetish for dogs, he was able to plea bargain with the judge. And the judge (no doubt a leftist) fell for it. So the judge is going to let another criminal back on the streets to do his crimes over again.

I saw an article this morning that a friend shared with me, that was about four Walmart stores in Chicago closing down. No one will say it out loud, but it's because of the constant thefts and shoplifting going on in those stores. No one will say it except FOX News. Which is why the leftists need to start watching FOX News. But they refuse to. Without it, they don't get the full story. Only the leftwing media's side of the story. And as we all know (from watching Tess Obrien) the leftists are LIARS!!! But that's why leftists are so dumb. Because they only hear the left side. The leftist media is not going to tell you Walmarts are closing down all over the country because of thieves and shoplifters. They will more likely blame Donald Trump or white people. They won't admit it's because the District Attorney is so soft on criminals.

Speaking of blaming Donald Trump. Alvin Braggs, the current manager of NYC who was chosen just because he was black, has found a way to have Trump arrested. Trump went peacefully with no resistance whatsoever. The crime? Giving hush money to a prostitute. Now, since when is giving someone hush money illegal? The DA thinks she was given money to not talk about Trump colluding with the Russians. So, the leftists have finally done it. But you know what? I'm not worried. Not at all. Like I said, giving someone hush money is not a crime. And it's already been proven that Trump did not collude with Russia. But Clinton did. So why don't they go after her? For the same reason they won't arrest Sam Brinton. Because she's a leftist with a fetish. I knew there was something about that Alvin Braggs that I didn't like. And despite what Susan Burklund thinks, it wasn't just because he was black. It's because he's a jerk who only sees corruption in Trump, just like Susan. But is too scared to arrest the real criminals that invade the streets of NYC.

Trump handled his arrest gracefully, even though he did nothing wrong. I must say I am proud of him for that! He did a lot better than that goon, George Floyd! Now I have even more respect for Trump! I don't care what the NY courts think. Next election, I am going to vote for Trump. No questions asked. If he's running, I'm voting!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Trannies With Guns

OK I always wait until things have calmed down before I write anything about it. This is about the shooting in Nashville. The shooter was a trans "woman". Still a man, just a man who wears a wig, make up and a dress. As a real woman, I don't even wear dresses. In this case it was a man who thinks he's a woman, shooting up a Christian school. Of the 6 who were killed, three were children under 10 years old, and three were staff members. Then the tranny killed himself. The sad thing is, this is not the first time this kind of thing happened. I remember a few years ago, there was another trans "woman" who carried an axe into a convenience store swinging in Australia. This is how we can be sure people calling themselves trans "women" are not real women. Mass shooters are almost exclusively male. And there is a biological reason for that.

Now I hear that the day that happened, was some kind of official "trans day of vengeance" or something to that effect. I also saw where only a week before that happened, Cenk Yugar from TYT said in his podcast that he's totally against anyone having guns. With the exception of trans people. Fuck that! The rest of us need guns to protect ourselves against trans people especially! Only allowing trans people to be armed is an extremely dangerous way to go! Judging especially by the way ol' Johnathan Yaniv acted with weapons! He used them hap-hazardly against people who he just disagrees with. Not against anyone who would attack him physically. That's what dumbass anti-gun people like Cenk Yugar want for trans people. NO ONE with a mental disorder that bad should be allowed near a gun! Cenk says "they need it in case some 'right-wing lunatics' confront them". Well, I've never met a right-wing "lunatic". They may be out there, but I haven't seen them. The real lunatics have always been on the left. And anyone who thinks they are something they really are not, is definitely a lunatic!

There should NEVER be a trans day of vengeance! Unless it's something like April Fools day where trans people get even with normal people just for fun. But only in FUN. Not to kill or anything bad like that. And NO child is trans on their own. So, leave kids out of it! My prayers are forever with the families of the victims in the Nashville shooting. Not the shooter himself. I don't care what happens to his soul. He made the choice to shoot up a school he had NOTHING to do with! And he killed kids! That's totally wrong! And I'll bet when Cenk Yugar heard about the shooting, he laughed and cheered for the shooter. After all, he was the one who said a week before the incident that trans people are the only ones who should have guns. No one else. No doubt he inspired that event. This is why I stopped watching TYT, and I'm glad I haven't looked back!

Though I heard Anna Casparian is beginning to have a change in attitude. Well, she wouldn't be the first of the panel to change. Dave Rubin used to be with TYT, and he changed his mind after finding out what hypocrites the leftists are. He left the left. I'd like to think Anna Casparian is seeing the same light. Especially after this shooting incident. I don't see how anyone with a heart can hear of the shooting in Nashville and feel good in any way about it. It makes me sick! It makes me think we should never have allowed trannies to have their own way. They don't deserve special treatment. I liked the world better when they were staying in the closet. I've already stated I would never allow them in my business. I'd not even allow them in my house! Just like a pit bull, they may snap at any time. I'm not going to deal with that. I'm not going to call someone with broad shoulders and looking like a linebacker "ma'am". Not gonna happen! If they walk into my business and behave like a normal human being, I'll gladly serve them. But not if they come in demanding I call them by a pronoun I am not familiar with or don't see in them. And I've really only seen a small handful of trannies that would have me fooled.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Doctors Have Been Wrong Before

 I'm not a doctor. Let me get that out in the open first and foremost. This will not be a post about seeking medical attention. If you feel you have a problem, find a good doctor that is reputable and not woke. This is the latest argument I've heard from trans-activists. Because the medical community has been wrong before, about a lot of things. This is indeed true. Medical science has improved over time. Trans activists are using this argument now to say that maybe we were wrong about trans identity being a mental problem. I've heard this argument more than once.

It wasn't too long ago that doctors realized giving lobotomies to patients was wrong. I mean really! What good does drilling a hole in someone's brain by way of their nostrils do for a patient? Doctors basically did that to "drain out" evil spirits. But it did more harm than good. And that is why they stopped doing it. But today I watched a video of a trans-activist student using the medical science has improved over time excuse to affirm trans people.

The key code to that excuse is that medical science has "improved" over time. Main word you want to focus on is "improved". That means it has gotten better. But what good has come out of transgenderism since it's been accepted? What good has it done for those who do not suffer from transgenderism? The discovery of penicillin has saved numerous lives. Operations help people live longer. But what good has accepting transgenders done? I'll tell you what good it's done; NOTHING!! Nothing good I've seen so far has come out of accepting transgenders. The "good" that has come of it has only been self-satisfactory and temporary. I'll tell you what, if there was no such thing as social media, do you think there would really be as many trans people as there are today?? Think about that for a moment.

Most of the people today who claim to be trans are fakers. They're doing it for the attention and praises they get on Facebook and TikTok and other such social media platforms. Look at Dylan Mulveney. Look at Jeffrey Marsh. Look at Lia (William) Thomas. We got men competing in women's sports and taking away their #1 positions. We got trans activist teachers in school who want to mutilate and castrate children before they even have a chance to mature. We got parents who use the transgender lifestyle on their own kids just for TikTok praises. We got the woke mob who harasses and violates non-trans affirming people and call for violence against them and their families. We got trans and non-binary type people who demand that we play along with their little mental game. And in some places in the world, you can even get arrested and thrown in prison for misgendering someone. That's not good!

I'm not saying having compassion for these people is a bad thing. Don't misunderstand me there! But you can have too much of a good thing. And I think a lot of people are mistaking being compassionate with being affirmative. They are both totally different things! I have more compassion for trans people than anyone would think. But I will not affirm them! Because I believe affirming them does a lot more harm than good. It's like lying.

