Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Commie Management

As I have said before, this apartment complex is undergoing some big changes. We even have new managers. Since I moved here back in 2016, right after my pa died, we've been through about half a dozen different managers. Some have been nice and understanding. A few have been total ogres. I realize apartment managers are not really supposed to be friends with the tenants. But we've had some really mean shits managing these apartments. For the most part though, most of the people who have managed this complex have been decent and fair. That is until this one took over. Now, I won't say she's a bad person. Sometimes she can be kinda nice. It may not even be her behaving on these actions. It could be the company she works for. She is probably doing nothing more than following orders. But if you ask me, the orders are silly!!

Recently, I have been reprimanded because I don't clean my patio. Well, I hardly ever use that patio. And this place used to have someone come in once or twice a year with a power washer and clean the patios and walk ways. But apparently this new management got rid of that luxury. I'm an old woman on a budget. I can't afford to get a damn power washer! And what would I do with it if I did get one? Besides once a year clean the damn patio! My sis and I have been doing our spring cleaning here this past week. Our old apartment is still being renovated. I kinda cannot wait to see how it turns out. But I don't exactly know if we're going to stay long enough to enjoy it. That is, if something doesn't change about this manager.

The new managers are expecting more from us than most people here are able to afford. I remember last month, when I moved into this temporary apartment, I asked the manager if she could get the maintenance guy over here to help me adjust the kitchen shelves. I tried to do it and I just couldn't. I tried everything! Even pulling the pins out with pilers. No soap! So, I asked the manager to ask the maintenance guy to come and help me. She put in a work order but said that because it's not an emergency, it's low on the priorities list. I said OK, but I still wanted someone to come over. Well, guess what. She never put in no work order, and I am still waiting for the maintenance guy to show up! But he won't. I think the manager gave up on that job. Without even telling me or getting me help.

The worst thing now about this management is they are trying to make this a pet-free complex. Meaning they aren't going to let anyone have any pets unless they are service animals. And here we've got 3 dogs, and several birds. OK, so I got the doctor to get our dogs in as ESAs. Mya and Rosebud are anyway, for me and my sis. But I also had to get Ele in as an ESA. I didn't really get Ele with the intention that she was going to be an ESA, but now, that is the only way I can keep her. And I really don't want to let her go. She's my baby! But now there's the birds. And this is where I think the management is being really silly!

As you all know, I have several small cage birds. I've had them since 2021. Back in those days, I was told it was OK to have small cage pets, and they didn't have to be ESAs nor cost any kind of deposit. So, I thought it was a good chance to get the birds. I hadn't had birds since 1992, and I missed them! But now this new manager has moved in, and her company wants me to say these are emotional support birds! They want to know how each individual bird helps me emotionally. I told the manager "I don't know how they help me emotionally! I just got them because I like them!" I even had to write to the company and explain the whole thing. Well, I didn't know what to tell the company. I told them I just don't know how to describe a "service bird". These are finches. They aren't pets. They cannot even be taken out of their cages. To take a finch out of the cage and handle it too much is extremely stressful. These are very delicate birds. They'll die if they get too stressed out. So to me, they aren't pets. They're just beings I keep because I like them. I like to watch them. I like to listen to their little calls. And I was told it was OK to keep them back in 2021. And they cannot make me get rid of them now. I swear to GOD, I will move out first!

My sis and I have actually been looking at places in Spokane Valley to move to. If this manager tries to make me get rid of my birds, I'm going to tell her no. They've been here longer than she has and I refuse to get rid of them! Several people have already moved out because of this new management. And several more are planning to move out. NO ONE likes this new management. They're way too strict. It's like living in a communist society. I understand adhering to the rules. I can live with that. But the rules are totally unreasonable. One person got on report because they were parked backwards. Although my ma told me that's because no one wants car exhaust coming through their window when that person starts up their car. But people here sometimes park backward. Usually to unload something. And NO ONE here is going to get rid of their precious pets! I'm OK with putting dogs on leashes. But I am not going to get rid of our dogs. Some people have pets because of their health benefits. It's not always something a doctor can describe. Animals just make some people happy. And there are many people in this complex who are confined to inside their home. Animals give them some much needed companionship.

Well, we will have to see what happens. But I am not letting go of any of my animals. If they go, I go. And I will leave here if they argue.

Monday, April 8, 2024

When Selling Online

I remember a couple years ago, I sold my car stereo on Facebook Marketplace. When I post an ad online, it's always first come, first served. That means I do not hold anything for anyone. Anyone can come and try to get the item, but if someone else shows up before them, and takes the item I am selling, then too bad for the other person. Even if they are on their way. Sometimes, when I am feeling generous, and someone tells me they are in their car, and on their way, I might put a Pending sign on the ad. But only for a couple hours. No longer! I will not hold something for someone until the next day.

This past weekend, my sis tried selling an item on the Facebook Marketplace. One woman, who lived in Newport, contacted her and seemed very interested in the item. But she said she had to wait to ask her husband. When my sis told me she said that, I was like "Oh. We'll never hear from her again!" But in the meantime, my sis had already marked the item she was selling under Pending. I told her she shouldn't have done that. I would not have done it on someone just simply saying "I'll ask so-n-so". Before I mark anything Pending, I would have to hear "I am in the car, on my way!" It's just simple etiquette. Well, this woman said her husband would be back around 3:30. So my sis waited, and never heard from this woman.

About 5, she texts the woman and asked if she's still interested in the item. The woman said her husband was running late, and would not be back until 6. So my sis waited until then. In the meantime, I told her to never put anything on Pending again until you're sure, beyond reasonable doubt, the person is coming to claim the item. That's what I do. But my sis kept the item on Pending anyway. The next morning she said she heard from that lady again, and this time the woman had made up an excuse saying "I'm pregnant and not feeling good." When my sis told me she said that, I told her "Take the item off Pending. And don't ever do that again unless the person is actually on their way!" I've come across people like that too many times when trying to sell something. That's why I always sell on a first-come-first-served basis.

That may drive some people crazy, or anger some people, but that's the way I operate. And this lady who led my sis on all weekend is the reason why I do. When I sold my car stereo, two people said they are coming. One was a woman and her boyfriend, and the other was a man in a pick-up truck. I told them both to come on over. The woman with her boyfriend showed up first, and I was expecting the other guy at the same time. I told him to come on over. I didn't say that to trick him into coming or anything. I said come on over because at the time he messaged me, the first couple still had not made up their mind if they wanted the stereo or not. By the time the man in the pickup showed up, the first couple had made up their mind and paid me for the stereo. The poor guy in the pickup was upset. Yes, I felt bad telling him to come on over, and by the time he got there the stereo was already sold. I felt very bad because of that. But I don't hold for anyone. Not anymore. And usually no longer than an hour or two if they are coming from out of town.

The guy in the pickup truck went home and gave me a bad review. But all I could say to him was "I'm sorry." I told him I just wasn't sure if the first couple were actually going to take the stereo. That's just how it happened. My sis had her item marked Pending overnight, and she probably lost out on some other customers because of this one woman. But I gave my sis a stark warning never to do a thing like that again. Never mark any item you're selling as "Pending" unless you know absolutely the potential buyer is on their way. Hopefully she never does that again. As of today, that woman still has not shown any sign of getting this item my sis is selling, and no one else seems to be interested.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Ashley Biden's Diary

 This is so funny! And it shows how right I was all along about Biden. Well, it's not funny as in I am laughing. It's funny in the sense that shows the hypocrisy of the leftists. Remember back in an interview Trump jokingly said if his daughter wasn't his own, he'd have sex with her. The leftists pitched a double F-I-T FIT!!!! They were accusing Donald Trump of incest. I couldn't say much about it myself. Though it may sound a bit creepy, I've sometimes said that if my father wasn't my father, I would have married him. In his younger days, he was very handsome. But there's a difference there. Neither I, nor do I believe Donald Trump, would have ever actually did it. It's just something we said in jest. But you know leftists! They take everything right-wingers say seriously. Way too seriously! They take it and run with it.

