Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, September 22, 2022


This is clearly never going to end! Not until the democrats finally get Trump behind bars! But the problem is, there is nothing Trump has done that can put him behind bars! But that doesn't stop the leftists from trying. Trump paid those students back the loans they took out to go to his University. He already gladly agreed to do that and did it. Now, something new is being tried. New York state attorney general, Letitia James is trying to sue Trump for fraud. Someone brought this up in a facebook group I am in. I said "Yeah I saw this last night. The problem is, she can't think of anything fraudulent that Trump did to her!" Everything she's brought up just keeps getting rejected.

That's the way it's been since the beginning. The leftists keep trying everything they can to get Trump arrested. Their followers keep on saying "Trump is a criminal". But so far, everything they keep bringing up keeps on being proven false, and so far Trump is not a criminal. But they aren't the ones to talk. All the leftists love criminals. Remember George Floyd? He was nothing but a criminal. So if leftists love criminals so much, why do they hate Trump so much? Why is it wrong when Trump talks in a locker room about "grabbing women by the pussy" and George Floyd held a gun up to a pregnant woman's belly and raped her? The difference is no one has ever proved Trump grabbed any woman by the pussy, except possibly women who were married to him. But it has been proven many times that George Floyd held a pregnant woman captive and put a gun to her belly, threatening to kill her and her unborn baby!

So why is one worthy of being shunned and the other is worth being praised? When George Floyd died he got a golden casket, celebrities came to his funeral, black lives matter got away not only with murder, but with rioting and looting, and also polluting the air swafting their stinking ass-cracks in the air. When Trump got covid, the leftists were laughing, celebrating and saying they hope Trump dies. I kicked a couple of people off my Facebook friends because they were talking too passionately about Trump "suffering and dying". I found it sickening. I never said George Floyd should have suffered and died. But I will say he basically killed himself. Even taking out the fentanyl overdose equation, which leftists still don't believe in, even though the police footage has been released for 2 years now, George Floyd still killed himself. If he'd just listened to orders from the police, they wouldn't have had to put him on the ground at all. You just can't blame the police for doing their job.

Now, the leftists just want the police gone. Especially those who support blm. I say the police should stay! Funny thing, the same people who want the police gone, are always the first ones to call the cops when they see a right-winger in their midst. Whether the right-winger is doing anything or not. Shoot! Biden has these sheeple so trained that even if a MAGA person is walking down the street, minding his own business, a leftist will call the cops and say "this mean MAGA person is harassing me!"

I think it's hilarious that leftists see MAGA people as a "threat"! MAGA people are the least offensive people I've ever met. And I'm a LOT more jaded than the average person! They never lash out at anyone unless it's for self-defense, like the case with Kyle Rittenhouse. Whereas leftists lash out ALL the fricken time! No matter what. The only way to get a leftist off your back, is to hit them with truth and facts. That makes them run away faster than anything! LMAO!! I had a couple of leftists run off like that and delete me from their facebook friends. All I had to do was hit them with facts, and they ran faster than a jackrabbit across a bustling highway! LOL! It was so funny!!!

One woman I remember, I think she was in love with George Floyd. I don't remember her first name, but her last name was Bacon. The only reason I remember that was because she looked like a pig! I told her to watch the police footage of George Floyd's arrest. I don't believe she did it because she knew it'd make her look like a fool. But that's how all leftists are. She left so fast, it was like watching a wild boar with hornets on it's tail! It's OK, I didn't like her much anyways. I'd been distancing myself from her ever since I found out she was one of those mask-tards. I was like "Oh my GAWD!!! I got stuck with another one of these!" Since I prefer the leftists delete and block me from Facebook, I tried to give her every indication I could that I don't like her anymore, and get her to leave. And it worked too!!! LOL! 😂😂😂

So from now on, I'm gonna do that when I have a leftist I just can't get rid of. Just hit them with truth and facts. It's more fun that way. And then the leftists don't bother you no more.

But you know what happens to creatures who live in hostile environments, they become aggressive. If leftists keep up this violence, it could cause MAGA people to become MUCH more aggressive! And I'm not talking about leftists who call the cops or run away from MAGA people. I'm talking about those in Antifa and other such marxist groups! I already feel like, every time I go to Portland, I need to keep the eyes in the back of my head wide open, and keep my fists and claws ready. If leftists keep up this shit, MAGA people are going to become more aggressive. And it will be all the leftists' fault!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Big Talk, Big Signs, No Action!

I'm loving Ron DiSantis more and more these days! He made a genius move this past weekend. Biden talks big about letting illegal immigrants cross our borders freely. Well, Ron DiSantis put Biden's words to the test. He boarded about 50 illegal immigrants onto a plane and sent that plane to Martha's Vineyard, a small, almost completely leftist-run island off the coast of Massachusetts. They have a big sign on the island that reads "we stand by immigrants" and "Hate has no business here". The most used phrases leftists spew everywhere. So, DiSantis just gave them what they wanted; 50 non-white Venezuelan immigrants. Apparently, the residents of Martha's Vinyard are always complaining because their demographic on the island is "too white". So, DiSantis also said "here's 50 Venezuelans. Now, your demographic is even!"

So, you'd think the rich and privileged residents of Martha's Vineyard would be grateful, welcoming the illegals with open arms, inviting them into their big, multi-roomed homes, complete with beds, food, a bathroom, and maybe even new clothes. The way they are always spewing "immigrants are welcome here" and "this country is too white, and whites are evil", you'd think they'd be happy there. But if you knew the hypocrisy that is inbred into the leftists, you'd know you're wrong! The moment the plane dropped off the illegals, the residents immediately began to complain about them! They gave the immigrants cereal, and then put them on a bus to send them to Cape Cod, on some military base. One woman who was interviewed from Martha's Vineyard claimed "We've got a housing crisis already on this island. So sooner or later [the immigrants] will have to go!"

Now, wait a minute! I thought liberals loved immigrants. I thought the sign on their island says "we stand with immigrants" and "hate has no business here". I also thought the residents were griping about their island being "too full of white people". Also, I thought Martha's Vineyard had big homes with many rooms. They can afford to take in some immigrants. As for this "housing crisis", I copied this off AirBnB's website. There's LOTS of empty homes there:

It says there's over 1000 homes there. The people who live there, or have a home there, are wealthy people. Why can they not spare their rent payments and house a few immigrant families for free for a while? That does not sound like the people of Martha's Vineyard stand by immigrants at all. And they send the immigrants all to Cape Cod! An almost entirely republican town! Well, I thought liberals said republicans hate immigrants? Why would liberals send non-white illegal immigrants to an area where they're gonna be 'hated'? We don't really hate immigrants, as long as they are here legally. But we never started this bullshit! We never said illegal immigrants are welcome here. We never complained about an area being "too white". Republicans never did any of that. Only the leftists have done that.

And once we try to give the leftists what they say they want, they turn right around and send the non-white immigrants away. That's gratitude for you! But this was a genius move on Ron DiSantis' part! Because it shows, loud and clear, all those talking points the leftists spew out, is nothing but words. They don't really welcome illegals here. They don't really want areas that are more colored people than whites. They don't really care what happens to people who just walk across the border illegally, as long as they don't have to deal with them. Now was the time for leftists to put their money where their mouths are. And they actually proved they can't! They're not willing to. They just want other people to deal with the problems they cause.

If I were the governor of Cape Cod, I'd send all those illegals back to Martha's Vineyard, and remind them how they complain about their island having too many white people, and how much they welcome immigrants. I'd remind them that these illegals are not our problem! If the people there don't want the immigrants around (and they don't!) then tell them to take their money and send the immigrants back to Venezuela. Or else, take them into their own homes. But don't send them back to Cape Cod! Because we'll just send them back to Martha's Vineyard.

So from now on, when I hear leftists complain about how this country is too white, or if I hear them talk about how "no person is illegal", or how "immigrants are welcome here", I'm gonna remember this story of how they had the chance to prove to the USA those weren't just words, and they lost it! My big question is always "Why say something when you really don't mean it?" I'll never understand that. Whenever I say something, I mean it! If I ever said "immigrants are all welcome here", the first thing I would be willing to do is allow them to come into my home and stay. But I never said that. I'm the kind of ogre that says "If you want to live here, learn to speak english, leave your home-based cultures at the door, and come here legally!" I think part of the reason people these days don't communicate anymore is because we can't! Illegals come into this country, bringing their own culture from their country, and refuse to learn english or assimilate to us, and that makes it impossible to communicate with them!