I remember back in the early 2000s, I was helping this young teenager who wanted to start breeding chihuahuas. Her name was Sara, who later became Mcgillicutty on the Pluba forums. Back in those days, I had no idea what a leftist liberal is. Even though I was one of them. But at least in breeding chihuahuas, I did try to do the right thing. Sara, I always admitted, did have potential to be a good breeder. She did health testing on her breeding dogs, and spayed and neutered those that came up defective. But the problem I've always had with her was that she always got her breeders from puppymillers and backyard breeders. I never told her that though. I was wrong. I told her to go to dog shows and learn what is being accepted in confirmation standards. But she always said "I don't want to go to dog shows or learn what confirmation is accepted", which is what led me to believe she had no intention of fully doing right by the breed. But I never blamed her for that. She was just a young teen who asked me for advise in the beginning. I blamed myself because I wasn't completely honest with her from the start. I chose to be nice over being honest. It was a wrong choice on my behalf.

Anyway, Sara was indeed a leftist liberal, because she did not like it when I finally told her the truth. She did not really want to learn how to breed to standard. She rejected all opposing opinions I had of her breeding program. I never even professed to be an expert in breeding chihuahuas to her. I wasn't. I still had a lot to learn as well, and I knew that. Which I guess is what makes me less of a leftist than she was. But oh well! I thought I could share what knowledge I was gaining with her so that both of us could become good breeders of chihuahuas. But she refused it. Ever since then, I've said that I will no longer do anything just to be nice. From now on, it's going to be just 100% honesty.

My honesty, perhaps because of that incident, has lost me a lot of clients and potential friends, but I don't care now. These days, I would rather be honest with people and have them hate me for it than to be nice and lie to them, only to regret it later. I don't like people anyway, so it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. So, if you are looking for someone who is going to be compassionate to the point of lying to transgender people, you're NOT going to find it in me!! The words "transphobe" and "bigot" and all that other jargon the leftists throw around has NO affect on me. I truly do not care!

Yesterday I saw the clip from the series "I Am Jazz", and that poor kid. I feel so bad for him. His parents forced him into that transgender lifestyle. I saw an interview done with his mom yesterday and she said he's been saying he was a girl since he was 2. At 2 years old, if you want to believe this, she said her boy asked "when is the gender fairy going to come and take my male genitals away?" At 2 years old, she wants us to believe he was asking that. I called bullshit! What 2 year old child even knows the word "genitals", let alone, how to use that word?! I didn't believe that story for one second! I believe Jazz's mom pushed him into believing he's a girl, and he went along with it because well, why would a mother lie to her child?! But she did lie to him, just like she's lying to everyone else who watches that show! And now, poor Jazz totally regrets going through that gender-affirming surgery a few years back. He's lost himself now. I also saw his tearful plea to his mom, and you know what she's doing? She's blaming Jazz for feeling the way he does. She said "You are your own worst enemy". She's trying to talk him out of feeling the way he does, when she was the one who brought it upon him. I think it was mostly for money and power. TLC paid them well for that series! And I used to like TLC! I can't believe what they've now become. They were much better when you used to have to pay extra for them! I would definitely not do that now!

Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Myths of Transgenderism

YES!!! I am happy! Now people are beginning to see the light! Even the NY Times is seeing all it's mistakes in accepting this idea of transgenderism. Hopefully, this is just a fad and it will all end soon. Of course if I had any kids who ever said they are trans, I would make them wait until they are 25 years old to go through transition operations. In the meantime, I would have them see a good therapist and find out what the root of this problem is. THEN, if the child is 25 years old, and still feels like they are the opposite sex, I would pay for their transition myself. But not until the child is 25. Not before.

I found this article tonight. It talks about the myths people have been spreading about transgenderism. It finally speaks the truth that has been hidden for several years now. All because most people were afraid of being called a "bigot". Well, it's good to see people are no longer afraid of being called a bigot. Everyone should be like me. I don't care now if I am called a bigot. I believe in the classic version of science. Not what the leftists call "science". To them, science is a spectrum and gender is fluid, and Fauci is an expert. I never did trust Fauci. His stories kept changing every time he spoke!

Anyway, I thought I would fill up this space with this article. Enjoy!

Busting Five Myths of Gender Ideology (msn.com)

Scrutinizing the claims of gender ideology, it soon becomes apparent how incoherent they are. On the one hand, we’re told that men and women are the same — that the differences we observe in professional outcomes and sexual behavior are the result of sexist stereotyping. And yet, they are different; and men can really be women and women can really be men, by appropriating opposite-sex stereotypes.

For years, editors and journalists at the New York Times have been uninterested in skeptical views of transgenderism, dismissing them as bigotry. That’s beginning to change, as I write about in the forthcoming issue of the magazine But whatever took them so long?

In 2018, when the Times was uncritically circulating transgender myths, we at National Review were battling the disinformation. And this is just one of many areas where NR has fought to be a voice of truth and reason. This week, and for this reason, we’re asking for our readers’ support — donations, of any amount — to help us continue this mission. Your contributions to these webathons, and of course your NRPlus subscriptions, help us do what we do.

Here are just some of the myths that we’ve busted so far.

MYTH 1: We All Have a ‘Gender Identity’

Gender-identity theory originated with clinical experiments in psychiatry and surgery in the latter half of the 20th century. Later, in the 1990s, this theory evolved into gender ideology under the influence of academic leftists. It entered the mainstream via the internet in the 2010s and, with the help of political activists and lobbyists, morphed into the modern transgender movement. In its current manifestation, gender-identity ideology holds that everyone has a “gender identity” — an inner sense of being male, female, or something else — which is distinct from sex and capable of overriding it.

In activist lingo, a person who accepts their anatomical sex is “cisgender” while a person who rejects their anatomical sex is “transgender.” Really, though, a person who rejects their anatomical sex (i.e., reality) is mentally disturbed — deserving of compassionate help — while a person who accepts their anatomical sex is not.

This is what Ray Blanchard, a sexologist, explained in 2019, during an interview with National Review. Blanchard considers “gender identity” to be an unhelpful concept for “normal people” since “cross-gender identity is a constant preoccupation with, and unhappiness about, the individual’s gender” and not, as activists claim, “a normal gender identity which has found itself lodged in the wrong body.”

MYTH 2: Puberty Blockers Are Safe and Fully Reversible

The website of Britain’s National Health Service, whose main gender youth clinic was closed earlier this year after an independent investigation confirmed concerns over patient safety, formerly read: “The effects of treatment with GnRH analogues [puberty blockers] are considered to be fully reversible, so treatment can usually be stopped at any time.”

But in 2020, the NHS changed this entry to reflect the reality that “little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria.”

What took them so long?

Susan Bradley, a child psychiatrist with 40 years of clinical experience and research, told National Review in 2018 that “we know from multiple studies that around 80 percent of gender dysphoric children will desist from cross-sex identification in childhood to identify with their natal sex. Most of these will grow up to be gay or lesbian; a substantial minority have also been diagnosed with autism.”

For years, we at National Review have recognized the so-called “pause button” in the context of “gender-affirmation” for what it truly is — a nuclear button.

MYTH 3: There’s a Medical Consensus in Favor of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

Biden’s assistant health secretary, Rachel (formerly Richard) Levine, falsely insists that there is a medical consensus favoring medicalized transitions for minors. He claims, “There is no argument among medical professionals.” That is an unsustainable falsehood in 2023 when even the New York Times concedes there is a “Battle Over Gender Therapy” within the field.

At National Review, we have been closely following the medical profession’s debate for years, noting the recent developments in Sweden, Britain, and various American states as they move toward a more evidence-based approach.