Well, recently Ashley Biden's diary was found in a hotel room. It revealed something very interesting about the criminal Biden family. Ashley wrote about how when she was 10 years old, Joe-blow used to get naked and get into the shower with her. Even back then, Ashley felt that was inappropriate, as it is! What kind of a father gets in the shower naked with his 10 year old daughter???? Ashley said it herself. I can honestly tell you that my father never did that to me! The funny thing is, the leftists who were so insistent that Trump was into incest, are quiet now, finding out that Biden really is into incest. Not only that, but it looks like the DOJ wants to prosecute the woman who found the diary and turned it into the police. I suppose because Ashley asked for the diary back, and the finder cannot give it back to her because it's being held for evidence.

It is so hilarious how the leftist media was so quick to point the finger at Trump for jokingly saying he would have sex with his daughter if she wasn't his daughter and call him an incest. But now nothing is being said about Joe Biden for taking inappropriate showers with his own daughter. And the DOJ even wants to prosecute the woman who found the diary! This is truly funny! Trump never actually had sex with his daughter. It's not really fair to call Trump an incest when he hasn't done anything. But Joe Biden can take a shower with his daughter completely nude and no leftists are calling him a predator. Well, maybe they won't, but I will! Joe-blow Biden is a damn predator! He's a child molester and a pedophile. And anyone who voted for him is the same thing! Turn-about is fair play! The leftists are always calling those of us who vote for Trump a "racist homophobic xenophobe". So, I'm going to say right here, right now, everyone who voted for Biden is a pedophile who is into incest. Most people who voted for Biden don't even know why they voted for him. They just didn't like Trump. Which is a dumb reason to vote for anyone!

Voting for Biden just because you don't want to vote for Trump is a lot like hiring someone due to DIE. You may think you're doing a good thing, but in the end I just know it's going to turn out to be a big disaster. And it did! Those people don't think about the rest of us. I never wanted Joe Blow as our president. I knew right away he was going to ruin this country! They only think about their own feelings. They only think about how it's going to affect them. And leftists don't know shit because they only listen to leftist media, which hides a lot of the evil going on because of Joe Biden. I'm gonna tell you though, you've got to be mostly deaf, dumb and blind to not see how, because of Biden's policies, we now have a migrant crisis in this country. Crime has skyrocketed. DIE is being practiced which means people are not getting hired on jobs due to credentials but only because they have a certain skin-color. People are dying due to fentanyl coming into this country. And lots more. I never wanted this, so I didn't ever vote for it. Yet we are all being affected. You couldn't pay me to get on an airplane now. And even thinking about riding a taxi cab makes me jitter! Because most cab drivers are muslims. GOD only knows if they are the calm, friendly type muslims, or the mean, hateful, radical islamists. I wouldn't want to take the chance.

And remember how Trump has been ordered only to pay $175M out of the 450 something million that Fani Willis wanted Trump to pay? LMAO!!! Well, the leftists are having swarms of tantrums because Trump will still be able to campaign. They are crying so loud, I can hear them from here! LOL! They were so sure they got Trump this time, and they wanted him to go bankrupt soooooo bad! But as always happens, none of what they accuse him of are criminal offenses! But their tears taste so sweet!!!!! LOL! I laughed so hard when I saw the TikTok videos of leftists getting pissed, I feel like I almost stitched my side!!!!! It was funny asf! Check this video out. This shows you exactly how crazy and unstable the leftists are!

When I saw this video on LibsofTikTok's Truth Social page, my first reaction was "He sounds butthurt because with all that security, he won't be able to carry out that assassination attempt on Donald Trump!" Remember Kevin Moxon from Quora? I remember he argued about this same thing! He bellyached because Trump always had security with him, even when he played golf. Well, knowing first-hand how crazy the leftists get, I cannot blame Trump for wanting security everywhere he goes!! It's a good thing the police are standing around Trump as he makes a speech. I say that because the one thing the leftists haven't tried in order to get rid of Trump, is assassination. And especially after hearing this guy getting this upset about police standing around and protecting Trump, I just wouldn't take that chance. The leftists are getting desperate enough, that's for sure. I hope Trump gets much more security around him. I don't think he has enough. The leftists are truly crazy, and this guy shows it. I'd fear for Trump's life too!

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Criminal Minds

 I came across this video earlier today. It says something very interesting about the cases against Trump, and the two people who are commanding them. Fani Willis and Letitia James.

I love it! I love it when criminals cannot keep their mouths shut. Well, Letitia James was elected on the promise that she can "get Donald Trump". Now, she thought she had him, and she and Fani Willis could not stop bragging about it. I knew Fani Willis looked too happy. Especially when she was saying Trump is going to also owe interest and she spent all day every day calculating the interest she intended to dig out of Trump. She just wanted to take all his money from him. But instead of making him poorer, she made him more popular. Now, we all want to help Trump. We're sick of Biden's regime. I want Trump back in office. So do anyone with some sense. Slowly, but surely, conservatives are beginning to fight back, and I am glad to see it.

We should have started fighting back long ago! But that's why I identify better with conservatives. I tried liberalism, and it just wasn't me. I failed at it, miserably. I don't fight unless I absolutely have to. Even then, I tend to hesitate. But everyone has a limit. When I am pushed to that limit, I can fight like a wolverine! And the leftists nearly had me at that limit. Though I hadn't attacked yet because for the most part, they leave me alone. Which is good. I've even met some leftists who were genuinely nice. But they are very rare. I avoid confrontations when I can. I'm very shy and reserved. I remember feeling like I wanted to punch Fani Willis in her little smug face when I saw that evil smile when she thought she had Trump.

Anyway, according to this video, Fani is not going to get the 450M dollars she thought she was going to get. In fact, the appeals court gave Trump a settlement of about 175M dollars. I still feel Trump shouldn't have to pay anyone anything. They say he lied about his assets, that his real estate was not worth as much as he said it was. Well, real estate brokers do that all the time. They give properties appraisals that are usually more than the net worth is. Then an actual real estate appraiser comes along and gives them the actual amount the property is worth. That's what Trump did. So, he didn't lie. He just made too high of a guess. But in real estate, there is nothing wrong with that. But leftists do not understand this because they know nothing about appraising real estate. If Trump is getting sued for this, then so should every real estate broker out there who've all done this same sort of thing.

Then there is Letitia James, who wants to convict Trump of raping Jean Carroll back in the late 80s, or early 90s. I still ask why is this being prosecuted now? That was 35 years ago! This case would never sit well in Judge Judy's court. This much time later, she'd be telling them to get over it. I don't even believe Trump did anything really wrong to Jean Carroll. Otherwise she would have reported it when it happened, which she did not. That tells me it was all consensual. This is only happening now because these two prosecutors want to keep Trump from getting elected.

Now, there's Stormy Daniels who is saying she's going to sue Trump over hush-money. Well, there's a two-way road in that case. If Trump gets in trouble for giving her hush-money, then Stormy Daniels should also get punished for taking it. She didn't have to take it, but she did anyway, which makes her side not look any better. I wonder how the judge is going to see that case. LOL!

I'm telling you, the leftists are getting scared now, resorting to prosecuting Trump on 40-year old charges that never mattered until now. Framing him for little things like giving someone hush money, which she willingly took. Trying to arrest him for an insurrection which wasn't an insurrection. Trying to get him arrested for fake fraud charges that EVERY real estate broker has done characteristically and never received any trouble for at all. This shows how scared and pathetic the democrats really are. They know they cannot win the election on merit. So, they are trying to eliminate their greatest competition. All they are doing is making Trump more popular in the process. This guarantees they will lose. But knowing them, they'll just go back to cheating their way up the polls. Like back in 2020.