And not all illegals are good people, just because they're not white. Some may be seeking asylum, but most could be running from the law! I've heard of many illegals coming into this country and killing our citizens! How can Biden keep allowing that to happen?? I'll tell you how. Because he blames everything on Trump. Or he blames everything on white supremacy. That's how he can view all this shit happening to this country, and still be able to sleep at night! And worst of all, the mainstream media will always hide it, and steer the blame away from Biden. But really, when you really think about it, there is no one to blame but Biden. You can't blame Trump anymore, because he's not even in office anymore. And supposedly, Biden un-did everything Trump did during his presidency. So, blaming all this on Trump is rather pointless.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

The Karen Returns

 Remember on the last post I talked about Tux's (Venom's) owner coming to claim her kitten that we had kept overnight? Remember how I said she showed no gratitude when we gave her kitten back to her. I thought that was the end of it. Although I did kindof expect her to tell the manager like she said she was going to. I was never worried for one second! I knew the manager couldn't do anything because it's not like we held Tux for ransom. Although I wish I had kept her! She was such a sweet kitten she deserves the best owner. Unfortunately, Tux lucked out on that. She has a Karen for an owner and that's not good.

Well, I've been seeing her again for the past couple of days, I think she brought her mom and dad with her. They're a couple of junky-looking people. She and those people were out and hovering around in front of my apartment when I woke up from a very short nap this afternoon. I wish I had known what happened before I got up, I'd have caught little miss Karen right there and then. Later, my sis told me that she had a run-in with Tux's owner. I said "OMG! You did?" I asked her what happened and she told me that woman just called her a "cat-stealer" right to her face. My sis told her she'd better watch what she says or she's going to be in deep trouble! Then she said the Karen mumbled something under her breath. My sis shouted "I hate you!" at her and came into the house.

OK, I let Karen have her time, being angry, hoping she would get it out of her system, but now she is starting to harass us. I don't go for that! I said "if she's looking for trouble, I can help her find it". This is the point where I get involved. I told sis to watch for her out the window. If she sees her, let me know and I'll go out there and talk to her, I have a bone to pick with her, which means I'm plenty pissed. I knew when she'd be out, because she's got to pass right in front of our window.

It wasn't long before she and her brother came lumbering down the stairs and my sis pointed to her and said "that's her!" I said "OK, I'm heading out there!" I quickly got my shoes on and went out there yelling "Hey Karen! I want to talk to you!" She looked then quickly walked off like a scared little bitch. I got her brother, but I was still shouting at her "You stop harassing my sister!" I have really no problem with her brother, but naturally he took her side...

"At the end of the day, you stole our cat. Your window is always open and you heard me calling the cat." He says to me.

"I didn't hear nothing, and we were out all day looking for the owner!" I said.

Seriously, does he think I really have nothing better to do? I may be in the house all day, but I work from home. I can't always be up here listening to see if someone is calling for a pet!

"She has other problems on her plate now." He said to me.

I answered "I don't give a fuck! You guys got your cat back. That should have been the END of it!"

Karen shouted something but I didn't really hear what she said. I said to her "You leave my sister alone Karen! Or you're gonna be FUCKED!"

You know how I am! I'm like a mama bear! Especially when it comes to my family. I don't accept no shit from no one. My sis and I say nothing to Karen when we see her. She started on my sis by calling her a "cat-stealer". Up until then, I was content to let the whole thing go. I never had a problem with her brother. Just her. And now, I want nothing to do with her. Tux was adorable and sweet, but when it comes to cats, IF I'm going to "steal" one at all, it would have been a siamese. Show-quality preferably. But I'm not interested in stealing a cat. I personally would prefer to buy one I want from a breeder.

I wanted to kill that bitch Karen!!! I went out there ready to slam her head into the pavement. But I'm going to give her one more chance. But this is the last chance. If she ever harasses my sis again, I will indeed go after her. Not only that, but I can tell the manager she is harassing my sis. Not only that, but we can sue her for harassment. I would not really like to take it that far, but let's see. Maybe I won't have to.

I really kinda have the feeling she actually did call the manager, and he told her he can't do anything, and that's why now, she's acting butthurt. If so, then that's really funny. 😅😅

Monday, August 29, 2022

The Cat That Changed My Mind

 Over the past year, I've been working on a project. It's to give myself an idea of what running a pet store breeding facility is like. I got rabbits, rats, mice, Roborovski and chinese hamsters. Some were easy to sell and others were not so easy. Though the pet store is going to be more of a labor of love for me, I wanted to see how well a pet store would do in this town. But people here in OR are not interested in pet stores. Especially not one that sells livestock. I'm going to try in Spokane and see how well it does. Spokane is very close to Idaho, where conservatives live. Those kinds of people are more conservative and love strolling around in pet stores. But I fear something like that just wouldn't work here in Tillamook.

Oh well! But one thing having different kinds of animals has taught me; that is how to love all animals. I've always been good with animals. Being gentle, speaking softly, and petting them has always worked for me. But as I have displayed here several times, one animal I always seem to gripe about is cats. Well, more like cat-people. I always just tell them I hate cats because it's kinda fun to annoy them, watch them get all crazy and stuff. I never really hated kitty cats. That was my first pet as a child. I've had several in the past. And I do like a few breeds. I just can't stand gray tabbies. And I loathe any felines bigger than 20 pounds!! With an extreme burning passion. However deep inside, there's always been a small place in my heart for kitty cats.

Then along came Tux. I met her yesterday. She actually came up to me! She followed me into my apartment after bringing Mya in from going potty. And already, I am attached to her. She is the sweetest cat I ever met, next to my old siamese cat, Amadeus. Tux actually gets in my lap and licks me. A cat like that is very hard to come by. I thought Tux was just a stray cat that runs around here, as there are several of those. Peaches started out that way. Now, someone adopted her. I still have quite a bit of knowledge about cats that I obtained back in my days of breeding persians. Which never got off the ground.

Well, eventually we will have to see if Tux belongs to someone and must give her back. I said to my sis if the owner comes looking for her, we will give her back. But if no one claims her, she's ours. I don't mind telling you, when Tux's owner claims her, I'm going to be bawling like a baby. Before Tux, I didn't think cats had this kind of capacity to love. I mean, she is SOOOO loving!! She's more like a puppy than a kitten. She's about 5 months old (at the most), and mostly black with white from her chin down to her belly, and white paws. She's really cute! She looks quite similar to this...

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm still more of a dog-lover. Mya is still the best thing that ever happened to me, and she is still my #1 baby. However, I seem to also have gained the ability to love and accept a kitty cat too. And this came because I got all these little critters, and I love them and take care of them every day. Don't worry. I have no plans to change in the foreseeable future. And I think I want to keep up the facade that I hate cats. On Quora especially, it's FUN!!! It's the most fun I've ever had with cat people!

Another thing about Tux, she can teach me things other people complain that I didn't like about cats see if they are true or false. I remember a few years back a teenager on YouTube, who inherited her grandmother's dog, griped that the dog always tries to steal her food, and that her cats never do that. I told her that it was her fault because she didn't care to train the dog not to do that. My dogs never tried to steal my food before. I told her a cat is just as likely to steal her food as the dog is, trained or not. She said it wasn't true. Well, I found out this morning who was being truthful, thanks to Tux. My sis put out a smoothie she made for breakfast. She left it in her room for a minute to get something out of the kitchen. When she got back, Tux had licked up some of her smoothie. She was PISSED! So, I think that debunks the myth that cats never try to steal peoples' food. With a cat it's worse cuz you can't even put your food or drink in a high place to keep it away from them. Cats can also climb.

Another thing that happened this past summer, my sis finally moved back home. But it was kindof by accident. Or was it? She was about to begin a job back in Bozeman, MT with her former client, who literally asked for her back. My sis didn't secure an apartment before moving there, so she had to move in with her client. Long story short: sis got tired and wanted a vacation so she went to Spokane. I had an accident and busted my foot. I asked sis if she could come and stay with me for a while until my foot healed. She told me she had to think about it so she did. She decided to come and she came. She had to call her client and let her know that she won't be back for a while.