MYTH 4: Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria Can Be Dismissed as ‘Anti-Trans Propaganda’

When the medical doctor and Brown University assistant-professor Lisa Littman posited the idea of social contagion as a factor behind the sudden rise of transgender identification among teenage girls with no prior history of gender dysphoria, many liberal media outlets dismissed her work as “anti-trans propaganda.” At National Review, we responded differently. As soon as the controversy began, we investigated the phenomenon, which we found to be credible. Social contagion is now widely accepted among clinicians who cite it as a reason to support a more cautious approach in treating gender-distressed youth.

MYTH 5: Hormone Suppressants Level the Playing Field between Male and Female Athletes

The activist mantra that “trans women are women,” end of discussion, is perhaps most obviously absurd in the context of sports when males are stripped of their female costumes and starkly showcase their advantages in strength and speed. Activists have tried to get around this by claiming that testosterone suppressants somehow reverse the advantages bestowed by male puberty. Setting aside the sexist idea that an impaired or mediocre male can be made equivalent to a female, there is no evidence to support this assertion. In fact, the single study cited to support it has been thoroughly debunked.

Indeed, just watching Lia Thomas thrash his female competitors — as I did, on a National Review reporting trip — is enough to debunk this myth.

Trans women are women? Sex isn’t binary? Refusing to “affirm” a transgender identity will likely result in suicide?

At National Review, we are committed to exposing gender ideologues’ myths for what they are. But we’re only able to do so thanks to you, our generous readers. Your support helps arm us in the fight against disinformation. Please consider contributing to this webathon.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

How Did We Get Here?


This girl is 100% correct! But she forgot something. The left also believes in raising black voices, unless they're black conservatives. I'm talking about the case of Eunice Dwumfour, who was shot and killed in her SUV last week. This happened in New Jersey. It's a very sad event that should not have happened. I don't think anyone has ever found out if the attack was motivated by politics, because she was a black conservative woman. I also heard she was an angel of a person. Very warm and outgoing, and loved everyone. So, it's a shame her life was cut short at the age of only 30.

Until the attacker is found and questioned, no one can say for sure if the crime is a political attack. But the conservative side of me wonders if this would have happened to her if she was a dumb black liberal woman. If it was indeed a political attack, then I whole-heartedly blame Maxine Waters and Lori Lightfoot. They are the ones who are always calling for violence. I cannot believe the liberals cannot see that. They think Donald Trump is the only one who ever calls for violence. The one and only person who was recently in any stretch of congress who has NEVER once called for violence! Only the leftists believe he has because they're dumb. To them, anything that comes out of Trump's mouth sounds like a call to violence.

I don't like liberals. Not at all. They are mindless, soulless robots. I have known some liberals to convert to conservativism. If you're as observant as me, you can literally see a difference in the eyes of liberals vs. the eyes of conservatives. Ever seen the original 1966 version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas? The part where the Grinch is waiting on a hilltop to hear the Whos crying boo-hoo once they realize all their Christmas items are gone. But instead, the whos all gather once again in the center of Whoville and sing happily together. It was then the Grinch realized Christmas still came, even without all the decorations and presents. Remember then, it was when the Grinch changed radically. His eyes opened wide, his big frown turned into a big smile and his heart grew almost too big for his body. He became full of love and happiness. That is what I liken to liberals vs. conservatives. The leftists are the Grinch before, who is always angry and offended by Christmas, and has a small, shriveled up heart. And the conservatives are the Grinch after, full of happiness and love and lots of spirit.

So how did we get here? One word answer: Obama! I blame him for all the shit going on in the world today. Obama was like the "godly-tier" individual who planted the seed, and then it was his followers who just took it from there. It was Obama who brought back the idea of slavery and that white people should be blamed for everything. It was under Obama's watch that BLM was formed. It was Obama who told black people that they were being unfairly hunted by police. It was Obama that dug up old bones about white colonizers coming to this country and how evil they were. It was Obama who kept complaining about slavery, even though it's been over for 150 years and he never experienced it! It was Obama that made gay marriage legal. I still have nothing against gays marrying each other, but it's what it lead to that bothers me. Once gays were accepted into society, the trannies were next. Now they wanted to be accepted, and once that happened, our whole society was turned on it's head. Now you have liberals who can't even define the word "woman", let alone believe women have any right to change in the women's locker room without prying eyes of men who just think they're women. That was the beginning of the division in this country! It's becoming like the 1920s all over again!

Once gays and trannies were accepted, now we have them trying to sexualize children as young as 3. The schools are teaching kids they can magically change their sex. They have drag queen story hour. Men are competing against women in women's sports. And on the way, we have pedophiles who want acceptance into society. Don't tell me that's not the next thing! Changing their name from pedophiles to MAPs is the first step in the process. But I don't care if they are called pedophiles, or MAPs, or Rumpelstiltskin!! I'll NEVER accept them! I think, first of all, just talking about sexualizing small children is disgusting! It hurts them in the long run. I believe, with all my heart and soul, this is why people today want to sexualize children. They want to prepare them for the sake of pedophiles, so it can look like the kids are consenting to sex with them. But kids cannot make that choice! They cannot be expected to make a choice like that.

And don't give me the "Obama inherited these problems from George W Bush" or that all this shit was started by Trump. No! Don't give me that shit! These are all problems that started with Obama, alone. And this is why I hate Obama so much! I won't accept any excuses made for Obama. Just like I don't accept any excuses made for Joe Biden. This is all on them! Not Trump. Not Russia. Not Bush. It's all Clinton, Obama and Biden who ruined this country. Obama was just Clinton 2.0 and Biden is Clinton 3.0.

Why villainize white Christian men? I'll tell you why they do that. Because they want to make gay the norm as fast as possible. They want the new generation to think straight white men are the evil sin of this world. This is a tactic the left is using to make gays more accepted. And what better way to make gays the more dominant entity than to villainize straight white men. I used to see the exact same pattern of behavior on the Pluba forums with the Dirty Dozen mob. Remember Mcgillicutty? She made it seem like she was the one being truthful by calling me a liar, and stupid, and any other bad name you can imagine. But especially when I found out who Mcgillicutty really was, I figured out why. Because she was a puppymiller. She didn't want the Dirty Dozen mob to know about the real unscrupulous behavior she was committing behind closed doors. So she told them not to believe a word I said. It's a "get her before they get me" mentality. I even recently saw a video of a gay guy, who demands straight people bow to him, and obey him. He said he was our "superior". I said to him "go suck your own dick! I will not obey you!" NO ONE can make me obey anybody or anything! I only give that kind of respect to people that earn it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Are You Happy Now?

 Last night I saw a news clip. The leftists keep riding Trump that he did not turn in his tax returns and shit all those years he was president. They kept on complaining that Trump was "making money off taxpayers". They thought for years that Trump was giving himself a huge salary, as if no other president ever elected had drawn a presidential salary before. They griped that Trump used all that money he got from his presidency on playing golf. The left is nothing but a bunch of dumbasses!!!

I knew all along that Trump did NOT draw any salary being president. That was one of the first things I heard debunked. Trump didn't need a presidential salary. He was already wealthy!

In fact, when Trump did turn in his income tax statements, they proved he did not make money at all during his years of presidency. He lost about $20 million per year. So, looks like the Trumpettes were right all along. And again, the leftists were wrong. So, they can stick that theory up their asses. But guess who did enter office just so they could get more money. I'll give you 3 guesses. That's all you'll need! Three names: Biden. Obama and Cortez!! Do you honestly believe AOC was going to make the same salary as a bartender as she is as senator? No. And she's dumb! She would never have gotten any high-paying job anywhere else with the low IQ she has! Strike one!