That's another thing, they want to arrest Trump for denying the 2020 election results. Well again, if he gets arrested for denying 2020 election results, then Hillary Clinton should get arrested for denying 2016 election results. Not only that, but falsely accusing Trump of colluding with Russia, and I even once saw where Clinton tried to take over the White House while Trump was in office. She never got over losing the 2016 election. So, I say if Trump gets arrested for denying the 2020 results, then Hillary Clinton should get arrested as well for denying the 2016 election results. It's only fair. Here's the thing too, leftists deny it whole-heartedly, but there have been dump-off spots around the country where unprocessed ballots have been found. All of which were ballots voting for Trump. And I saw the whole election in 2020. The counting stopped for Trump's side when he began getting too many votes. From then on, they only counted Biden votes. There is proof of that out there. But Clinton had absolutely NO evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, nor any of the other accusations she made against him in 2016. They cannot face the fact people just love Trump!

I know I love Trump now. I didn't used to. But back then, I was still something of a leftist. Even though I'd had nothing but problems with leftists all through 2016. But I look back on myself in those days and I cringe at the things I used to think. I hated Trump because the media made him out to be worse than he is. But then so did other leftists do the same thing to me. That's just the nature of the beasts. I learned to love Trump when I stopped listening to other leftists and began getting to know Trump for myself. The one thing that I fell in love with is how he kept his promises. Maybe not all, but he kept most of his promises. I also used to like Whoopi Goldberg back then. But now I think she's so dumb she cannot even say Trump's name on The View. There was a lot of shit I thought when I was a leftist that I sure don't think now.

By the way, I am now on Truth Social, which is Trump's own social network. I like it. It's just as good as Facebook. If not better because there is no jail. Free speech is allowed. Even if someone is speaking out against Trump. If you're not a leftist, and on Truth Social, come follow me! @INXSgrl. Yes, there are leftists there, but they are not welcome on my page. I think I say enough to keep them at bay anyway.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Holding Accountability

It's not hard to hold accountability for anything wrong you may have done. Or for what you create and bring into this world. When I start breeding puppies again, I intend to hold accountability for each and every one of those lives born under my roof. My sis takes care of me and holds accountable for what happens to me. But let's talk about liberals demanding we all hold accountability for what happens. Let's take Letitia James for example.

Trump tried to make an appeal on the case Letitia James is holding against him on behalf of E. Jean Carroll. Carroll is the one who accused Trump of rape and sexual harassment. An incident that supposedly happened nearly 40 years ago. But it is just being sent to trial today in 2024. I'm using the word "happened" loosely. Partly because I don't believe a word E. Jean Carroll is saying! Not in the least. This is nothing but a witch-hunt. Why did the "incident" happen in 1989 or 1990, but it was never put on trial until 2024? Isn't there such a thing as a statute of limitations? That is a sure sign that this whole thing is nothing but a witch-hunt. But ya know, Letitia James is not innocent herself. I recently heard she was in cahoots with a man who also wanted to get even with Trump. Plus, it was believed that Letitia James paid off the judge in this case. In other words, it is believed she paid the judge to decide against Trump. The whole thing smells fishy. And I don't trust Letitia James anyway. Her entire campaign was all about how she was going to get rid of Trump. So, that pretty much says this was her diabolical plan from the beginning. She's just an evil, mean-spirited leftist, and she loves that about herself.

Well, GOD has ways of doling out punishments to evil people. Letitia James will get her's for sure. She may not believe in GOD, but you don't have to believe to face HIS judgement. I hope it comes soon. And I hope it's every bit as merciless as she has been to Donald Trump. And it's not even like E. Jean Carroll is anything to write home about! She's not attractive at all.

She looks like Paula Yates. Probably doesn't even have half the character. Unless Trump was really drunk, or in some way out of his mind, I don't think he'd touch Carroll with a 10-foot pole. But then again, sometimes ugly women do get the good looking men. Paula Yates managed to bag Michael, almost. But even as a young woman, Carroll was not that attractive!

She's still ugly as sin! Donald Trump would never touch this. That's another reason why I feel this is nothing more than a political witch-hunt! We all know it is! Only the leftists believe her. But then again, leftists believe everything said against Trump. Well anyway, Letitia James did not accept Trump's appeal. I knew she wouldn't! Just because I know she is evil and mean-spirited. I don't know her, but I know her type very well! She's a black, leftist woman. Nothing more needs to be said. She told the appeals judge that she wants to see that "Trump is held accountable". You know it's funny! Black leftists want conservatives to be held accountable for their actions, but I've never seen a black leftist woman take any accountability for their actions. For them, they have a scapegoat that "it's the white man's fault!" when we all know it's not. It's the black leftists' fault. They just don't want to hold themselves accountable. And black conservatives know all about that. They don't like it either.

I'm even disappointed in Morgan Freeman. He got all giddy talking with Joe Biden and Obama, but said if Trump is elected, he's going to leave the country. But then again, a LOT of celebrities say that same thing. And they never do it. Eddie Vedder said the same thing too. But he's still in this country. So did Lady Gaga. She's still here too. Ya know, she's gay? She even endorsed Dylan Mulvaney on International Women's Day. Mulvaney isn't even a woman!!!! He's a nut who is mocking womanhood.

Ya know, I think I have a theory about Mulvaney that just might be true. I think he once had a girlfriend. And I think this girlfriend hurt him really badly. So, his way of coping is to make fun of women. I dunno, he said he was gay before. But I think even that feeling of being gay probably popped up only because his girlfriend rejected him. If that's the case then he must have been hurt REALLY bad due to that break-up. What a shame!

Monday, March 18, 2024

Say Her Name: Laken Riley


Look at her face, and say her name. Her name is Laken Riley. She was a student in medical school. Sadly, her life was ended by a person who should not have been in this country. I refuse to say his name, but here is his picture...

That is a truly hideous face. The face of evil. Why he killed Laken Riley, I don't know. He came here through Biden's open borders from Colombia. Laken was a lovely girl, with truly a lot going for her. And it's sad that she was taken at the tender age of 22. Very sad! At the last Biden rally, Margarie Taylor Greene told Biden to say Riley's name. Oh, he said a name. I don't know whose name he said though. Dumb ol' Biden got on stage and when Greene told him once more to say Laken's name, he called her "Lincoln Riley". Now, who the Hell is Lincoln Riley??? One of Biden's imaginary friends? Then, he said she was killed by an illegal. Those were his exact words. Well, apparently he caught hell from that. But either Laken's parents didn't say anything about Biden mispronouncing her name, or Biden only listened to the leftists. He apologized. But he apologized to the wrong person! He apologized to the stupid illegal immigrant who killed her!

Apparently, people like AOC, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris told Biden that calling the murderer an "illegal" was wrong. Funny they would mention that to Biden, but not say anything about calling Laken Riley by a man's name! Democrats are so stupid! They seem to have the mentality of teenagers.

Well, you all know Reddit is a very leftist website. That's why I stopped going on there. There is a group of republicans against Trump. Nothing but a bunch of whiny RINOs. Well, I went on there because a picture of Donald Trump holding a picture of Laken Riley attracted my attention. This was the picture that was posted...

People were asking each other there "Why is he smiling?" Well, my guess is because Trump, being a people-person, was happy and proud to be in the presence of Laken's family. This is the actual picture...

You notice Laken's mother is smiling too, and I guess her father is too. You know how men are. Especially redneck men. That is considered a smile. Laken's brother and sister are also in the original picture, and they too were smiling. That's not such a horrible thing. When you remember someone you love, you smile. That's how I remember my father. He was always smiling. At least he used to before he met Kathy. Then they were griping because Trump misspelled the name Laken. Well, to be fair, it's not a common name. It'd be easy to misspell. But one person who saw this pic said that what Trump wrote was actually an E. Not an A. So, he did spell her name correctly. I said to these people there is a BIG difference between spelling her name wrong, and saying it wrong. Those dimwits wanted to say MTG called her Lincoln first. But that is not true. I saw the rally, and MTG said her name perfectly. She said the name right in front of big, dumb Biden's face and he STILL said it wrong!!!