Well her client's doctor went to interview the client one day and my sis was not there, and the client told the doctor that my sis had been living there. So, sis got fired from that job. First they said she abandoned the job, and then they said my sis cannot live there because she is not related to the client. Which I have to say, I think is DUMB!!! So my sis lost that job. Barely a week later, my sis got a call from a new apartment complex in Bozeman that she had applied to move in to. If only they had called her a week sooner, my sis could be living there right now. But my sis had to turn it down.

Was it just a matter of fate? Or divine intervention? My sis moved in with me right then. One main reason she stayed here is I promised to get her to Spokane, which is where she's always wanted to live at. So, as of this moment, we're working on it.

I think it was divine intervention. Because both mom and dad wanted the both of us living together again. Dad is probably the one cranking the cables up there to keep us together. He made it happen. I believe everything happens for a reason, and the reason I broke my foot is most likely because Dad wanted my sis here with me, and sis can move to Spokane into her own home. I have other plans with sis, but I won't reveal them here.

***********************************UPDATE (1:10 PM)************************************

Tux's real owner has been found. Her real name is Venom, the owner is this kinda dyky-looking woman who lives upstairs. My sis was putting Mya out when they ran into each other. My sis asked her if she was looking for a cat and she said yes, and described the cat. My sis said it sounded like the one we found yesterday. Well, this woman stood at the door with an attitude. I was just like "I'm so glad we found her owner!" I knew she had to have one. She was really too sweet to be a stray.

The woman showed no hint of gratitude. She just stood at the door yelling "Why would you take her?!" and "You heard me crying for my cat!" which I did not. We went out last night trying to locate the owner. Believe me, if I really had heard her crying, calling and looking for the cat, I'd have given her to her. She left here, so loudly positive we heard her crying for the cat. I kept telling her I heard nothing. We even put a facebook ad up in the Tillamook community page yesterday, in hopes the owner would see it. The woman left with her cat, threatening to sik the manager on us. I told her "Call the manager!" and I said it in a tone like "I dare you to!" Come down here with an attitude and not even say "thank you". Besides, what the hell does she think the manager is going to do? He can't do anything!

I can't really blame her for being upset. But she should at least be grateful! I mean, I did contemplate taking the cat to a nearby shelter. But I didn't think that would be right. She was just too sweet, I knew she must have an owner somewhere! To be honest, she's too sweet for a name like 'Venom'! I like 'Tux' better. Well, I am happy the owner was reunited with Tux. I just wish it was someone nicer. Oh well, just another Karen from Portland. What do you expect?

Saturday, June 25, 2022

What I Say, I Mean!

Remember my last blog post when I was talking about this guy who I thought was going to help me with UMG Productions. Well, forget what I said about him. I just had to terminate him this past week, and I'll tell you why.

For this story, I will refer to this guy as Slash. I first met Slash through my Metazoic group. I thought he was going to be like Metalraptor. He had high ambitions too. He was trying to create a studio of his own, like I was going to do with UMG Productions. One day I found Blendr again, and I found people on YouTube who post videos showing how to use Blendr. So, I was excited about the possibility of creating animated films for my Metazoic and UMG projects. Slash felt my excitement and was already asking me if I would mind doing animated features for him as well. I said I'd think about it. My work comes first. Well, Slash got the idea that his studios can merge with my studios. Slash is the one who likes dark humor, horror movies, rap music and anime. I told him I don't want to use any rap music or anime in any of my features. And I really didn't want to do the kind of horror stories he was pitching to me. Slash like guts, gore and the red stuff, I don't. And I really want to keep UMG Productions family-friendly. Slash also seems to have a thing for zombies.

Well, the thing about Slash is, he pops in and out of Facebook like a Christmas tree. By the time I had begun talking about doing animated features for UMG and Metazoica, Slash had activated and deactivated his Facebook account twice. So, you can imagine how shocked I was when he started talking to me about his own production studio, and merging with UMG Productions, and me doing animated features for him, when I noticed he had unfriended me on Facebook. Not only unfriended me, he also blocked me on Facebook. Which I really did not mind. But it was so sudden, and without any further words about merging, Then I thought, "Well, I guess that means he changed his mind. Oh well!"

Well, 2 weeks later, Slash sent me a friend request again. I accepted. I did so because I liked him, and I wanted to see if he still wanted to merge his company with UMG Productions. He said he did. I asked him what happened to him for 2 weeks. He disappeared. He said he didn't disappear, he just blocked me. He told me his family found out about merging his company with me and thought I was spamming him. I was not trying to spam him. Slash was the one who asked to merge with me, not the other way around. I never promised him anything merging with me, no money exchanged hands, and I was not going to ask him for any either. In fact, I told him before that I cannot offer him any money until I can find investors and sponsors for my own company's growth. So, I don't know how Slash's family thought from those stats that I was spamming him, but I have the feeling Slash didn't tell them everything.

Well, Slash came in asking me to make him an admin for the UMG Productions page and I did. He promised to find some investors and sponsors for our company. Next thing I see, he is inviting everyone new to become an admin for the page. I told him we don't need that many admins. It's not a very big page. In the meantime, Slash is pitching this zombie series with me. I'm actually barely understanding him, but then I think it'll all come together once I see an actual script. So, I let him keep pitching his ideas to me. But the more I hear about his series idea, the less it sounds like what I want for UMG Productions. But then Slash tells me how we should have different genres for the company's movies. Now, I know he's right. But I also would like to keep it kid-friendly. I want UMG to become the non-woke version of Disney. And better. I want to go back to the 30s and 40s, and create similar content with good animation, no propagandic agendas, and orchestral background music. No anime, no wokeness, and no rap or even rock n roll music. Just go back to the days of innocence, like Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons used to be.

Well, I gave Slash the position of assistant. Then I started to tell him to go find us some sponsors, as he promised he would when I allowed him to merge with us. Well, I found out later on that Slash had no idea what he was doing. He promised to help me, but when it came time for him to actually do his job, he would make me go around and do them. I reminded him that was his job. He wanted that job! I began to wonder whether or not I merged with the right person.

Then one day, Slash disappeared again. He had abandoned his post at UMG Productions, unfriended and blocked me again. So, I thought "Well, I guess this time he changed his mind for real." So, I just forgot about him and went on with my business at UMG Productions again. I didn't know why Slash once again blocked me on Facebook, but I figured that's his choice. So really, I didn't care why. Then, a couple weeks later, Slash comes back again and sends me another friend request. Once again, I accept him. I didn't ask him this time why he blocked me on Facebook, but the whole story came blubbering out anyway. He said his family caught him talking to me again, and he got scared. I was like "What?? You stepped down from your post at UMG Productions because you were scared??! That's not my problem!" Slash apologized up and down and asked me to give him a second chance. I told him last time was his second chance. So, I hesitated for a while to give him any position of authority on the UMG Productions page again.

Now, I will say Slash is a smart kid. It was his idea to open a group to meet people who may want to participate in UMG Studios. I had big plans for it! Even going so far as to suggest building a housing project near the studio for employees. But that would be YEARS down the road! So I opened a group on his say-so. Then he started asking me again to make him admin for the group and the page. I still hesitated to give him that position because he seemed unstable to me at this point. And I didn't really want someone who is unstable to help with UMG Productions. I reminded Slash that he would more likely block me again on Facebook. He promised this time that he wouldn't. He gave me the saying "Third time's the charm". I told him "Yes, and there's also another saying that goes the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior." Slash had unfriended and blocked me 3 times already on Facebook. So, I knew he was going to do it again. I was still hesitant to give him the position of admin anywhere. But he promised me up and down he would never run off like that again. I said "IF I do let you on as admin, do you swear you'll never pop off again?" Slash answered "I swear on my grave!" So, I added him to the admin panel again for the page and the group. But I warned him that this time, I was holding him to this promise. He still swore he'd never block me again on Facebook. I told him "OK then don't do that again! Because next time, I may not allow you back in!"

Slash kept his promise for exactly 4 days. Then the morning of the 4th day, I noticed I had one less friend on Facebook, and I could not message Slash anymore. He had blocked me once again! When I saw that, I finally just said "OK you turkey-butt! You are OUT of here!" So I blocked him from the UMG Productions group and page, I left his speculative evolution page, and blocked him from my Metazoic group. A few hours later, Slash came back and unblocked me long enough to send me a scathing DM. He asked me why he cannot post on the UMG Productions group or page. He demanded to know. I said to him "Remember what I told you would happen if you ever blocked me on Facebook again? Well, I meant what I said. You're no longer allowed in the company." I actually was hoping I would see Slash one more time, so I can block him. And you know, when I block someone, I never take them off. I can carry a grudge forever! I even blocked Slash on my second Facebook account and on my email. And NO MORE second chances! I didn't ask him why he blocked me, and I didn't care. Though I have the feeling it was just because he was "scared" again. And again, that's not my problem. But again, I cannot allow someone who is going to be scared like that every time to be in charge of my company. I need a fearless leader! Someone strong and tough. Not someone who is going to be afraid of his family finding out he is associating with me.