Obama apparently did not do too well as a lawyer, because he ran for president just so he could get a high-paying job. And yes, he also used tax payer money to play golf. More than once. Seemed like every weekend, Obama was out there playing golf somewhere. He didn't even have enough respect for the Queen of England to bow before her when they met. He's also laundering money that he gave to his mother. Strike two!

And Biden? Ohhh Biden is in DEEP SHIT!!!! Even deeper shit than he pushes in his pants! He was caught falsifying his taxes, laundering money from Hunter Biden, and sending money overseas to China. He used to have a website up to publicly display his tax records. But he took that website down almost immediately when some discrepancies were pointed out. There's a lot of money that Hunter Biden sent Joe-blow that was never accounted for in his returns. So it won't be long before the IRS goes after him. Strike three! You're out of there leftists!

And what did Trump do now? Collusion with Russia? False. Withheld tax returns? False. Laundered money from the government? False. Became president just to fill his pockets? Falso! It seems everything the leftists think Trump did are all things their own party's candidates did. Trump did nothing. And they still want to see him behind bars. Not going to happen I'm afraid! LOL! You leftists need to stop. You are the reason the world is laughing at us! Even we real, solid Americans are laughing at you because you guys are acting like clowns!

Sadly I don't think the leftists will learn anything. They're going to keep on blaming Trump, saying he did all the shit the democrats are doing to ruin our country. Most of them don't want to learn. They just want to keep their ears closed. Recently on Quora, someone asked me to give him my favorite right-wing talking points, and he would debunk them. I said "OK, debunk them if you can". I told him a few very popular right-wing talking points, and he could not debunk any one of them at all! The only one he tried was that I said Kyle Rittenhouse shot a man in self defense. The leftists HATE that one! This guy tried to tell me that he was not being chased. But I said yes, it's been proven in court. So, leftists lose again! Really leftists need to expand their mind and watch something else besides CNN and MSNBC and stop getting their news from Twitter!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

You Might Be Vs. You Are A Liberal

 Liberals are annoying! They're crazy, their little tantrums are very disruptive on our streets, and they are delusional. I would say the delusional mods forum should make fun of the liberals. But ya know, I bet you Catsredrum was out there, running along with Antifa, wreaking havoc. If she was, then any shit she said about INXS fans on that dumb forum of her's is totally irrelevant. But it does prove what a hypocrite she was. Boy! Wouldn't Fat Vicki with the tattoo of INXS all up her arm, be disappointed?! LMAO!!! Before she disappeared, she said that she cannot stand liars, hypocrites and delusional people. But seeing as how Vicki was indeed a leftist, she was totally unaware she was describing herself, and Catsredrum, whom Vicki considered to be a "friend". Funny. She doesn't like liars, hypocrites or delusional people, but she'd make friends with them for the sake of dissing everyone in her own forum.

Anyway, that is what this post is about. There are moderate liberals, and there are hardcore liberals. Vicki was obviously a hardcore liberal. Those are the worst kind. The hardcore liberals are the ones I now most often refer to as "leftists". Moderate liberals are kindof in between being liberal (without the violent protests and the TDS) and libertarian. That is how I look at these categories. You might be a liberal is for moderate liberals. You are a liberal is to describe the hardcore liberals. So here we go! Note the difference in the key words "you might be" and "you are".

You might be a liberal if...

  1. You believe our government is big enough
  2. You want the government to stay out of personal affairs
  3. You believe in more freedoms
  4. You've never been to a BLM protest, but you still believe black lives do matter
  5. You hear the leftist media say the authorities are going after Donald Trump, but you check all media sources to hear both sides of the argument
  6. You find pride parades disgusting and inappropriate
  7. You think children should not be sexualized
  8. You believe in LGBTQ rights, but not in special rights for them
  9. You believe the idea of "protected class citizens" is silly
  10. You may prefer Biden over Trump, but you don't have Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)
  11. You respect everyone's right to have an opinion.

You are a liberal if...

  1. You want total government control over people
  2. You talk about woke movies and think "this will really make conservatives shit their pants!"
  3. You go to Antifa and BLM rallies, ready to kill or maim any conservatives who oppose
  4. You vote for anything at elections as long as it has a D by it's name
  5. You listen to one side of a story (usually the leftist point of view) and never even consider there are 2 sides to every story
  6. You viciously defend people you don't even know as long as they are colored or LGBTQ
  7. You would give your right arm to see Trump thrown in jail or any conservative's reputation ruined
  8. You use terms like "cisgender" or "cis"-anything
  9. You allow total strangers to dictate to you what pronouns to call them
  10. You say you hate liars and hypocrites, never realizing that everything you do coincides with everything you profess to hate
  11. You believe cows know they are being raped and PETA is your god
  12. You get outrageously mad when someone disagrees with you
  13. You find racism and homophobia or transphobia in places it really does not exist
  14. You think there's nothing wrong with sexualizing children

See. Hardcore liberals do not like moderates. To them, moderate liberals are no greater than conservatives. I used to be a hardcore liberal. I know how they are. But I changed. Some of my buddies on Facebook talk about other INXS fans and say they are OK people. But not me. I'm extremely cautious of INXS fans now! I don't trust most of them. I tell my buds those people are all hardcore liberals. Some disagree, but I say no. ANY fan who jumped on the anti-TimmyHutchFan bandwagon is indeed a hardcore liberal. I'd say it to their faces too! They're a damn liberal!

If they really weren't hardcore liberals, they wouldn't have jumped on the anti-TimmyHutchFan bandwagon. Libertarians don't do that. Neither do conservatives. This is the point I made in numbers 5 and 10 under "You are a liberal if". Moderate liberals, libertarians and conservatives would have asked me my side of the story. Instead of just listening to one prejudiced person's story and leaving it at that. And yes, Kelly Poulter was prejudiced against me. I just never talked about it before to anyone because I really don't care how she feels about me. It's her problem. Not mine. And I never had two shits to give.

Well, I cannot say I wasn't warned about INXS fans being hardcore liberals. Not all of them, mind you, but most are. Thankfully those most are people who I will never welcome onto my Facebook page again. Anyway, this is my take on what I learned about the difference between moderate liberals and hardcore liberals.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Harry and Meagan and This Dude's A Troll

 So much has happened over the past year, I barely have time to fit them all in a single post! But I'll try! First, Harry and Meagan. Ya know, I remember when I was an older pre-teen, lying on the floor of our living room, watching our big screen TV. It was September of 1984. I saw Princess Diana and her husband walking down the stairs with a toddler on one side, and a tiny baby in Diana's arms. That was the first appearance of Prince Harry of Sussex into the world. I was never a huge fan of the Royal Family, but I was happy for them that day.

I didn't know why at the time, but I kinda felt a spiritual connection with that baby. I know that sounds strange, but I guess it was because as the youngest sibling myself, I knew what that felt like. Sometimes, as the youngest sibling, you can feel like a second-class citizen at times. Like the older sibling has a bigger purpose that even the younger sibling has to live up to. I guess that makes sense. But it can be confusing because you're also seen as the cute little "baby" of the family, and you're expected to stay like that. Anyway, that can also explain why when Harry married Meagan, I was a bit leary. I knew she was going to ruin his life!

Face it, Meagan is not royal material. The only thing Meagan is made for is to be a Z-list celebrity that no one really knows, and no one cares about. Part of what bothered me about her was that she was half black. Now, I know there are some decent black people out there like Candace Owens. But Meagan is a liberal! I don't trust liberals. And they can even be worse when they are black. Especially nowadays that black liberals are acting like no rules apply to them. I never felt as deep a connection for William as I did for Harry, I guess because I was not watching when he was born. But when Kate joined the Royal Family, she accepted what she was getting into. She at least, assimilated gracefully.