Another thing these goons complained about is why Trump said "I love you Laken". Well, her parents were right there. I'm sure if they thought it was inappropriate they would have said something. They look like sensible people. But since they are smiling in the picture, they said it was OK. And they probably asked Trump to write that somehow. At least he got her name right. And he's a people-person like I said. He also has a sense of humor. People seem to forget that he was a comedian before he was a politician. They were all possibly setting down to a nice, long chat with Trump. I don't see anything wrong with that. His chat probably helped them feel good. So, that is why they are smiling, and Trump was sending his love to the entire family. But did you also know that Biden has told people like Dylan Mulvaney "I love you!" Now that is indeed creepy! I creep out just hearing Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh say "I love you!" at the end of their videos! That's why I've only seen 2 or 3 of their videos. Coming from their mouths, those words make my skin crawl.

Remember, this is all just speculation. But as I have always said, there are 2 sides to every story. But seeing how leftists in my past have acted, they don't believe in hearing both sides of a story. They just take one person's word (especially if that person is another leftist) and run with it. That's why leftists are more likely to believe in false media like MSNBC and The View. They base their ideas strictly on who's feelings are more hurt, as long as it's another leftist they like. That's why I only trust conservative media. Conservatives thrive on facts and truth. Not on emotions of others.

Well, all I can say is RIP Laken Riley. It's a shame this happened to you. But I hope it helps the sane people of this country see the light, and the mess Biden is making of this country now.

I heard a song this evening by a group called Trump Latinos. It's a song dedicated to Laken Riley. It's a nice song too. I know it won't be long before BLM and other leftists start calling the song "racist" and "white supremacist". But who cares? It's a good song. It's called "The America I Know". I hope this song haunts Biden's dreams! This is the video I saw...

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Another Conservative Victory!

 YES!! This country is now actively banning "gender affirming care" for minors. I never agreed with that bullshit! So, this makes me so happy to hear. Gender affirming care is a misnomer. Because it isn't really "care", like they want you to believe. It's nothing but child abuse. The democratic representative in Montana was practically crying when he started talking about them banning giving kids hormone blockers. He said "When you bow your head to pray for these families, I hope you see the blood on your hands." I laughed at that statement. I also looked down at my hands and I sure did not see any bleeding! LOL! Because there is no "blood on my hands". I have nothing to feel guilty about. I helped save kids. I supported the banning of "gender affirming care" for minors. So, I saved kids' lives. If I had supported this "gender affirming care" then, and only then, I would have indeed had blood on my hands.

Giving kids hormone blockers is now proven to do more harm to children than good. It is NOT reversible, no matter what the leftists tell you. It causes cancer, as well as orthopedic problems in kids. You're messing with nature. That's something that humans should never do. We cannot even control the weather, or when a volcano erupts. We have no business stopping kids from going through puberty. Any time you try to fuck with nature, it never ends well for anyone involved. Democraps also want to argue that a 4 year old knows who and what he/she is. Are you kidding??? That's also something I never agreed with! Kids wouldn't even clean their own rooms without their parents telling them to. They cannot pick out their own clothes, or what they are going to have for dinner. What makes these dumb democrats think a child can pick a whole gender?

I don't believe any parent who has ever said "My child knew he was trans when he was 4 years old!" Don't give me that shit! Any 4 year old who thinks he's trans is definitely not making that decision themselves. Look what happened to Jazz. I feel so sorry for him. His mama says he knew he was a little girl when he was 2 years old. I say she's fucking lying! She's the one who probably kept telling him he's a girl. Now, he feels like shit because he can never have children. And the constant surgeries and worrying if his faux vagina will close up. He now has to live with this the rest of his life. His mom even said how upset she would be if Jazz did allow that gap between his legs to heal up. Poor Jazz. He's the one who is going to probably wind up killing himself. He's being forced into this lifestyle by his mom, and it also looks like his big brother is party to it too. This so-called "gender fairy" gave him a curse.

It would be a bad enough curse to have a parent like that. I'm so glad my mom wasn't like that. There were times I wanted to be a boy. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid. I thank GOD that my parents didn't keep telling me I am a boy. In fact, I once joked about being more boy than girl and my mom almost had a coronary! I also constantly pray that I do not become the child of democrats in my next life. I was lucky in this life. I had Christian parents; I was born before this LGBTQ era got spread as it has now. It also helped that my parents were from the south. They had traditional southern beliefs that men are men and women are women. And men are supposed to take care of women. So, in that sense, I had a pretty good life. I'm still living today. I also am quite knowledgeable about the world around me. I also refuse to partake in it. I also encourage anyone not to get caught-up in the mess the world is in now. I don't give a shit if I am labeled a "transphobe" or a "bigot". I'll wear those titles with pride!

Speaking of pride, there will no longer be any pride parades in Florida. Ron DiSantis has announced that children will no longer be allowed to attend any event that displays lude acts. That goes for taking kids to gay bars, drag shows, and any other sexualized events. I also never agreed children should be exposed to that kind of crap. Well, the gays did not need to cancel their pride parade, they just decided if kids were not allowed to attend, then just give up the parade altogether. They could have gone on with their little pride parades without having children there. But they don't want to. This tells me that indeed, these pride parades were definitely targeting children specifically. Ron DiSantis did not say they could not have their little gay parades. He just said children will no longer be allowed at events like that. So, because they won't be exposing their bodies to children in public, they just decided to scrap the parades in Florida.

I don't agree that kids should be exposed to that kind of BS. I don't agree with it from gays, nor from straight people. But you notice, you NEVER see straight people holding parades where they are nude in public and playing out whatever fetishes they have in front of kids. That's because straight people are smarter than gays. Especially the gay leftists. Straight people know it's wrong to subject kids to sexual acts. But gay people seem to have forgotten what humility is. They don't feel shame like they should.

Well, I'll be absent for a while from here. Time to move to another apartment while this one is being renovated. I don't know when I'll be back. It depends on how quickly I can get the internet back in that next apartment. It's only a temporary move anyways. I'll be back in this apartment in June. So they say.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

The North Face

 Seems I remember hearing that somewhere before. I think it was Mount St. Helens. But this really isn't about a single mountain. The North Face is also a coat manufacturer. I hear their coats are a lot more expensive than they're really worth. Well, I just saw a commercial for them stating that black people now cannot enjoy the outdoors because white people are always there. WTF?!?!?! Who the Hell is stopping any black people from going outdoors?!? It sure isn't white people! If it's anyone stopping them from enjoying the outdoors, it's other black people. Like Mahogany Jackson. She was kidnapped by 8 black people who were pretending to be her friends. They took her, raped, tortured and then killed her. Mahogany was just a 20-year old young mother. And what these other blacks did to her is nothing short of a modern-day lynching! Why they did it, I have no clue. But it shouldn't have been done. The leftist media won't even talk about her because she wasn't kidnapped and murdered by white people. This is what leftists do. They don't really give a damn about black lives. Only when they can make big money off them.

What is even worse, now the North Face is saying they will give anybody a 20% discount coupon if they will complete a "racial equity course". FUCK THAT!!!! Keep your damn stupid coats! I ain't gonna pay money just to hear some jerkoff tell me I have "white privilege" when I am sitting here struggling. Fuck that shit! Besides, I would think a company that would demand we take a course like that in exchange for a measly 20% off, would just raise their prices 30%, and then give the customer the 20% off, then they'd still make 10% more profit. These damn DIE miscreants, I wouldn't put it past them! But in all the years I've been here, I have never once, ever seen a white person hold back a black person from enjoying the outdoors. The problem is, most young, black leftists do not like nature. Because there would be nothing oppressing them in nature. So they'd have nothing to complain about. And you know a leftist is not happy, unless they are able to complain about something! That's probably why the North Face doesn't get many black customers. Besides the fact their clothing is so overpriced. Maybe the North Face can take some solace in knowing their coats were probably stolen by many blacks over the past 4 years. But they don't make any money on that!