One day, I showed his zombie idea to my supervisor, Trisha. She didn't understand his pitch. She said it was poorly written. I also told her about Slash blocking me on Facebook and telling me it's because he was scared. That was when my supervisor asked me how old Slash was, because she was thinking he was a teenager. So, I asked Slash how old he was. He's not even 19 yet!! Trisha told me to dump him. He's too young. But at first I didn't want to because that was right after he blocked me for the 3rd time. He promised never to do it again, and I wanted to see Slash through this. And age does not always mean he doesn't know what he's doing. So, I gave him a chance. But now I find that Trisha is right. But I'm still never going to let Slash in again. That was his last chance. He'd been fairly warned, and he even swore on his grave he wouldn't do that. So, now that I know how "reliable" Slash is, I'm never letting him back again. He can kiss UMG Productions goodbye. I'm sick of this cat and mouse game he plays.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Juneteenth Is Dangerous!

 I heard about what happened over the weekend. While most of us were celebrating Father's Day, like we should have been, black people were celebrating what they call "Juneteenth" which is their own version of an Independence Day. So how do they celebrate? Well, they do what black liberals today do best; they twerk on other peoples' property and shoot at each other. They twerk because they think they're being cute, but it really just looks disgusting. And they shoot each other because, well, why not? I guess! It's what they do! The leftists may not want to hear this, but it is indeed true, judging by this evidence, that black people have created a culture of violence.

Normal people get together on Independence Day, and light fireworks, go on picnics, or go to the beach and have fun. But not black liberal people. These yo-yos can't set even one day aside out of the year to get together and be peaceful. No, they have to turn even their own momentous day into another mass-shooting! A day that they BEGGED, beseeched and insisted to have set aside for their own holiday. And this is how they give respect to their ancestors. This is what happens when tradition is broken! Things get out of hand! Especially when you give an inch to black liberals. Everybody (with sense) knows they're going to take a mile! And anyone with sense also knows the black liberals are going to put the blame all on white supremacy! 

"Our twerking party was ruined because of white supremacy" "It's the white man's fault". They make me sick! Unless we find out the shooter was indeed an angry white person, it cannot really be said it was "the white man's fault" their Juneteenth was ruined. The worst thing to come out of this by far is that a young teen was killed in the shooting. A young TEEN!!! Barely had the chance to grow up. I think I heard the boy was only 15. That is sad! I feel bad for his parents too, and any siblings he may have left behind! I swear! Blacks living in Africa are not this violent. That's probably why the African black people do not like American black people! This is also why I don't like modern rap. One of my friends, who is working with me on UMG Productions, says his brother loves rap. I told him I don't like rap. I want NO rap music coming through UMG Productions. None at all! Especially knowing this guy likes dark humor.

Don't get me wrong, he's a wonderful guy, and I adore him. But he likes anime and rap music and I don't. He also favors dark humor, which is a bad combination. However, he has very good potential, and I think I can get him to come around my way of thinking. I'm going to wean him off of anime and rap music, and learn to appreciate the classics.

I've told him before I don't like anime because I think it's a bad influence on today's kids. I've learned that it is because of anime that kids are learning how to be gay, and be SJWs, and just simply be mean to each other and disrespectful to adults. That's why I don't like anime, and I will NEVER allow that shit in UMG Productions. Kids need to go back to seeing mature adults as leaders, and people to look up to. Not seeing other kids and gay teachers as people to look up to. The gay teachers are looking to the kids for affirmation!!! The blind cannot lead the blind! That's why we need normal, and mature adults leading our children now, more than ever! Woke parents sure as Hell won't do it. That's why UMG Productions is going to conserve old fashioned values, showing kids who they should look up to, and how.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Why I Will No Longer Celebrate Pride Month

 OK, when this all got started in 2015, I was like "Good! People should be allowed to marry whomever they want to." To be honest, I am still on the side of that. It's just not fair to allow male-female couples to marry, and not allow same-sex couples to marry. So, I was glad when they won that right, and I am still glad they are allowed to legally marry whom they want. However, it seems allowing them the right to marry just was not good enough for them. Now, they want "special rights". They got it too. And BOY!! Do they take an unfair advantage of it!!!

A gay leftist might read this and laugh themself silly. Leftists have got their heads so far up CNN's ass, they literally think none of this is happening. They call them "conspiracy theories". Which really kinda proves how much leftists are out of touch with reality, when you think about it. The real stopper for me was the Christian baker guy in Colorado. Back in 2011, a gay couple asked him to bake a cake for their wedding. He refused due to his Christian beliefs. A normal individual, with half the brain of a flea, would have said "I'll find another baker". But not this couple. They took him to court. They won at first until they went to the supreme court, and were hit with the reality that the baker had the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

I would still have more respect for their little rainbow if the whole debacle had stopped there. But you think the LGBTQ is going to stop there? Remember, these people are gay for a reason. In my experience, the majority of them are gay due to some abuse issues they've had in the past. Less than 1% today are gay because they were born that way. Anyway, since 2011, I've heard of about 4 other LGBTQ individuals going back to that same baker in Colorado, and trying to order a cake for their weddings, or tranny coming-out parties. Each time, the baker still stuck to his word. So now, I was thinking "OK, once is different. I can't bash someone for asking. But 5 times? That is pure, unadulterated harassment!" That was when I completely lost all respect for the LGBTQ community. That's a respect they won't never get back from me!! While I still support them in their right to marry who they want to and lead average lives, that's where my support ends.

I never have, and I never will, support drag queen story hour, nor teaching kids as young as 2 how to be gay, nor taking kids to drag shows, nor biological men competing against women in women's sports. I will also never support gay teachers in school. Especially seeing the impact it's having on our kids today. I once saw a young woman, working in a grocery store deli, who did not even know how many ounces are in a pound! I learned that when I was 5 years old!!!! But I bet that same young woman can draw up some crazy-ass pronouns that she is forcing the world to call her! Which is another thing I will never support; the crazy pronouns. I realize we all use pronouns. But I will forever believe the only pronouns we will ever need in the human world is he-him-his-her-she. Nothing else. I'll only use they when I am hiding a person's identity, or if there's more than one person. But mostly, I just don't talk to strangers. Especially not if they look like leftists.

Anyways, every June the left has declared is "pride month". There you will see the scabs of humanity walk down the road with nothing much covering them except their rainbow flags. It's one thing to be proud of who you are. And if a person wants to celebrate what they do in their bedroom at home, then that's their business. If they want to celebrate LGBTQ liberation, that's fine with me. But why are there so many naked men walking around outside in these parades???? I'm always wondering what the Hell has being naked outside for all to see got to do with gay liberation?! And see, that's another thing I don't like about today's gay liberals. I don't want to see a naked man whirling his dick in my face! While simultaneously clapping his naked butt cheeks in the wind!!!! I never see straight couples doing that. Why do gay people do that? It only makes them look worse! And what's the point anyway?! It not like those dicks will ever see the inside of a woman!

The sad thing is, woke parents will take their children to events like this. The poor kids, they don't want to be a part of it either. I watched a video where a mother forced her little boy on stage at a gay bar, to walk down the aisle with a drag queen, and the drag was showing the kid how to strut his stuff on the catwalk. The poor boy! He looked so uncomfortable walking next to that drag queen!! He had his head down like he didn't want anyone to see him. For things like that, I don't blame the kids. They have no control over what happens. I don't blame the drag queens, they're just doing what they always do. Instead, I blame the parents. Any parent who takes their young child to anything like a drag show or a pride parade, aught to be strung up on a fence and horsewhipped, with an inch of their lives!! Those are the worst kind of parents I can even imagine! And they aren't doing it for the kids. The parents are doing it for their own well-being, so they can get lots of likes on Tik-Tok from other leftists.