But with Meagan Markle, I knew exactly what was going to happen. It's like a vision I had. Really it's not, I just know what today's black liberals are like. I've seen it too many times. For one thing, liberals have some kind of problem with traditions. They call them a "white colonizer thing". So I knew Meagan Markle was going into the Royal Family already not willing to follow tradition. Sure enough, I was right. I once heard Kate Middleton said in an interview that Meagan was told how things were going to go, and she said "No! We're going to do this MY way!" She wanted everything her way! And see! I have been watching liberals long enough to know that was going to be Meagan's response! Liberals ALWAYS want everything their way. That's why they get so mad when they are hit with cold, hard facts. Like men can never become women. If you say that to a liberal, the liberal will call you a "transphobe". No one else in the world will! Only a liberal.

I hated to see Harry marry Meagan. I knew she was going to ruin everything he ever knew. Having watched as baby Harry was carried out of the hospital in his mother's arms, and feeling that connection, I almost felt a need to be a big sister to him. Feeling that way now, watching Meagan ruin everything about Harry, I want to tell Harry to leave that woman in the dust! I didn't ever want it for him more than last night, when I saw an interview where Harry said "Before I met Meagan, I never knew how racist I was before." Which is also bad news! It's a major red flag in fact. Liberals have a knack for finding racism in places where none really exists. They tend to over-interpret everything. They keep searching and searching everything until they find something that is barely meekly offensive, which they call "micro-aggressions". When they find them, they raise the biggest possible stink about it, to a point where it brainwashes those around them.

I predicted exactly this when Harry and Meagan got married. Then when they announced they were going to leave Britain, I was not surprised! Not in the slightest! I knew Meagan would brainwash Harry to a point where she would take him away from his family, and his home, and everything he ever knew. Then she sits on her little shitty-ass diaper in front of Oprah to do an interview, doesn't let Harry speak hardly at all, and cries to Oprah how horribly she was treated in the Royal Family! I never believed for one second that the Royals were concerned about what color Meagan's baby was going to be. Nor how her baby would fit in with the British people. I believe there may have been some talk about it, maybe even in a humorous manner, but I doubt they were dissing Meagan's baby the way she described.

I don't think that marriage is going to last. And if it does, Harry is going to be a miserable man throughout. I know celebrity marriages never last. But I have a feeling William is going to be married to Kate much longer than Harry is going to be married to Meagan. And he is going to be miserable. Besides, once Meagan does leave him, what's he going to do then? The Royal Family may not welcome him back. If he does decide to move back to Britain, I can't say much, but I can bet he'd better go on his knees with his lips puckered, ready to kiss some serious ass! Meagan will never grow up. Liberals NEVER grow up! She'll always be a little girl who sees nothing but racists and big meanies everywhere. Harry has tried to grow up, but I have a feeling it's Meagan who keeps pulling him back. If he stays with her, he will never grow up either! She'll just brainwash him and make him her little toadie.

The exact same thing happened to my little brother, Johnny. Johnny always only dated black women. Back when he started in 2002, it didn't bother me. Back then, Obama had not become president, bringing his racist, brainwashing, pea-brained wife of his to resurrect racism in this country. Yup! She did that! She is why I am so against black liberals today. I don't mind black conservatives. They, at least, have good sense. But black liberals just parrot all the racist remarks, and thoughts and feelings that Michelle Obama had. They believe there's a white, racist witch behind every road sign, tree or building they pass.

Anyway, Johnny married this black girl named Ciarra. Now they have a child. I was so happy for Johnny having his first child. Until he called the child a "king". At the exact time he said it, I didn't think much of it. It wasn't until much later that I realized why Johnny made a comment like that. It's because BLM had this thing about calling black men "kings" and black women "queens". These were their made up "titles" they imposed on black people so that [hopefully] white people will see them as rulers. After I found that out, I was thinking "That's very disturbing!" Shoot anything BLM stands for is going to be disturbing and disgusting. They're working towards a world of black supremacy.

Anyway, I read a lot of Ciarra's posts on her Facebook page. I wanted to thank her myself for making my little brother happy. But the more I read her posts, the less I liked her. Johnny will always be my little brother. But Ciarra is CRA-ZY asf! Something about her posts rubbed me the wrong way. I didn't see anything about black supremacy on her page, but I could clearly tell she was a liberal. An absolute hard-core liberal! I withheld my thanks to her. I didn't really want to touch her with a 200-foot pole! I knew somehow, she was going to ruin Johnny. Just like how Meagan ruined Harry. Sure enough, after only being on my Facebook for less than a month, he deleted and blocked me because I did not agree that George Floyd didn't kill himself. Johnny believed the police is what killed him. But I said Floyd had Fentanyl in his body. Even a few grains of that is enough to kill several grown men. So, he killed himself.

When Johnny deleted and blocked me from Facebook, I was a bit shocked, but not surprised. I had the feeling his crazy wife told him to do that. It bothers my mom, but not me. I really couldn't care less if Johnny has me blocked on Facebook. He's still my little brother for one thing. And for another thing, I think it's better anyway. Because I really do not want to see Ciarra ruin Johnny's life, and I know she will eventually. Johnny chose this kind of lifestyle. Ciarra is going to mess up his head, and I don't even want to know about it when it happens. As a big sister, I want to tell him to get away from Ciarra. But also I think he needs to learn his lesson. I just hope he doesn't wind up dead in a ditch somewhere. That's what scares me. You cannot trust black liberals! The conservative blacks will see him as just another person. The liberal blacks will always see Johnny as a mere white, racist, trophy boy. He will never be fully accepted by them.

Anyway, on to my next story. Remember this guy...

I haven't written about him yet on this blog, because I believed this to be a troll. He's a man, dressed like a woman, with HUGE prosthetic boobs. He's a workshop teacher at a Canadian high school. And one day he came to school looking like this and saying "I'm a woman now". Matt Walsh once said he is a fetishist, and just enjoys seeing himself dressed as a woman. What can you think with those highly-exaggerated knockers he puts on?! A few conservatives believed from the beginning, that he's trolling. The school even made it illegal for students to take pictures of him. Well, last week I heard on a podcast that this teacher was indeed, just trolling the school. It's a kind of a protest thing. I guess he too doesn't like the idea of a man suddenly one day, coming to school and say he's a woman, and it be taken as the truth without question.

Well, ya know, you can blame that airhead Justin Trudeau for that! He made it easy for any man to claim he's a woman. All they have to do is just say so. I don't know if it's because Canadians are just particularly dim-witted, or if it's just Justin Trudeau is dim-witted. Justin Trudeau does a lot of fucked-up shit! It was his idea, remember, to freeze the bank accounts of truckers who protested this Covid act thing they had going. That's about as fucked up a thing as I have ever seen! I'm sure Bottle Biden saw that and said to himself "That's a good idea! I'd like to do that!" So it won't be long before he tries! Look at PayPal. They said later last year that if you're a conservative, they will charge you $250 per month to use their service. That's how very dumb liberals are! They just think they're smarter. But really, they're not. It's the media that is smarter. The media is smart enough to fool the liberals!

Friday, January 13, 2023


 Remember when Michelle Obama called white people moving out of predominantly black neighborhoods "white-flight"? Well, I am calling this trans-flight. It's not switching from one flight to another in your route. No. Because trans people are losing representation in this country, they've decided to leave the country. I say good! Go on! Get out! Good luck finding a place that is going to accept you goons for very long. One tranny who is leaving the USA has decided he wants to move to Iceland. He says it's because they are "more accepting" there. Iceland does look like a nice place. I wish this guy well. Well, he's a trans-"woman". But I still wish him well in Iceland. I wonder how many other trannies will be moving there with him.