Sometimes, as a conservative, I feel like fighting the left using their own tactics. How about if I only offer discounts in my store to conservatives, and true heroes like firemen and policemen? Remember that coffee shop I mentioned in an earlier post who refuses to serve conservatives and policemen? Maybe I should only offer discounts and friendly service in my store to conservatives, and people who are oppressed by today's leftists. How would they like them apples? I am going to go back to breeding puppies here soon. I already pledged to offer discounts on puppies to our military men. But I do have a thing. They had to have been serving since before 2020. Or retired in or before 2020. Basically, I should just give discounts to everyone the leftists hate. LOL! See how they feel about that! And when a leftist comes to get one of my babies, I completely turn them down, or make them pay huge prices for one of my babies! LMAO! That'll show them! And I'll only offer puppies to people who do not believe in DIE, white privilege or racial equities.

Well, that might work, except again, it'd be a waste of time. Leftists don't like pets anyways. I don't really understand why. There are lots of things a person can complain about with a pet. Since leftists love to complain, I don't know why they'd object to having pets. I swear, leftists need to find new role-models. Get out of this anime, Stalin, Obama, bullshit wussy crap!

Just like that, these people who own these businesses need to think more about who they are marketing to. As I have said many times before, stereotypes are there for a reason. No matter how hard you may try to deny them, just to be virtuous, stereotypes will always be there. And it's a pretty well-known fact that most black people, especially leftists, do not like nature. I'm not saying ALL black people don't enjoy the outdoors. I'm saying most, more often than not, don't go for nature. If people would look more at regular statistics, ie., 'stereotypes', no one would even think there was such a thing as racism, white privilege, or racial inequity. But those are talking points the leftists hold on to, because they actually want to complain about racism and that other stuff. The North Face is upset because only white women seem to buy their clothing. Well white women, statistically, are the most active, nature-loving group of people. What it is is what it is. People like those who work with the North Face may think that's not fair. But that is the way it is. It's the same as the argument about the 'gender pay gap'. People who believe in that think women get paid less than men because they are women. No. That's not the reason at all. The harder a person works is the reason they get paid more. A woman working inside an office is surely going to make less than the man who is outside building bridges and doing a balancing act every day. Most women do not like doing muddy, mucky work. So, that's why they get paid less.

Monday, March 4, 2024

The Latest Trump Conviction

 Well, hopefully the leftists will now leave Trump alone. But it's a sort of bittersweet victory. Now, Trump is being ordered to pay just over $350M in penalties by some dim-witted NY judge. All bullshit if you ask me! It's based on something someone complained about that happened 40 years ago! It's all nothing but a big witch-hunt! The democraps wanted this to happen so Trump would not be able to have the money to run his campaigns. That's the only reason they are doing this.

Well, I looked up this case and I found an interesting article on Politico. I don't normally read that crap, but the article was interesting. Apparently what happened was some ugly chick named E. Jean Caroll was first defamed by, and then sexually harassed by Trump. Apparently she is accusing him of rape. I don't believe her frankly! She is so phony, and full of bullshit! Why would Trump rape her??? She's ugly asf! And not only that, but she is much older than he is. I know for sure Trump has standards. Then there is this other one Letitia James, I think she defended the plaintiff. I hate her, she is such a phony!! Apparently in a video I saw she was crying because Trump called her an unhinged, crazy, racist, feminist, venomous, disgraceful woman. And you know what? He's right! Letitia James is all that and more. She totally sucks! She is indeed crazy! She's even counting the days it takes Donald Trump to pay her the money and adding interest. If I was Donald Trump, I just wouldn't pay it. Why did this Caroll chick not come forward with this accusation sooner? Apparently it happened in the 90s. And she's just bringing it up now, almost 40 years later! That's because this whole case is nothing but a witch hunt. The democraps want Trump off the ballot, because he's winning in the polls already. Biden sure cannot win on merit alone. No one likes Kamala Harris. So, this is the democrat's latest trick,

Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Newest Leftist Talking Point

 These dumbasses will say anything to make Trump look bad!!! First he "colluded with Russia". Then he's a racist, a sexist, a homophobe and a xenophobe. Then he's a sociopath. And he's always been a "criminal". And a dictator and insurrectionist. But now that we are in another major election year, the leftists have made up another lie about Trump. It happens every election since Trump has been on the ballots. Now they are saying he is "slurring his speech" and adding that he has Alzheimer's. Are they kidding??? Or are they just projecting like they always tend to do? Sounds like some serious projecting to me. They know Biden slurs his words in every speech he makes. They think if they don't mention that sad fact in the media that no one will notice it. But we did. Right-wingers are not nearly as dumb as leftists like to think. Biden slurs all the time.

I don't know what made them start thinking it was Trump who slurs, and not Biden. Maybe Trump mispronounced one word in one of his speeches, and the leftists just took it as "Trump now has dementia! We need to warn the public!" I don't know how these people even sleep at night! But in nearly every speech Biden has given since he became president, he's slurred a lot and already has shown signs of dementia. Not that it matters to me. I didn't vote for the guy. I still want Trump back! Trump said he would only be a dictator for one day. His first day. Just long enough to ship off those illegal immigrants and clean up this country. Then the second day, everything will be back to normal. By "normal", I suppose he means before Biden ruined everything.

People need to stop listening to the View! That seems to be the place where most people get this info from, that and CNN and MSNBC. Rachel Maddow is so funny, it's pathetic. She said they were going to stop giving Trump any kind of platform because "they don't want to spread misinformation and lies". She didn't say it in those exact words, but that is the jist of what she said. Now, I wonder if that was an actual admission that MSNBC has been lying about Trump all this time? Or was she saying Trump lied and they don't want to discuss him anymore. If they admit they've been lying about Trump all this time, then I say it's a step in the right direction for them. But if she was saying she thinks everything Trump says is a lie, then I only have to say Who the hell does she think she is??? MSNBC does nothing but lie! They do it and seem to enjoy it. Rachel Maddow is the worst of them all.

My sis and I were watching the Matthew Shepard story this afternoon. I never saw that movie before, but I do remember hearing about Matthew Shepard. I also know his death led to a lot of the gay rights they enjoy today. Now, I don't believe in using violence. And as I have stated many times before, I have no problem letting gay people have their rights. I agree they should be allowed to live their lives, and marry who they want to. What I don't agree with is when they try to push their lifestyle in everyones' faces. That especially goes for pushing it on children. I don't even agree when christians do the same thing. Let alone gays. And I don't like these queer teachers in school looking for affirmation from children. Seriously, give the kids a break! They are unable to even affirm themselves! Let alone some dumb, crazy, confused adult. As a child, I couldn't even imagine having to affirm and guide my teachers!! I usually looked for affirmation and guidance from my teachers. I could not affirm myself when I was a child. I think when an adult has to have affirmation from a child, that makes them look weak and immature! They should not be in our schools teaching kids!!

This led to a very interesting conversation between me and my sis. My sis asked me how would I feel if I had a child who came out as gay. Well, I told her I'm not gonna lie, my first reaction would definitely be shock. But the thing I would fear the most if I found out my child was gay, would be if I found out my child is a narcissist. S/He can be gay, OK. I can learn to accept that. But I won't have any child of mine running with Antifa or participating in pride parades, or associating with black lives matter. The minute I heard my child is doing any of that, I'd disown that child! I don't mind gay, but stay modest! Don't go around saying "I'm gay! And you will respect me!" Do NOT go to any pride parades. Don't get mixed up with a criminal organization like black lives matter. My child would learn that respect is not something anyone just gives away. You have to earn it. And you earn it by not being an asshole. No pride parades, because I would NOT want any child of mine learning to walk around in public naked and thinking it's OK. I don't want my child to see how vulgar other gays behave, dressing up in kink outfits and licking each others' butt holes! You never see straight people doing that at all. At least they have the decency to leave that shit in the bedroom.