And GOD help those who question anything about any of this. Those who do are labeled "homophobic" or "transphobic" or just simply a bigot. That is so dumb! Which is why being called any of those names does not bother me anymore. Especially not if a leftist calls me those names, and they are usually the only ones who do. I don't care. I'll never accept drag queens as any more than clowns for adults. I'll never accept men in the womens' locker rooms or rest rooms. I don't care if I am called a TERF. That's what leftists call "trans-exclusionary radical feminists". Actually, I am more like a TEBW. That's a trans-exclusionary biological woman. I wouldn't call myself a radical feminist. I don't think I am that radical, and I'm sure not a feminist. I try not to be radical! I hate radicals. But what the hell, I'll accept TERF if that's all the leftists have.

Leftists are starting to lose, and it's scaring the crap out of them. I heard of a town in Texas that hasn't had a republican representative in more than 150 years! And now, they've elected Mayra Flores as their representative. She's not only a republican. She's also a Mexican Immigrant. You'd think the leftists would be thrilled that a latina representative has been voted into congress. Nope! They're miserable and call her a "white supremacist". LMAO!!!

I can't take full credit for this, because I've actually heard a couple other people bring this up. But when Trump lost the last election, I was glad in a way. I figured he'd now be getting a much-needed break from the hardships of being president and the leftists hammering everything down his throat! I thought it would do him some good to take the next 4 years off. In the meantime, people would learn what liars and hypocrites the leftists are. And I could not have found a better representative for that myself than Joe Biden! From day 1, Biden has done nothing but ruin this country. Yet people voted for him anyway. He closed down our own pipeline, so now we have to outsource gas, which everyone should have seen would drive the gas prices right into orbit! Look at the Americans left alone in Afghanistan. All because of Biden. He also hires all the wrong people just because he wants to hire based on affirmative action. He started another inflation too. The prices of everything is through the roof! And now, Biden has labeled parents of school children "domestic terrorists" because they don't agree with CRT or drag queen story hour. Thanks a lump Biden! And thanks an extra big lump to the dummies that voted for him! The mainstream media try to protect Joe Biden, but those of us who still have a basic instinct called "common sense", we know Biden is to blame for all the misery coming to this country right now. And I keep saying how much I miss Trump. I'd even settle for Ron DiSantis as our next president! I'd be glad! He's just as good as Trump was as governor of Florida. I think he'd make an awesome president!

I read an article where all the myths about gender ideology is now being proven wrong. I never, for one second, bought into that malarky that the suicide rates in trans people were so high because they were not accepted. That's silly! I also never bought into that gender ideology theory. I've been studying nature for ages now. And as a biologist, I have NEVER heard of any mammal that can change their gender on a whim. Not until these poor, confused goons began infiltrating our daily lives. The leftists want everyone to believe that we put LGBTQ lives in danger every time we spread the truth. But there is no way we are hurting trans people more than they are hurting themselves. Or that the leftists hurt them. Gender ideology's fatal consequences (msn.com)

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Remember The Children

 Usually, I try to not voice my opinion on any subject until the hype has calmed down, but for this I had to say something! I have to say something because I am pissed. Remember the children who were shot and killed at Uvalde in TX? I think there was like 20+ people died in that shooting. The gunman was a 18 year old kid. Some say he was bullied throughout school, while his immediate family say he was not bullied, but also not very kind to animals. Not shockingly, he came from a family of cat people. Texas school shooting suspect Salvador Ramos' mom 'feeling bad for everybody' but 'lost her son, too': Grandpa (msn.com)

Uvalde Senior Rejects Claims Salvador Ramos Was Bullied: 'He Hurt Animals' (msn.com)

Anyway, another source also says he was an immigrant. Not much is really known about this guy. But if it is true and he was an immigrant, then this is basically on Biden's hands for turning our country into a free-for-all for illegals. The mom of the shooter apparently feels bad for the people her child shot and killed, but adds "I lost my child too". Not saying that is a valid excuse for what he did, there is no excuse for that! I am sure the shooter's mom feels terrible, but he was not innocent. He was a murderous thug. The lives he took that day were the most innocent in this scenario.

Anyway, that's not why I am pissed. Not all of it anyway. But the big reason I am pissed is because the leftists and anti-gun pundits are turning this whole thing into a political battle. Seriously??? No one on the planet can make me angrier than the leftists! Some pro-choice people are even saying "how can you grieve for unborn babies now when 20 kids are dead at the hands of a school-shooter?" Well, I say both events are tragic. Both are sad endings to innocent lives. The only real difference is the kids of Uvalde at least got to experience a little bit of life. But I also feel bad for them because now, they'll never have that chance to grow, get a driver's license, graduate from high school, start a career, start a family of their own. It's really sad.

But the one thing I heard today about this event that made me madder than Hell, is the tweet Obama put out about this event...

And wait! There's more...

He makes like one sentence about the kids who were killed, and says more about that dumb ol' George Floyd!! Really? You really care more for that crook than a bunch of innocent children you rotten piece of horse shit?! I actually said this to him on Twitter! I don't care if it gets me banned or not! This is why I cannot stand Obama! I hate him in fact! Sure I miss Trump's mean tweets, but this is beyond Trump-level mean! But you can bet if Trump had tweeted something like this, we'd all be hearing the griping until the end of time from the leftists! Instead, they are praising Obama for tweeting shit like this! Positive proof of how stupid Obama's followers really are! And how big of hypocrisy they carry around.

Obama is the one who truly divided this country. And Biden is continuing the legacy. Trump actually tried to bring this country together. Believe it or not. That's why I favor Trump over Obama. Look at how his followers today act. You'll never find that pattern of behavior from Trump's followers. You only see it coming from Obama/Biden supporters. Obama doesn't even like Biden anymore. I guess because Biden isn't black enough for him. The leftists always accuse conservatives of being in something they call "Trump's cult". Excuse me. I never signed up for no cult! I just happen to favor Trump over Obama. Simply because Obama was the first one responsible for dividing this country. And I noticed this long before Trump even became president. Remember Katy Brewer? She was the first leftist I noticed had adopted this attitude towards people who voted for Trump. I never seen that kind of behavior from right-wingers. I kinda feel sorry for Katy because it seemed she was in with the wrong crowd. I noticed an intense hatefulness in one of her friends. She was the first person I ever heard say anything to the effect of "Its fair to judge people based on who they like" and "If you like Trump then you are a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, [blah-blah-blah] because that's what Trump is." She was DUMB and stupid!

In fairness, ALL leftists have friends like that! And they think it's just dandy. Even this lady who sold Mya to me, she has a friend like that too. I can't remember her name, as it was a strange name to me. But I remember the last time I saw her, I was laughing when I said "Oh no! Not you again!" She's one of those hardcore leftists that wouldn't believe Trump was not so bad, even if it was a ton of elephant dung that fell on her face! But as I've shown in previous posts, Trump was not a bad person. He may not have been perfect, but he was not nearly as bad as the leftist media made him out to be. But the media keeps harping on locker room talk that Trump made 20+ years ago, that he most likely does not even endorse today. Also TYT has had their hand in making Trump look worse than he is. It's because Cenk Yugur took something Trump said and applied his own ideas about what he thinks Trump means. The leftists believe him because the majority of them are so easily mislead. Not all leftists, but most are.

Well, at least Trump did not put George Floyd, a criminal thug, before the more recent deaths of some school children. This just shows Obama's true colors. Sadly, his loyal cultish followers are colorblind and will not see how disgusting this remark of Obama's really is. IMO, it puts Obama below the classification level of slime mold.

So What About Monkeypox?

 Well, in 2020 it was Covid-19. Now, we are going to see a surge in monkeypox all over the USA. The disease has already been spotted in WA. My home state. You know what I heard? I heard it is actually Bill Gates who is funding the importation of these diseases. He is so Hell-bent on getting the human population down. Maybe we should start with him and his children. Let him suffer for years to come! See how he likes it. This is also the way covid started. It came to WA first, then spread. Coronavirus is not even that serious. That's something dogs get, and they get vaccinated for it. It makes them sick for a while, has all the same symptoms as parvovirus. Except it doesn't kill dogs. The dog usually recovers after about a week.

Monkeypox is in the same family of viruses as small pox. But monkeypox is not nearly as deadly as small pox, which is a virus that is now extinct. I first heard about monkeypox back in 2003, when there was an outbreak after a shipment of infected African rodents made it's way to the USA. Dormice, african ground squirrels, duprasi and prairie dogs were the carriers back then. No one died in that outbreak though, but the importing of African rodents was prohibited after that for many years. In the earlier days of my desire to go back to breeding exotics, I found I could not locate breeders, or even importers, of these rodents. But now, they are making a comeback. But will this new outbreak again affect the breeding and sales of certain exotic rodents? Who knows?