Ya know, a group of owls is called a parliament. A group of crows is called a murder. A group of hyenas are called a clan. I think a group of trans people should be called an annoyance. Sure, Iceland will be accepting towards them when they first arrive there. But wait until those dumb trannies start giving them shit like they've been doing to Americans. Like force them to use "preferred pronouns" or they'll run off, sit in the corner and cry. Or get drag queens in preschools to twerk with the children. Or start teaching kids from Kindergarten and up that they can change their sex, and mutilate said children without parental consent. Wait until the people of Iceland have to put up with all that shit for a few years. They won't be so accepting anymore! They'll probably be calling the USA crying "how do we get rid of these weirdos?" There's only ONE sure-fire way to get rid of them. That is to stop affirming them!

Dear Iceland, you have my best wishes that all that doesn't happen to you! Take my advice, weed out the fakers immediately! They are the ones that will ruin your lives, and your children. Like I've said before, you can tell the fakers by the way they act. Fakers are always the ones who tell you what pronouns to use to describe them. And they get upset when you don't. Real, legitimate trans people don't care what pronouns you call them. Because they are not trans for attention or any kind of affirmation. To the real ones, it's really a mental disorder they'd rather not have. The fakers are just mocking the real sufferers of gender dysphoria.

What I think should happen to the fakers is ship them off to Antarctica. There, they don't have to work, the penguins aren't going to "misgender" them, and if they do, the fake trannies can go off to a corner and cry all they want. They won't be distracting the other workers, because they wouldn't have a job. The only problem they might encounter that will enrage them (or endanger them, whatever they want to call it) is the snow is white. So, they will be surrounded by "whiteness" everywhere! That's bad for them, because any liberal hates whiteness. So they are going to be crying "that snow is RaCiSt!" But then they can do that, until the penguins get tired of hearing that same bullshit every day and put the liberals on a raft and send them back out to sea.

Then there will be no other place for them to go, but back here. But before they came back here, I would make them write "America is the greatest country in the world" 1 million times. If they fail to, or don't want to, I'd send them to Africa. There, if they bring up the idea of transgenderism, the people there will laugh and tease them again. Only much more mercilessly. Maybe it would be the best thing in the world for them. It may teach them that their identity does not rule over everyone else's. It may even humble them, if liberals are capable of such a thing. But don't come back here to the USA!!! We've already seen what you guys do to our society, and we don't like it! We won't tolerate it anymore!

Sunday, January 8, 2023

New Year's Present

 HA!! This should teach those dumb imbeciles on the left that no matter what, Nature ALWAYS wins in the end!!! Us mere mortals cannot change nature, no matter how much we scream and cry. I'm a naturalist, far and wide, and I never believed people can change nature. Nature is the one who sets the rules for this world. She does not care about leftists crying about colonization, or telling what is fair and what isn't, or compassion for the brain-sick individuals, or even about leftists crying "transphobe"! Now, I am not saying it's not good to have compassion for these individuals, but the leftists carry it too far. Too far to a point where it blocks out whatever compassion they felt for other people who have feelings too. For example, women. Women's sports have been infiltrated by men who just think they're women. And when a woman, who has worked hard for her titles her entire life, gets them taken away by a biological man, and says anything about it, all the leftists cry "transphobia"! And the girl is shunned, or told to keep her "opinions" to herself. That's not right!

For the past 8 years, trans-allies have been saying that "trans-"women" are women and trans-"men" are men. But yet, they cannot define what a woman, or a man, really is. They say "anyone who identifies as a woman", which means nothing at all. As Matt Walsh puts it, how can someone identify as something they don't even know the meaning of? To me, a woman will always be someone who is an adult human female, that has the capability of bearing children, and has 2 X-chromosomes. I've known women who had hysterectomies, but they are still women. Having a hysterectomy does not make a woman a man. Again, it's Nature's call. Just as chopping off your penis does not make a man a woman. I've known some men to even have fake vaginas made into their body where their penis was. Unfortunately for them, this open slit always heals it's self. And ya know why? You can probably fool the public and yourself, but you cannot fool your DNA. It's the DNA that tells your immune system "Hey! This man has a big gash where his penis was. We need to fix that!" so it sends the immune cells over to close up that wound. You cannot stop it. You cannot convince your DNA that you want that gash to stay there so you can pretend to be a woman.

The only way you can get that gash to stay there is to get rid of your immune system. But then if you do that, you will develop an infection. Even sepsis. And believe me, you don't want that! You might as well not get the surgery done. Because one way or another, Nature is going to win this argument. Either you will have to go to surgery once every 2 months and have that wound reopened, or you will die of an infection. Seems to me like it's more trouble than it's worth. I'm glad I'm not a radical transgender!!!

Well, after fighting it for 8 years, scientists are now beginning to admit defeat. They probably were never defeated in the first place. They were just paid off by crooked politicians to tell people that transgenderism is real and will solve all their problems. But again, Nature wins! Better to listen to these guys! They know! The leftists and trans-activists will say these scientists are delusional or unreal dinosaurs. But this is Nature's way. There is no transgenderism in nature. It does not exist. It's a ploy set up by dummycrats to get rid of the human race. That's all it is. It's not meant to help anyone. And if leftists really want to show compassion for transgender people, they will convince them that the majority of them are not really transgender, because no such thing exists in Nature. You know something is unnatural when a person has to take hormone blockers, which is now proven to cause early onset arthritis and osteoporosis. That's what happens when a person fucks with Nature! How is letting someone get away with taking these drugs equal to being "compassionate"?

Anyway, this was a very interesting article I found this morning. It makes sense anyways.

Transgenderism is experiencing a crisis of scientific legitimacy (msn.com)

It's the best New Year's present I've ever had! Hopefully our society can rebuild on that. We can get back to a normal way of thinking!

Sunday, December 18, 2022

How Affirmative Choosing Affects All Of Us

I don't like affirmative action. Biden loves it. Kamala Harris loves it. Because it benefits them. It gives them more power, and more votes. Now, you should see the ugly piece of shit Biden hired to look after nuclear waste dumps. Meet Sam Brinton...

Talk about disturbing!! It'd be just like Biden to hire on a man, who thinks he's a woman, and wears a dress. I also hear he has a fetish for having sex with dogs, which is beyond weird! He'd better stay away from my My! I'll bust his teeth out if he tries having sex with her! Not to mention, he supports keeping parents in the dark about giving sex-altering surgeries to minors. I don't like to say "sex-change surgeries" because a person cannot change their sex. That's one thing that is permanent and non-negotiable. Seriously! Who do these people think they're fooling?? Brinton does not look like a woman in any way, shape or form! He just looks like a very ugly man in a dress.

Well, now it seems Brinton's true colors are showing. He went to an airport and snatched a woman's luggage and took it home. I don't know if he really had any business at all being at that airport, but I do know that he stole the luggage of a woman who he didn't know, and claimed it was his bag. Then he later confessed to stealing it. And then a week ago, he did it again. He stole another woman's luggage at a different airport! Now, that can mean only one of 2 things; either this dude is so forgetful, that he can't even remember what his own suitcase looks like, or he is purposefully stealing other women's luggage to feed his own fetish for women's clothing. And I have such a distinct feeling that the second answer is the correct one.