Those are the two main reasons why I lost a lot of respect for the LGBTQ community. But I would NEVER go out and kill a gay person. Not even a trans person, as annoying as I find most of them to be. I believe what happened to Matthew Shepard was wrong! Matthew's parents at first wanted the perpetrator to die. But then they changed their minds, and let the sucker live. If Matthew were my child, I don't think I would have let the killer live. I'd tell the judge to execute him while I wait! Here's why; People get put in prison, people can break out of prison. Simple as that. I'd rather that killer be dead than to risk him escaping prison and possibly doing the same thing to someone else's child. I believe in the death penalty. In fact, I believe the punishment should fit the crime. If a psycho kills someone else, out of hatred or malice, then said criminal should die too.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

DIE is Dangerous

I told you all! DIE is a dangerous concept! More employers are interested in clicking checkboxes than for the safety and satisfaction of their customers. Today I heard about a Boeing 737 that lost one of it's windows during take-off. It was Alaskan Airlines. I also, and not so coincidently, heard that Alaskan Airlines was going to start "hiring less white men". They were going to start this DIE concept. I don't fly myself. I'd rather have a nice road trip. But if I did, just the fact they say they're going to hire less straight white men would be unnerving!! I've been hearing a lot of businesses are adopting this DIE protocol, because they want more diversity in their companies. But it will have exactly the same affect as if a parent hires a sexual predator to watch their children.

Hiring based on DIE is fine. IF you are hiring a secretary, or a janitor, or a rock-hunter. That's all well and good. But when you have a business that puts the lives of other people in your hands, I would feel much more comfortable riding in a plane with a pilot who is a straight white man rather than someone who just checks a box to satisfy the leftists. Merit is what is needed in those kinds of jobs. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident, but there could have been! Someone could have been hurt really bad! When you are flying a plane, driving a cab, or you are a mechanic, or a doctor, or quality control person for an airline, you must absolutely have talent! I wouldn't care if the person I am counting on was a straight white man, or a black woman. As long as they can get me to point B safely, or fix my car's engine, or cure me of the flu, that's all I care about. Skin color, gender, identity, none of that matters to me when my life is at stake!

If I were on a plane, and I heard an announcement saying "Your pilot today is our first ever black pilot", and making it their only focus, I'd be saying "Get me off this plane! I don't want to be on this plane!" Because I know that person may or may not be good, just being a diversity hire. I hope Alaskan Airlines takes a lesson on that. I would hate to see the only thing opening their eyes to what hiring based on DIE does, ends in the deaths of a plane full of passengers. That'd be awful!!! But that's what will happen if we start hiring people based solely on skin color, or gender or identity, instead of focusing on merit.

DIE is not a new concept. It's been around since the 1960s. I remember when I was a kid, I heard Lucious got a job at a local game farm. I knew he said he'd applied for it, but I didn't think he'd get it. Then my ma told me he got it because the business gets credit every time they hire a black person. This was back in the early 1980s. So DIE hiring has been around for quite some time. It's just only recently that people started hiring DIE style for big jobs, instead of being based on merit. Any time you hear about DIE hiring practices, it always means they don't hire white people. Or the chances of them hiring a white male is slim to none. That should worry everybody! White men have, for a long time, been more skillful at their careers, harder workers, and more able-bodied. Not saying I've never seen colored folk who were not under those descriptions. Just saying there are some things white people have always done and did good.

I know I've always said when I get my business up, one thing I would never do is hire someone who puts their "preferred pronouns" on their application. Based on what I've seen from them so far, a person like that will cause nothing but grief in my business and I won't have it!! I won't tolerate it. But Joe Blow wants to make that discriminatory. If he does, I'll tell him "Fine! Let them go work for you!" I don't want them working in my store!

I was watching a video by Karlyn B again. She was talking about DIE and is it going to stop. She says no. And I agree with her too. She's basing it on conservatives cheering and saying "we're winning!" after the president of Harvard University quit his job. He was also a DIE hire. I admit, sometimes I do get carried away myself when I see how conservatives are making a difference. But Karlyn says Harvard lost that one president, but they are just going to go and hire someone else, who is just as bad. I agree, ONE resigning of a DIE hire is not going to do anything. But it is a step in the right direction. Harvard may go and hire another based on DIE who is just as bad. But perhaps, the next one will also face the same kind of scrutiny and quit. And then it'll go on and on and repeat it's self until Harvard finally learns that hiring based on DIE is not such a great idea after all. What conservatives need to do now is start going harder. That's what leftists do. We should do the same thing. The left didn't get their way with just one victory. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Conservatives need to learn to do that too. Only push harder. I know it sounds difficult because the leftists have had more practice at being miserable and complaining. But we can do it.

I recently saw another video from Someguy316 on YouTube, talking about Onision's book Stones to Abigail. I remember when Onision put that book out. Someguy read it and talked about it on one of his videos. I kinda missed Someguy. I stopped watching him when he started getting too soft. He just started boring me, so I stopped watching him. But I enjoy his older stuff. He's excellent at critiquing. He said Onision's book is nothing but a big narcissistic trip for him. He talked about shooting up schools in his book, having sex with some girls and raping others. So on and so on. All basically bad things. Well, Onision hated people telling him how bad his book is that he took it off of Amazon. I never bought or read his book. I have no interest in seeing his writings about raping and killing children. And apparently he went onto the comment section for his book on Amazon, and started making fun of the people who didn't like his book. He'd mock them, harass them, tell them they're ugly and couldn't read, and a bunch of other bullshit. So basically, Onision blamed the readers because his book was bad. Sorry to tell him, but he's got no one to blame but himself. No one told him to write a book about killing and raping.

When you write a book, or make a movie, or anything else, and put it out publicly for all to see, you have to expect some people will like your work, and some people will not. You cannot please everyone. I learned that in 6th grade! On our UMG Productions site, which is down now, I'm not allowed to respond if anyone leaves a comment, good or bad. My supervisor frowns on that. She didn't want us to get too emotional or pushy. I keep up that tradition now on the UMG Productions site. If I get a negative comment on something, then I just do. My supervisor was always the kind of person who says "take it, and learn from it". Not too long ago, I saw a comment someone left on Amazon about one of my books. I won't say anything about the customer, or which book they commented on. But I will say the person did not like my story very much. But I am fine with that. My supervisor says every comment is a chance to learn something different. I was just excited to get a comment from someone, I didn't care if it was positive or negative. But I am just not allowed to respond. But Onision is incapable of learning. The dude is a leftist, so naturally, he's going to think he's always right and everyone else is wrong.

I remember when I first got on YouTube, I had a long talk with myself. I knew some people were going to make negative comments and some were going to make positive comments. You just cannot please everyone. I prepared myself mentally for that before I ever made my first video and put it up on YouTube. Sure enough, the negative comments came, and trolls, cowards, even a few psychopaths over the years. But at the same time, I also have met some nice people there too. Most of the negative comments though have mostly been about my looks. Not usually about the subject of the video. When I was making money on my videos, I was fine with all the comments. Even the negative ones. But then Youtube took monetization away, and now I am very picky about which comments I allow. I hate doing that, because I am such a believer in free speech! But if I have to deal with trolls, and not be paid for doing so, then I don't care to hear from them.

I especially started posting videos more often when I got my first set of snakes from LLL Reptiles in 2010. I was so excited because I had never done anything like that before. One of the first people I subscribed to on YouTube was SnakeBitesTV. The leader of the channel was a guy named Brian Barczyk, who had since made a channel of his own. I never met him, but I do remember leaving a comment on one of his videos announcing that I had some snakes coming. He sent me a congratulations. I told him one of the species I was getting was a brown house snake. Brian told me I'm going to love them. They are still one of my favorite species to keep. He was right, I do love them!