You know who I blame for all this virus turmoil? I blame the leftists. They're all a bunch of weinies! And now the battles over the mask mandates are going to start again. I'm sick of that! A bunch of grown people acting like someone not wearing a mask is equivalent to the monsters hidden in their bedroom closet! They make me so mad! It's already been proven that masks don't always work, and they're bad psychologically to small children. It's all nothing but fear tactics. The leftists want to keep us divided and angry and hateful towards each other. Even though Biden said he was going to bring America together again, I say he's a lying wuss!!! The country is much more divided now than it was when Obama left office. And I don't blame any of that on Trump, but once again, I do blame it on the leftists. Trump didn't tell the leftists to go stark-raving loony! Obama did! So did Hillary Clinton, who also endorsed Obama.

You know what else started under Obama? Black lives matter did. Which also brought back racism. I don't think there has been any greater danger to our country than black lives matter. They were the ones who marched loudly all over the streets, shooting up towns, harming innocent people and burning down buildings. And all that was for nothing. Nothing except the filling of Patrisse Cullors' money belt. She calls all those donations "white guilt money". UGH!!! Well, she knows where she can stick that so-called "white guilt money". All of that money went into her own pocket, she bought several mansions, and gave more than half that money to her sperm donor. And you know what? NONE of those mansions she bought are even in predominantly black neighborhoods. She's so scared of white people that she moved in next door to them! I say she's nothing but a liar either.

For those who donated to blm, I give my deepest sympathy, and a big, hearty laugh. Didn't I tell you all there is something phony about that organization? It's only set up to turn black people against white people and vice-versa. That's about the only thing blm ever did that truly worked! They didn't even have to burn down buildings to turn whites against blacks. But that did help in saying black people are annoying asf! If I had been in Patrisse Cullors' shoes, and got all that money, I wouldn't have spent it on a lavish mansion and lifestyle. The first thing I would have done is fix black communities. Fix the roads, give their apartment buildings complete make-overs, Hire full-time police to patrol the areas, and get rid of the drug dealers. But blm does not do that. I'd even bet Patrisse Cullors never even thought about any of that.

I cannot even believe this, but there are people out there saying they would even donate to blm again, despite what is known about the organization. I am so glad I never donated to blm. Not even so much as a sandwich. I wasn't about to feed those thugs!! Not even if it was made with moldy bread and I passed it off as blue cheese!

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Twitter + Elon Musk = White Supremacy?

 I knew it! Elon Musk buying Twitter was going to be a thorn in the sides of leftists! Or more like a railroad spike! The leftists are completely losing it! I love it. It's so funny to watch their little pathetic rants. When they were at the helm of Twitter, they would cheer and jump for joy when a conservative would get banned off Twitter. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they're crying, griping and complaining. I'm loving this so much!! Elon Musk even fired the attorney who said Donald Trump must be banned and censored the Hunter Biden laptop story. Thank GOD!! I'll bet anything ol' Susan Burklund is now foaming at the mouth, saying the same thing all the other leftists are saying; "He just fired her because she was colored and a woman who doesn't support Trump!" Times like that, I wish I did live back in Ocean Shores. Watching her fall apart would be the highlight of my day! 😂😂😂

Elon Musk is having fun creating and posting memes of leftists all over Twitter. I'm having fun seeing them. He and AOC even got into it together on Twitter. AOC tweeted this...

This is the same exact woman who thought Jan. 6 of 2021 was scarier than the BLM riots of 2020. She's also the same one who claims straight white men don't like her BS because "she would never date them". That's what she said! So, Elon Musk (with that in mind) tweeted this in response...

And just like all leftists who do not wish to take responsibility for the stupid things they say, AOC closed with this argument...

Yeah right!! You're a lying wuss, AOC!! And you're stupid too. You know damn well you did not tweet that about Zuckerberg! You know how I know? Because Zuckerberg is still on the side of the leftists. I've never known AOC to bad-mouth people who side with the left! She only talks out against people on the right. And she is the most sheepish of the sheep! She believes every word the leftist media says about anybody she's against, as if it was told to her by the Almighty Himself!

The entire leftist media is angry. But then, so are conservatives. We all are sick and tired of "the act". We're sick of the left's lies and hypocrisy. We're sick of the leftist media hiding the criminal acts of democrats, while simultaneously exploding the actions of republicans, which always prove to be false! We're sick of being slandered by leftists who call right-wingers names like "racist" or "misogynist" or "whatever-phobic" with no proof that's really what we are. Most of all, we're sick of being kicked off the platforms just for saying what is true or exercising our free speech rights! We're ALL sick of it!! And I am quite sure that is the reason Elon Musk is buying Twitter. I even reactivated my account on Twitter because of the buy-out. Not that I was ever on Twitter that much to begin with. But now, I may go in more often.

Yes you know it! The leftists are accusing Elon Musk of turning Twitter into a "white supremacist area". I even heard of one leftist media outlet (I think it was MSNBC) say "Elon Musk's idea of free speech is white supremacy". And I'm like "WHAT?!?! You don't know that! You're not Elon Musk!" Giving a wink back to Judge Judy, you can't tell us what Elon Musk means when he says free speech! You can't read his mind! Only Elon Musk can tell us what he means by free speech, and he hasn't mentioned a word about "white supremacy". But the dumb leftists are saying "black and brown people should be afraid" and "This is the end of black Twitter". UGH! They make me so sick! I am so glad I left the left. I guess I should thank the leftist INXS fans who pushed me away after my pa died. They were the first ones to show me what leftists are really like. And I was right! BIG thank you to Mya too, who pulled me through, and made me feel better. And also a BIG BIG thanks to Elon Musk for keeping his word and standing up for free speech.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Twitter's Switch-Over

I heard this morning, that Twitter is getting set to accept an offer by Elon Musk to buy Twitter outright! Good! This is a win for free speech and those of us who support it. The reason I don't like leftists is because they have been trying to take away our rights of free speech. That's something I've never been known to do. I like to hear all opinions of me, even if it's not nice to hear. But that is what free speech is all about; hearing opinions you don't like. Well, I don't like to say I don't like someone for having an opinion. But it depends. Since I don't get paid from YouTube anymore, I limit what posts go up on my videos. But that's YouTube's fault for demonetizing me!! And I usually do not block anyone unless I feel they more belong behind bars getting psychological help than on my videos. And yes, I have blocked some people in the past 4 years since I was demonetized.

Well, I hope that Elon Musk can fix Twitter. As a conservative, I'm happy to see he is buying Twitter. I want to see Trump there again! And Alex Jones. Other conservatives are also glad to see this switch. I just hope it lasts. Remember what happened to MySpace when Justin Timberlake bought that platform? Of course he made too many changes to MySpace. I gave up my accounts when they took the blog portions away. I used to have 3 MySpace accounts. One personal one, one for promoting Tim Farriss and INXS, and one for UMG Productions. Then the short-lived MySpace I created for the daughter of one of my INXS buds. It was all about birds. I remember McGillicutty and the dirty dozen mob invaded that space, and I had to make it private. So only this friend's daughter could see it.

Of course the leftists are UNhappy about Elon Musk buying Twitter but, screw 'em! Elon has the money, he can buy basically anything he wants. And Twitter is his now! The leftists have all agreed to leave Twitter. I say Go! Don't let the door hit you where the LORD split you! But more likely, they won't leave. You know how leftists are.

Either way, I hope Elon Musk can bring back Trump. The leftists like to say Trump lied. Well, most of the things he supposedly "lied" about have been proven to be true. They say Trump is a criminal, a con-man. Trump made mistakes yes. But he's made up for them. I'd also like to see Alex Jones back on Twitter. He's been banned from pretty much everything! Even the mere mention of his name on YouTube can get a person banned! That's not right! What did he do, BTW? He was wrong about the Sandy Hook shooting was a government conspiracy? He's apologized to the families. I admit when I first heard that, I thought Jones must be looney for saying that too! How can anyone call the killing of children a "government conspiracy"??? But now Alex Jones has already admitted he was wrong for saying that. Whether the families want to forgive him or not is now on them. 