This is why I don't like affirmative choosing. The only reason Biden hired this guy Sam Brinton is because he's a man in a dress who has a fetish for having sex with dogs. Biden is setting a bad example for the rest of the country. Of course I remember the low-class colored people griping because most of Trump's staff was white and not black. But I just accept that as Trump choosing the people he felt was right for the job. Not because of flesh-tone or weird fetishes. That's the way everyone should hire individuals; based solely on merit and experience. I am not white, or I don't consider myself white. I'm literally a melting pot heinz 57. With both white AND colored ancestry. But I don't want someone hiring me to be in charge of a nuclear waste dump because I don't know the first thing about it. That'd be like hiring me to manage building construction when I don't know anything about that either, and the only reason I was hired is because I'm a colored person. To me, that sucks!  BLM can gripe about it all they want, but I don't want to be hired just because of my flesh tone and ancestry.

I like dogs, but I don't have a fetish (nor anything else) for having sex with them! I think that's disgusting! But Biden loves people like that all of a sudden. I knew hiring Sam Brinton was wrong in the first place. Who knows how much experience he has with nuclear waste?! And he was not hired based on experience anyway. I'm all for giving disabled people a chance to work and make a living, but to hire someone like Sam Brinton, to look after a nuclear waste dump no less! Well, let's just say there are some things mentally ill people should not be allowed to do. Working with nuclear waste is one of those things. I kept imagining Chernobyl happening here with Sam Brinton in charge. Thank GOD it didn't but I wouldn't have been surprised if it had!

Well, Sam Brinton has been arrested, thank GOD! And the women got their suitcases back. Sadly, I don't think Biden is going to learn anything at all from this. He's just going to go out and hire another colored person with a weird fetish, because he has proven to all of America, that that is how he wants to hire people. Those are his requirements. But that is OK. What is important is that Americans are learning this embarrassing secret about Biden. Of course there are people who still believe Biden is doing a good job, but that's because they are the quint-essential followers. They'll question everything Trump does, but are OK with Biden doing things that are much worse. Solid proof of the hypocrisy of the leftists.

I love watching the leftists try to get Trump arrested. I've got to hand them this; they try harder with that than anything else on Earth. It's like it's their life's goal! So they scrounge around finding things that, at worst, are misdemeanors and say "I got it! I got the right charges on Trump!" thinking it's going to get him put in prison. But so far, nothing has been found that is bad enough to put Trump in prison. But Biden and his son, Hunter, do have evidence piling up against them that eventually will get them put in prison. So one wonders why the leftists keep calling Trump a criminal? Could it be envy? Perhaps. And anyways, I thought the left LOVES criminals! That's why they want to defund the police, so they can get away with the crimes they commit. But when it comes to Trump, or any other right-wingers, leftists don't want to defund the police anymore. They want the people who disagree with them to be arrested. The leftists are so DUMB!!!!

I'm glad Sam Brinton got arrested! The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure neither one of those women whose luggage was stolen by him, got all their apparel back. I'm sure Brinton used those suitcases to snatch some more dresses and women's underwear! He's such a weirdo. I never liked him. And I never liked the idea that Biden hired him just because he has a weird fetish and wears a dress.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Booted For The Second Time

LMAO!!! I'm sorry! I know I shouldn't laugh at this, but I can't help but think it's funny. Now, just to be clear, I am NOT laughing at the situation this person is in. I'm laughing at myself. Someone named Cassandra (I know, same name as me) posted about a man who killed his girlfriend. A very, very sad story. The fact this happened here in Tillamook county makes this especially sad to residents, because it's never happened here before. I looked at the girl who was killed and I thought "she's so young and attractive!" but it also made me think back to when people like Roger Melvin said how ugly and fat I am, and how I'd never get a guy to fall in love with me "even at gunpoint". As if that was supposed to hurt my feelings. Nevermind that I'd had several boyfriends in the past. But ok. Whatever toots his horn!

Anyway, I was not trying to relieve my feelings on this young girl's misfortune, but the only words I could croak out were "I'm so glad I'm fat and ugly!" Well, I don't know if Cassandra thought I was calling the unfortunate young girl fat and ugly, or if I really meant it when I said I'm glad I'm fat and ugly, but she got pissy at the comment I made. She said it was "highly inappropriate". Well, it's not like I was saying the young lady whose boyfriend killed her was fat and ugly. I was saying that about myself. I always do! I'm not saying it to gain sympathy or attention. I say it because it's so true! Though my sis says I'm not ugly. I've got to be honest, yes I am! But it doesn't bother me. So anyway, I asked Cassandra "How is it inappropriate for me to call myself fat and ugly?" She never did answer me. Instead, the admins of the group booted me out. Again!! LMAO!!! I'm sorry. I cannot stop being me! I say what's on my mind, I'm old and cannot help it.

To be up to date on this, this is the Tillamook County Community Page on Facebook. I have been in this group for some time under my alternate account. But I was in there once before under my regular account, and last time I was kicked out because I brought up that I wanted to open up a pet store here. I wasn't sure why I was kicked off the group then, because all I did was ask for peoples' opinions. But I decided to give the group another try, just to see what happens. I wondered if the admins of this group were shitting their pants because I had talked about a pet store, or if the admins are the kind of people who just do not like free speech. Well, today I got my answer. The admins of that group are indeed weak snowflakes who do not like free speech. Maybe they need to take a lesson from Elon Musk!

My response is oh well! It's not the first group I've been kicked out of, and it sure as Hell won't be the last! I've come to expect that nowadays. I truly do not care though. I sincerely mean that. I don't get in groups much anyways. I rarely even get on Facebook anymore. There's another social media network that allows conservative talk and I tend to get more on that site these days. I'm still just getting to know it though. It's not like Facebook.

Speaking of conservative talk, I posted another Katrina Hates You video on YouTube the other day. It's called "Katrina Hates The Young Turks". I did it all myself. I didn't ask Katrina to help me out. I did it because yes, I do hate The Young Turks! They're nothing but a bunch of liars and conspiracy theorists who label true networks and real journalists everything The Young Turks really are. The sad thing is they are truly not aware of the lies and BS that comes out of their mouths. Well anyway, TYT hates free speech. They call it "hate speech". I personally believe there's no such thing as "hate speech". If someone doesn't like you, then they just don't. No need to make a big deal out of it. I've learned to deal with it. I know a lot of people don't like me, and I am really OK with that. It's easy for me because I hate people anyways. I have a few human friends and I like them a lot. But all-in-all, human friends are WAY overrated!!

Anyway, I had a feeling TYT caught wind of my video, and that is cool!!! Not because I like attention from them, but because they need to know what they sound like when they spew their bullshit online. Leftists pretend to be the ones who are GOD-tier perfect! Well, I'm glad to be the one to bring them down a peg or two. Whether they are aware of it or not. We're ALL getting sick of the leftist's game. The guy in the TYT video who did the interview claims that right-wingers are the ones who "say" they are all for free speech, except when it comes back around on them. Well, I don't know what right-wingers they've met like that, but I am not one of them. I absolutely knew when I posted that video that all of TYT's supporters were going to comment on the video. I didn't respond to all their comments, but I accepted every one of them. I am a little disappointed though. I expected them to be much more vicious! I guess the more vicious individuals did not come to see my video. They may have been too busy running with Antifa.

I think TYT sent their little leftist minions to my channel, and I am fine with that. Publicity never hurts. Of course I don't really know about when you're dealing with the left. These are the same people who call for violence against people they don't agree with, wish ill on them, and then cry and scream that it's the right-wingers who are actually doing the stuff the leftists do. I never seen a group of people so unaware of their own actions! They constantly say right-wingers call for violence. Well, if they have, I've never seen it. But to the left, if you just say "marriage is between and man and a woman" or if you say "Only women can get pregnant" or if you say "abortion is murder", the leftists call those sentences "violence". Remember Diane Loud from my last post? She claimed someone putting up a Christmas tree was "causing harm to a lot of people". LOL! So, what violence really is, compared to what the leftists think it is are two totally different things.