Well sadly, I found out Brian B is dying. I'm very heartbroken for his family and friends. Last summer I found out he had contracted pancreatic cancer. Like the cancer that stole my father from me, pancreatic cancer is a death sentence. I know that very few people survive it. I was hoping Brian would be one of the few who manage to beat it. But he's not. It's claiming him fast. I told him how I watched my pa die from cancer, and I didn't know if I could do that again. But I did tell him that I would be praying for him. The sad thing is, since last summer, Brian has been working on his own zoo and aquarium. He's not even going to be around to see that completed. But he said he'll be there in spirit, and I know he will. He just has to come back spiritually and see how his legacy has made it. I'm telling you all, cancer sucks! I wish it didn't exist. And it's not even like pancreatic cancer is rare or anything. It's actually quite common. The kind of cancer my pa had was very rare. And very dangerous! Only one person in history is known to have survived it since it was discovered. And I heard he's still suffering complications from it. But it's definitely a shocker that pancreatic cancer doesn't have a cure yet!

Well, as of this hour, I haven't heard Brian has died. He is in hospice though. I just want to say Farewell Brian Barczyk. You were an inspiration for us all. RIP in Heaven.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Epstein's List

I can imagine there will be a movie made about this with that title. The long-awaited list of Epstein's clients have finally been released. After the media has been talking about it for the past couple of weeks, or longer! A lot of notable names are on that list. David Copperfield was probably the one that shocked me the most. But not too much. Stephen Hawking is on the visitor's list too. That was also a shocker! But not-so-shocking visitors to Epstein's island was Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Jackson. Bill Clinton was even reported saying he liked his girls young. Yes, Donald Trump was also on the list too. In 2002, they were friends. But apparently the following year, they had a falling out, and Trump never spoke to Epstein again after that. And Epstein's wife said she's never seen Trump on the island, or even in Epstein's house.

When I heard that, I laughed! The leftists tried so hard to link Trump to Epstein, hoping Trump secretly engaged in some child porno. LMAO!!!! But no. Trump was already exonerated for that. Epstein did talk about going to Trump's casino, and had asked his wife to phone Trump. But she said she never got around to it, and instead of his casino in NY, they wound up going to Atlantic City. The leftists were so sure Trump was on Epstein's island, this is so funny to hear! LOL! I love seeing the left fail. You can bet, I laughed when I heard that, and maybe even sounded a bit like a madman! Oh well! The leftists deserve to be proven wrong. They won't leave Trump alone!

Well, again I would like to think the leftists will learn from this. But I know they are not capable of learning anything. I heard on another video today, Disney is back at it again with their schemes. They are working on another version of Star Wars with a hardcore feminist who says she "likes to make men uncomfortable". So obviously she is going to make a more feminized version of Star Wars, which you know is going to be another big, fat flop! I'm not a Star Wars fan, but even if I was I would never see this movie. It's indisputable that Disney didn't learn anything from last year. It being their worst year ever. I wonder what is more important to Disney now. Do they want to make money? Or do they want to keep on pandering to the leftists? The funny thing is, every time a Disney movie fails, they pretend like it's the fault of the conservatives. That is eminently funny because the conservatives did not tell Disney to go woke. No one made that choice but Bill Iger and his assemblage of feminists, queers, black leftards, and cotton candy-haired chubbies.

They just don't seem to get it. We're all getting sick of the woke crap. A woke story is a boring story. Everything about it is so predictable and not the least bit funny. It's always some colored woman who rejects men and becomes some sort of power figure. Who wants to see that? I will admit there have been times when powerful women were fun to watch on TV and movies. But those were the old days. They still married and loved their men. They don't want to do that in today's entertainment. They just want people to see a woman who magically goes from being a normal woman to a superhero with no effort whatsoever. Personally, I like stories where the helpless girl gets saved by her handsome prince. Doesn't bother me at all. I don't see why other women are bothered by it.

Well, today I also heard about another attack of the trannies. Some meathead in Iowa walked into a school and started shooting this morning. I think I heard in the most recent reports that one 6th grader died. Then the tranny turned the gun on himself. I'm sorry for the 6th grader who died. My prayers for strength go out to his family. But I am not sorry for the tranny who went into a place where he didn't belong and began shooting at the kids. You notice how this seems to be happening more and more these days, and they're always by trannies. Yet the media hardly ever mentions them. I only know about this incident because I saw someone discuss it on a video. The attacker even had a pride flag on him. So the media wants to let it go. You can bet your life if this shooter had been wearing a MAGA hat, and shot up a school, it'd be front page news everywhere. We'd never hear the end of it, and all TikTok influencers would be saying "End gun violence NOW!" But they're not. Everyone is silent about it because the attacker is trans.

This is exactly what I am sick of! The media making excuses for trans people who do horrible things. One commentator I watched about this brought up something interesting. He listed all the mass shootings that have been done by trans people over the past couple of years and then talked about the shooters at Columbine High School. He said "I wonder if those kids were around today that they would identify as trans." May be! They may have been queer underneath. This is why I totally refuse to affirm queer people. Most of them are fakers anyway. But I won't affirm them because once you do, they go on to do terrible shit like this to people. They get pumped full of hormones that they should not be taking in the first place. Big Pharma is the one promoting this to extremes! Trans kids are like a big cash cow to them. They tell parents "would you rather have a son who is alive or a daughter who is dead?" Of course a parent is going to say they want their daughter to live. This is a scare tactic that big Pharma uses. Me, personally, I'd tell them "I want my daughter to live and be happy. That's why I don't want her to transition now!" Especially not before she's 25 years old.

Also the whole method the leftists are using to "normalize" queers. Makes me sad to see! That is them putting books in childrens' sections of the library that look more like Playboy magazines. And teaching kids about anal sex and kink, and twerking. Kids as young as 4 yet! UGH! I cannot imagine being a kid and having to listen to that kind of crap. As a parent, it'd make me sick! The school board doesn't even like hearing this kind of shit. Whenever I watch one of those meetings between parents and the teachers, and the parent shows off the putrid pages of these books promoting queerdom, the school board always tells the parent not to discuss that there. If they don't want to hear about those kind of books, what makes them think it's appropriate material for children? Why carry books like that in a children's library? Leftists make me so sick!

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

2024 Prophecies

 I was watching a video of Tucker Carlson. Another thing that happened, Trump is still not in jail. I knew he would not be imprisoned. The democrats were so certain they had something on Trump. The problem is, you cannot have someone arrested just because your feelings were hurt. If I had someone arrested every time my feelings ever got hurt, I'd have no family and no friends left. LOL! Well, it's been a very long 3 years with Biden as president. I hope I won't have to go through another 4. But I know the democrats are going to try something. I just don't know exactly what. They might just embezzle votes like they did last election. They might be just dumb enough to try that again. Though I doubt they'd be able to fool us right-wingers again. It just finally came to light how they threw away a lot of Trump votes. I heard about some ballots being found in a field. When I brought that up, leftists laughed at me. But I know what I heard.

Well, I heard a grim prophecy in an interview with Tucker Carlson. The leftists will most likely laugh at this too, but I have had the same prophecy for a long time now. Since sending Trump to prison did not work out for the democrats, the one and only thing they have not tried now is assassination. This scares me, and I have had the same fear for years. I hope it does not happen. But the leftists have proven that they would not be above doing something this bad. Remember back during the 2020 riots that one conservative guy who the leftist killed for no reason. I would definitely not put it past them to try to kill Trump. I don't really want to think of this one, and I don't want to give the leftists ideas. But I pray to GOD for Trump's safety.