Then there was the thing the leftists didn't like about Alex Jones mentioning something about gay frogs. The funny thing about that is, I remember seeing a documentary (totally unrelated to Alex Jones) back in the mid-90s mentioning something about gay frogs. They attributed it to birth control chemicals being dumped in the waters via sewage. I thought that was ridiculous too. But looking at how people today are, there being almost 50 % some form of LGBTQ identifying children. Either it's true that kids are being indoctrinated by the schools, or the theory about gay frogs is right! That there really is something in the water. Leftists say there's always been this many gays, but they stayed hidden because they were not accepted. I don't believe it! If we had as many gays 50 years ago as we do now, our species would be extinct by now! The number seems to be growing every year too. So, it's either one or the other. Or maybe I was right! And people today are just faking it for attention.

Frogs are extremely delicate animals. If anything is wrong with the environment, they're going to be the first creatures affected. Many times, scientists have looked to frogs as our "early warning signals" of problems in our environment. Problems that aren't going to affect us right away, but sometime in the future it will. Frogs have been dying off in record numbers in recent years. Either they've been popping up dead in ponds and lakes, or they've just been disappearing. At least part of that could be because the males are just not interested in the females anymore. And vice-versa. Two males cannot mate with each other and reproduce offspring. And two females cannot mate with each other and produce offspring. Something may surely be in the water! It's scary! Perhaps our species is coming to an end.

I never bought that business about gays not being visible because they were unaccepted! If you're happy with what you are, you don't feel the need to hide it. I may be fat, but I've never let the fat-haters out there keep me from going out and having fun. But then, gays today are different. Now, they want to teach kids how to be gay. At least I'm not out there telling kids, "get fat! It's fun and it's healthy". In fact, seeing fat kids makes me feel bad. Kids should never be fat! I wasn't a fat child. Believe it or not! Just the same, I feel bad when I see a child who was told not to be happy with their gender. That's the exact opposite of what I was taught as a child! See, the democrats HATE children! What they are striving for is no more people. And today, we're seeing less and less people having babies. We don't even really see families anymore! That's why I hold my family so dear. We're a dying breed. Well, I hold my family very dear also because I love who they are. But we are a dying breed. People don't value friends or family anymore. Even my little brother has blocked me and my sis out of his life. But that's still OK with me. I'll still be here as his big sis if he ever needs me.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Biden's "Secret" Prejudice

 Biden makes me so sick! The more I get to know him, the less I like him! Do you know now Biden even has a cat?! And it's a disgusting gray tabby. Of all things Biden could get the worst of it is a dumb cat! Not just because it's ugly asf! But also, cats ruin peoples' brains. Biden does not need anything that is going to ruin what's left of his brain! He probably just got the beast because he wants to appease the leftist catfags out there. Having 2 rescue dogs didn't make him look leftist enough. So what does he do? He gets an ugly old gray tabby cat, which in the long run is going to ruin his brain. He already had a ruined brain before. But with a cat, it's just going to speed up the deterioration process! Having cats has been linked to having autism, Alzheimer's disease, and even road rage.

I usually have nothing but respect for the president. But now that I've seen the country go from bad to good, and from good to bad again, I have NO respect at all for Biden! I even respected that joke of a president we had before Trump, Obama. I said "OK, so he's president. Let's see what he does." At first it seemed like he was OK. But then things started happening under his watch that I did not agree with. I noticed racism was growing again in this country. And I didn't understand why. Until I started hearing Obama accusing republicans of being racist, and saying we should disrespect the cops. That was a NO for me. My father was a cop, and so is one of my cousins. No way am I going to disrespect the cops! I've gotten citations from the cops, but those were my own fault. The cops were just upholding the law, which is there for the good of everyone.

Well, now Biden got his wish. He has a black, liberal woman as our SCOTUS, and it's the worst thing he's done yet! Yes, Ketanji Jackson has been named our new Supreme Court Judge. And I hate her! I can't stand her. If she lets black criminals and pedophiles go free, then she's not the best choice for a supreme court judge. I feel sorry for those being a child in the USA now. Now that pedophiles are going to be accepted. Ketanji Jackson is so dumb, she doesn't even know what a woman is. Because she's "NoT a BiOlOgIsT". What a load of horse shit! How long do you have to study biology for to know what a woman is?! Especially since she IS one!!! She wouldn't be the SCOTUS if she wasn't a woman, because that was one of Biden's dumb standards. She had to be a leftist black woman or he wasn't going to nominate her. That's hysterical coming from a man who, in 2003, said he would do everything to sabotage the nomination of Judge Janice Brown into the supreme court. Then he said he didn't want a black woman as the SCOTUS. I say, She couldn't be worse than Ketanji Jackson!

I say if Biden wanted a black woman judge, he couldn't have gone wrong with Janice Rogers Brown. Her only flaw? She was a republican. That's why Biden didn't like her. Oh yes, and according to this article, it was also because he hates black people: The Important History of the Black Woman Biden Blocked from the Court - Intercessors for America (ifapray.org)

Look at what the world lost out on...

This is Judge Janice Rogers Brown. A very nice-looking young woman, she didn't agree with pedophiles being let off the hook, and I am sure she even knows what a woman is! No matter that she's "not a biologist". She was smart too. She came from parents who were plantation workers, and she herself grew up in the Jim Crow era. But she rose above her impoverished roots and sent herself to college, paying her own way the whole time. But Biden didn't like her, so he chose the dumbest black woman ever to become the Supreme Court judge. Just because she agrees with him on all liberal points. If Cory Booker wanted a black woman to look up to and call his "sister", Judge Janice would have been a much better representative. Not Ketanji Jackson!!!!!! All I feel she is going to prove is again, the stereotypes about black people are true. But mostly only for black liberals.

If this doesn't change the minds of the Susan Burklunds out there about Biden, then nothing will. Trump was not a racist. Biden was, and still is!! And he always will be, a racist pedophile who believes in nothing but himself.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

"Don't Say Gay"

 Today's subject is about the babble online about this so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill. This was a rule started by Ron DiSantis in Florida. It's designed to protect children from being sexualized. The leftists really hate it, but most sane parents agree with it. I love it! Not only because it's protecting children from being sexualized in schools, but also because of the leftists. Right now, you can go on TikTok and you can see a bunch of videos of leftists just saying "Gay--Gay--Gay!" over and over again! Some of the videos put out on that are funny. Some are corny. But none proves any point. You know why? Because leftists are STUPID!!!! They think they're being cute, or clever. They think they're giving Ron DiSantis the needle. But the problem is, this bill has nothing to do with not saying the word "gay"! The bill states that children,  third grade level and under, shall not be taught sex-ed in schools. Nothing in the bill is mentioned about saying the word gay. That's something some leftists made up. So, in essence, the leftists who say gay over and over again, are only mocking other leftists. Namely the one who said this bill was all about not saying the word gay.

But this is great for a laugh! It's always funny to see leftists rip each other apart. They're mocking their own words, and don't even know it! Because they're too stupid to know it. I can tell you, I don't think any of this is bothering Ron DiSantis at all. Or it shouldn't! But this is what happens when people listen to only one rumor. Especially those started by the leftists. They get everything all wrong. I agree with Ron DiSantis. I don't want children to learn sex-ed in schools! I think to do so would be like taking away a child's innocence.

The only reason children are now learning about this queer bullshit in schools is because the democrats want people to start accepting pedophiles. Democrats HATE kids! They want to take childrens' rights away from them. Back in the 90s, I wondered why I hadn't seen any innocent kids like I used to. When I was a child, I was as pure and innocent as sweet virgin olive oil. But you don't see kids like that anymore. Actually I first noticed childrens' lack of innocence in the 80s. But then it was just one kid, about 7 years old. He was calling me fat names. I would see him sometimes after school. I hated it when he was out. But he proved that not all kids are innocent. It's not just because he called me names and shit like that. But the manner in which he did it. It's a form of sexualization. There is a big difference between a child saying "you're fat" or "why are you fat?" and a child outright calling a fat person names like "fat-mama" or "fat-daddy" or asking a fat girl who someone was that she spat on. That's obviously learned behavior. A child does not say things like that on their own. And he most likely learned it because he has a father who believes a woman doesn't look good unless she is like the models on the front page of a spicy Playboy magazine. Or he could have had a big brother who taught him that. Who knows? But that proves children have been sexualized since the 80s. It's been going on forever.