I mean really! What harm is a Christmas tree doing just being put up in a library building??? Is the tree going to grow arms, grab a book about knives and stab people with it??? I don't think so. But that's what the left calls "violence". Therefore they don't believe what they do is violent. But only the right-wingers commit "acts of violence". It reminds me of when I was in middle school, and Carlos Stewart used to chew off the ends of his pencils, and throw them at me, not for me to catch. He was trying to harm me. And all his gay little friends saw him do that, and knew what he was up to. I know for sure they saw Carlos doing those things to me, because after I felt whatever it was he was throwing at me make contact, they'd all start laughing. Yet they all said "Carlos never did anything wrong." I never even knew why Carlos targeted me. I never did anything to him. I never even said 2 words to him. Nor did I ever slam him behind his back to anyone else in that school. I remember one day, Jason Ellis even went so far as to say "the whole class never did anything", then mocked me because I said Carlos was throwing the metal ends of pencils and shit like that. Jason believed that I said he "threw glass and metal objects" at me. Well! I call them as I see them! And what Carlos threw was indeed bits of glass (or acrylic), and the metal ends of pencils at me. 

I saw another video this morning that is similar to this experience. It was this exchange between Nancy Mace and Alejandra Caraballo. Nancy Mace is apparently a moderate republican, and Alejandra Caraballo is a man who thinks he's a woman, so he's a trans-activist. Watch this video...

Mace asked every one of those leftists if they thought calling for violence against someone just doing their job is a threat to democracy. Every one of them said yes, including Caraballo. OK that's fair enough. Then Mace goes on to talk about Brett Kavanaugh, who earlier this year, was stalked in his own home by a leftist who was there to kill him. But thankfully, gave up before he could start. Why was he going to kill Kavanaugh? Because he overturned Roe vs. Wade.

I did a LOT less than that to Carlos and his friends and I got targeted pretty much the same way. And I didn't have a gun back then, though I'd be lying if I said carrying one to school for this very reason didn't cross my mind. But the thing I want to bring the most attention to is how Caraballo said Nancy Mace's interpretation of what he said in his tweet was "an incorrect characterization" of his tweet. Dude! You said "The SCOTUS needs to be ACCOSTED whenever he's out in public!!" What is more straightforward than that?! How is that NOT a call to violence?? Again, it's just like Carlos's friends saying he did nothing wrong to me, when in fact, they knew damn well he did! I swear, the lack of self-awareness in leftists just never ceases to amaze me! It's like they're living on a dream planet. I cannot believe a person can actually be that dumb!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Leftist Grinch Who Stole Christmas

I was watching a video tonight and one of the things talked about was a librarian named Lisa Desmond from Dedham, Massachusetts, who received word that for the first time in the 28 years she's worked at this library, they will not be putting up a Christmas tree. Their reasoning? Because they are afraid it will "offend some people". So, the librarian was a little disappointed. She posted about it on Facebook

Actually, I must say, I am more offended by the mentioning of Juneteenth than I am about the Christmas Tree. This past year, all the black liberals did to celebrate this juneteenth, was shoot each other up and trespass onto other peoples' private properties. I remember I wrote about that when it happened. So, I am more offended by a fake holiday than I am about Christmas. But I am very offended that all it took was one atheist crybaby to complain about a tree and the library suddenly decided not to put it up. That's stupid!!!! One person should not be allowed to ruin everything for the rest of us!!! Especially if that one person is a leftist! We all know how they are! They're gonna gripe about everything no matter what!

Well, someone appropriately named Diane Loud responded to this post. She since got embarrassed and took her post down on Facebook. But I found someone who wrote about the whole conversation on Facebook. This is what she said...

All I can say is "my word! This Diane Loud sure does have some serious issues!" To hate Christians THAT much! There is something wrong with her! And to call GOD a "magical sky daddy". I don't think anyone in history has had this much resentment toward GOD than Satan himself! But did you ever notice people started feeling this way towards GOD ever since Obama was in office? That's because he also hated GOD. And he hated America. He also hated white people. Which surprises me, because his white mama and her white parents took care of him all his life. His black daddy was the one who abandoned him. This is why I hate Obama with such passion! Because he's the one who brought morals like this to this country. We were all fine until Obama became president. Then all of a sudden, racial issues started to appear. Atheism became much more prevalent. Everyone started to hate this country. And all this is perpetrated by the leftists. Those who follow Obama. America was a wonderful place until the leftists went psycho and ran amuck everywhere. And you notice NONE of the Obama supporters will leave. They hate this country, but they won't leave it. Some argue "We have to stay here and fix these problems". Well, I say "Don't let that stop you. We were fine before you went loony. We'll be fine again once you leave!"

Well, Desmond was very upset by this retort from this crazy, disturbed person. So, she posted her response on Facebook again...

After this, Loud made another very angry comment to Desmond again. Also showing her disproval and rage. In an article, I found out Loud actually has daddy-issues. See this is how kids turn out when you take the father out of the home...

Well, needless to say, it was Diane Loud who gave herself away as the one who complained that the Christmas tree was offending her. After that mention about Obama bringing issues to this country, I thought you might want to see what Diane Loud looks like. Well, let me tell you, if you know anything about today's most outspoken leftists, you'll not be disappointed when you see an actual picture of Diane Loud...

Yup! I really expected her to be a colored person. Not to mention fat, ugly, on top of looking very unhappy. Another thing about her, she claims her child is "transgender". That is also not surprising! In fact, before I even found out she had a tranny child, and I heard what she said about Christians, I said to myself "she's got to be either gay, trans, or non-binary, or has forced her child to be such if she has children at all!" Sure enough, I found out, she does have a trans child!!! I'm usually right about these things. My instincts are top-notch! When someone is this hateful towards Christians, and especially if they have a gay or trans family member (which they no doubt forced that lifestyle on), they get angry at Christians because they know forcing a child to be trans or gay is wrong. 

One article said this about Loud; "Earlier this year, Loud took part in an LGBT pride event hosted by the town and the Commission, along with her grown child Max, who “discovered his transgender identity at the age of 13,” according to local media." 
Ironically, she added this to her statement; ""I think it's really important for everybody to be celebrated and feel affirmed," Loud was quoted as saying." Yeah! Everybody to be celebrated and feel affirmed except Christians. Right, Loud?! What a fucking loser! The only good thing about her forcing her child to be trans is knowing she won't be reproducing. Therefore, there will be no more Louds going into the next generation.

Well, everyone in the area of Dedham was angry with this whole ordeal. Some of the responses to Loud's comments were funny as fuck!

And the prize response, The Magic Sky Daddy has spoken...

Yes, like a typical leftist coward, she resigned! Good! We don't need people like her. And it feels good to see conservatives fighting back! We're fighting hard too! The HRC, where she used to work, has also made a statement...

So they are "disavowing" her statements. Hmm. The sad fact is they needed a vote to do that! Why vote? Why not just say Loud is fucked up in the head?! Because she is. I hope she is unable to get a job anywhere else! She certainly has no business dealing with people! How many people does it take to vote that what Loud said was disturbing, disgusting and deserving of scrutiny? Since she stepped down herself, instead of waiting for the boss to tell her she's fired, she knows what she did was wrong!

Anyway, to conclude, the library finally decided to indeed put up the Christmas tree this year. Here's the story on that...

Ahhhh! I love a happy ending! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!