I think the reason it's even worse now than it was in the 80s and 90s is because democrats want children to learn to become prey for sexual predators. Democrats have been working to get pedophiles accepted now for a long time! I saw this as early as the 80s, and it is even worse today. It's been steadily getting worse since about 2015. Even though the LGBT community has been saying they will never accept pedophiles. But I knew different. And then a couple years ago, I saw my first little boy, dancing in front of grown men in a bar for money! Then I knew the LGBT community's code of ethics has been broken. That wasn't my first indication, but it's the only one I have positive proof of today! Now, here they are, ready to accept pedophiles in their community. But that's not the first time I've heard of the LGBT community doing something under-handed!

Remember the baker in Colorado who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding and then the gay couple took him to court? Well, I've recently heard that they did it again. Some trans person went in and ordered a cake for his "coming out day", and the baker refused once again to make it. The first time the alphabet mob went to this bakery, and were refused service, I thought they learned their lesson on the spot. But after other alphabet people kept going to him, I started thinking "that's harassment!" and I lost respect for the LGBT community. I think this makes the 4th time these people harassed the same baker. I don't know if it's the same people who keep going there, or if the mob is sending new ones every other year. Either way, they need to leave him alone! By constantly going there and harassing him, they are only making themselves look bad. If someone as level-headed as me would be annoyed by them doing that, then you KNOW they're making themselves look bad. I don't like victim-blaming, but it's turning out the LGBT people are the monsters in this scenario.

I used to be with the gays. Well, I still am in a way. Because I understand all they want is to live their lives. So be it. That's perfectly fine with me. But what I hate is when their lifestyle interferes with other peoples' lives. Call me "homophobic" if you want to, I don't care! But in just a decade, we went from giving gays their right to marry, love and live their lives however they want to, to them pushing their beliefs on our children, invading womens' sports, and taking away our freedom of speech. The freedom of speech thing is mostly prevalent in Canada. But believe me, it won't be long before we in the USA start getting put in jail, or fined, for "misgendering" someone. Then I will be through playing nice with liberal gays!!

Believe me, I'm not even into women's sports. I would not advocate for them at all if I didn't have to. But I know how hard these girls work to reach their goals, and it's sad to see men can just come in and compete against these girls, stealing their awards, their titles, etc. and all the men have to do is say "I'm a woman now." If I ever were in women's sports, I'd boycott! Until those damn trannies get tossed off the team! And these men are doing this because they cannot compete in men's sports at all because they are too weak. So they take the easy route and invade women's sports instead of working harder on their own skills.

I saw a compilation of TikTok videos last night where a bunch of crazy mixed-up women were crying and whining because Ron DiSantis won't let them talk to young kids about their marriage. Let me tell you, when I was a kid (under 3rd grade), I didn't even know any of my teachers were married. I didn't know and I didn't care. Why would a grown woman want to tell first graders about their marriage?! That's totally messed up!! I don't even tell any of my adult friends about my marriage!! This is what I hate about gays/trannies/others. Why is it so important to tell kids under a 3rd grade level about what goes on in your bedroom at home?! That makes me sick! If an adult has to look to a small child for some kind of validation, there is something wrong with them. If I knew someone was doing that to my kids, I'd be livid! I'd tell my children to stay away from that person.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Smack Heard Around The World

 Everyone is booming about what happened the other night at the Oscars. Chris Rock was the host that night. He called Will Smith's wife "G.I. Jane". At first I didn't get it. And apparently at first, even Will Smith thought it was funny too. But I also noticed the look on his wife's face, and she was not too amused to be called G.I. Jane. Next thing I see is Will Smith going on stage. Was he going on stage to shake hands with Chris Rock? No. He pulled back his hand and slapped Chris Rock, nearly knocking him off his feet. I loved how Chris Rock took it in stride. He started to joke about how he got the shit smacked out of him by Will Smith. Next thing, Will Smith is yelling "Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth!"

Anyway, here's a piece of the video...

Now, I haven't watched the Oscars in years! I have zero desire to see it today. Mostly because today's movie stars don't mean shit to me. But I do think it was the wrong place for Will Smith to be acting like a teenager on the school playground! If he wanted to beat Chris Rock down, do it after the show! You don't do shit like that during an event like this! But this is why I don't go for today's celebrities. I will admit Chris Rock was wrong in making fun of Will Smith's wife's condition (she has alopecia). But that is still no reason for Will Smith to go on stage acting like a child!

Later, Will Smith was in tears, and apologized to everyone. Everyone that is, except Chris Rock! When I first saw that, I was shocked he didn't even offer an apology to Chris Rock. Apparently those two are supposed to be friends. But Chris Rock was still gracious. Will Smith even won the Oscar that night. I think it says a lot about Chris's character that he did not strike back. Not sure I would have been able to hold back in a case like that.

Well, now we're getting the memes. You know how good right-wingers are at memes!

I kinda wonder how Will Smith is reacting to these today? I told you all, these people today are without shame! They don't care if they look like animals. Or children. They do shit like this anyway!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

President "Bone Spurs"

 Remember earlier this month, when I posted that blog post about the Ocean Shores Chat room where the leftists on there kept complaining because Trump said he had bone spurs? I thought maybe this happened in his old age. My sis has heel spurs too, and it took 6 weeks to get her heel pads better. I was dying to delve further into this claim. Very bad news for the leftists! It is true that Donald Trump did say he has bone spurs. It was proven by a private doctor and the military doctors. I tried to look this all up online, but frankly, all I could find that mentions his bone spurs are leftist-articles. And you all know by now I don't trust leftist media.

I did find a couple of answers on Quora. People who post on Quora are mostly very bright. Except the leftists. The leftists are all the same there as they are everywhere! This was one answer that interested me...

According to this guy, it was the Military doctors that deferred Trump from serving in the Viet Nam war. Viet Nam WAR???? So this happened over 50 years ago? And the leftists are crying about it NOW??? OMG!!! Then, of course a leftist has to come in and put his 2 cents in...

But this guy answered him gracefully. I thought this was the only reliable source of info about this heel spur thing. Until I saw this article by The Independent. You have to sign in to read the whole article, but it is free. ‘Bone spurs’ diagnosis that kept Trump out of war may have been ‘favour’ to his father | The Independent | The Independent

The article says the daughters of the doctor who examined him said the diagnosis "may have been done as a favor". But if you read leftist media, it'll say "It WAS done as a favor to his father". It also says the daughters were not sure if Trump was actually examined by this podiatrist (their father) before he got the diagnosis for exemption.

As for doing it "as a favor", the leftists have their ideas of what that means. But actually, it can mean anything! Perhaps Trump's father wanted to hear it from a trusted source before Donald enlisted. Maybe Trump had already been examined before and diagnosed with heel spurs. Either way, Trump was officially diagnosed with heel spurs and that's part of the reason he did not go to war in Viet Nam. Another thing that deferred him was his terrible grades in school. But even I suffered through that! My grades in school SUCKED!!! But that does not necessarily mean a person is stupid. It means that I hated school and was bored with it. With the bullies that used to harass me, can you possibly blame me?!

The leftists are calling Trump a "coward" and "President bone spurs" to mock him. But I don't really think Trump cares. Besides, apparently Bill Clinton did the same thing Trump did to get out of serving in the Viet Nam war. But I heard he burned his draft card while going to school in England. So, at least Trump got off honestly (unless you believe the leftist media). Clinton did it dishonestly if he really did burn his draft card. So, if Trump is a coward for having a bone spur, so is Clinton, for burning his draft card and then saying he didn't know anything about it. In fact, I'd dare to say that makes Clinton an even bigger coward!

The leftists argue that we're always comparing what Trump does to someone they admire doing the same thing. I found this along with those other quotes on Quora...

The point is NO ONE is perfect! Yes Trump does some shitty things. I can say it! I can admit that! But he's not the only politician who lied, did shit in his private life, was pompous and arrogant, had weird friends, and called people names. Biden has slandered Trump, as well as Kyle Rittenhouse and the Covington Catholic kids. He can get sued for that. Especially since he did it with no proof, and in front of 80 million people. The leftist media should be sued for calling Trump "racist" and "xenophobic" all these years! With absolutely NO proof he is actually racist or xenophobic. And I'll wager you, Biden has lied more in the past year than Trump did in the previous 4 years! Not to mention he has done everything wrong! No one is perfect. But personally, I like Trump because he kept his promises, and didn't hurt anyone. Not so with Biden.