I sure don't want Trump to be killed. I'd feel awful if he was. I want Trump back in office. We need him. If not him, then please send the meteor now! We need this world to be reset. It's gotten so bad now. I think it's at it's worst point when people begin praising evil. I heard about the Satanic Christmas tree. I don't remember if it was at the White House or if it was at a city tree-lighting. But I heard there was a satanic Christmas tree put up by a bunch of leftards. Then there's George Floyd, he was a criminal that all black leftards worship today. He was pure evil, and all leftists mourned his death. Although for that, I am grateful I'm not a leftist. When George Floyd died, it didn't affect me at all. Just one less evil thug in the world today. But it enraged the fascists. And there is nothing more evil on this Earth than the democrats, and there are still people who praise them. So, this is obviously the end. But I do hope Trump lasts long enough to get this Biden shit out of the white house. I want him GONE! Kamala too! I hate her just as much.

Speaking of which, now the black leftists are telling us we can't say "good morning". Some stupid chick made a video on TikTok about what she thinks about the words "good morning". According to her version of history, the term "good morning" came from back in the slavery days (yet again!) when the white slave owners would take away the babies of slaves and the mother would spend the night mourning the loss of her baby. Then the next day, the white owners would ask the mothers "Did you have a good mourning last night?" The blacks are totally rewriting everything to link it to slavery. It's so dumb! Morning and mourning don't even mean the same thing, and the spelling is wrong. And the word morning has been in use far longer than the word mourning.

Black people these days are just never going to stop linking everything to slavery. They do it because they are miserable people, who want to stop us from using our language.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

How To Redpill A Leftist

California has just made a major move in this progressive war. They've always been the most expensive state, next to NY. But today I heard it's about to get worse. Minimum wage is going up to $20 per hour. And we right-wingers know what that means. It means prices are going up, and some companies like Pizza Hut will be laying off some less-needed employees. I heard in California, starting in February, they will get rid of all their delivery drivers. So now, people have to go to the restaurant and pick up their own pizza. A double-whammy because gas is also very expensive in California. Not many people are going to like traveling all the way to pick their pizzas up, wasting gas. But this is what the progressives in California wanted. It's what they voted for.

I was watching a guy on YouTube who calls his channel 'Black Conservative Prospective', and he's a very good commentator. I like his videos. He was talking about this same thing. He said the same thing all us other conservatives have been saying all along. He said the best way to redpill a leftist is to give them what they want. And yes, I do believe that. But the sad thing is the hardcore leftists are too dumb to learn from their mistakes. Yes, give them exactly what they want, it's a great idea! But the hardcore leftists are incapable of linking their actions to those consequences. They'll hear news like this and they'll blame capitalism. Or they'll blame right-wingers. Or they'll blame white people. Or they'd blame racism altogether. Or they'll just completely deny any of this is happening at all. But one thing they won't do is make the connection from their vote to this disaster. Leftists are just not capable of making that connection. Their own actions have never gotten them in trouble before, so they don't know that this disaster in California is due to the way they voted.

This is all happening courtesy of the actions of Gov. Newsome. I don't trust that guy! I never did! He's nothing but a self-hating white man who doesn't have the sense that GOD gave a watermelon! He makes me so mad! It's a good thing I don't live in California, and have absolutely zero desire to live there. I'd be wanting to strangle that Newsome character! I also heard that Google is going to be laying off employees too from their company. So, get ready with some popcorn to turn on TikTok. Because come next year, a lot of gen Z'ers are going to be crying and weeping that they no longer have jobs. They are going to be replaced by AI.

Speaking of which, did you all see this video by some creep named Tommy Dorfman? Apparently he's an actor who believes he is a she. Well, he recorded himself communicating with an employee from Delta Airlines. He was bellyaching because he was being "misgendered". Oh boo-fucking-hoo! Well, the employee was having none of it this day. He gave Dorfman a piece of his mind, and even threatened to have him thrown out of the station. Watch this video...

I wish this to happen to all these gender bullies. And look at what Tommy Dorfman looks like...

He just barely looks like a man, but he sure doesn't look like a she. If I were in that employee's position, I'd have said the same thing. Only I would have already told him to get the hell out of my airport! He took the video and posted it up on TikTok, hoping he's gonna get some sympathy from other TikTokers. But we are all getting sick of this gender nonsense! Instead of sympathy, these are examples of the comments he got...

😂😂😂 I'm loving this! It's so good to see people like Tommy Dorfman are not getting as much sympathy as they are craving. That's the only reason why they post videos like this on TikTok. Because they want attention and verification for their 'woe is me' lives. These people make me sick! I hope this employee gets a raise! I hope he doesn't get fired. He actually handled Tommy Dorfman better than I would have. I lost my patience for these people a long time ago. I still believe in live your life the way you want. But only as long as you're not hurting others. And these gender-pushing people hurt a LOT of other people. They get them fired from their jobs. They steal womens' spaces and privacy. Some even go out and kill people who are "transphobes" whatever that means! Or they beat them up for 'misgendering' them. Or they just simply get in the way because they want to be verified. They are also hurting children by advertising this sordid lifestyle. I praise any parent today who refuses to send their children to public school. It's just not a good idea these days.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Eye For An Eye...

 And so-on. I love it! I love watching the conservatives, who know what they are doing, give the leftists a taste of their own medicine! And like any spoiled rotten, angry little child, the leftists HATE it when their shit is turned back around on them. They cry like little bitches and gripe "Waa! The right-wingers are causing all this misery in our towns! They won't stop! What will I ever do?! Woe is me!" No! It's not the right-wingers causing misery in your cities and towns. You leftists wanted the sanctuary city status, now you got it! No conservative anywhere ever said "I want my city to be a sanctuary city. All immigrants are welcome here!" We're just giving you leftists what you always wanted! Don't blame us because you cannot handle all these illegal immigrants coming to your cities! It seems this is the only way to get leftists to think about what they are doing. But even when we force them to think about the consequences of their actions, leftists still find a way to blame the right-wingers. But really, they cannot. They can pretend it's the right-wingers' fault all they want to. But it doesn't change the fact that this is what the leftists wanted.

Another genius move the right-wing states are making, Texas and Florida are taking a lesson from Colorado. If Colorado is going to take Trump off their ballots, Texas and Florida are going to take Biden off their ballots. Boy! I wish I could have seen the face of a leftist when that was announced!!!! I bet it was priceless! Well, two can play their game! Or more than 2! The difference is Trump did not do anything. Colorado wants to take him off their ballots because the leftist media still has them believing that Jan. 6 was some sort of insurrection. It really wasn't. Those people were let in by the Capital police, and the police even stood with them and said a prayer. They're just angry because the right-wingers are not as violent as their "precious BLM" is! All democrats should be punished for allowing the 2020 BLM riots to go on. 30+ people were killed in those insurrections, plus one sweet, innocent puppy, and many businesses were destroyed. Yet it was the people who stood up to the rioters who got in trouble! That doesn't make sense to me. The democrats all demanded they get arrested. Several of them did. Leftist privilege!

Another insurrection was caused by Biden, allowing illegal immigrants to come into this country undocumented! So, that is why Florida and Texas say they are taking Biden off the ballots if Colorado is going to take Trump off their's. Biden deserves it more than Trump. The democrats totally HATE people who have any kind of privilege, not realizing the privileges they have that no other groups have. Leftists are the most clueless people I ever met! I was talking with one of my buddies here last night, and she has 2 kids and one on the way. Her oldest is supposed to be starting school soon, but she said she's not going to send her to public school. I told her it's not a good idea to. She told me when she spoke to someone at the school here, they admitted they teach kids about gender studies, and that a little girl can become a little boy just because she says so. Well, this friend was offended by that, so she said she's homeschooling her kids. I told her that's the best idea for this day and age. It's no secret anymore that teachers in school are teaching kids how to be gay, trans or bi. My buddy here says that's highly inappropriate. I totally agreed! Not only are they making kids more uncomfortable with who they are, they are also doing it in the worst possible way! They teach kids as young as 5 about anal sex, eating each others' turds, and other forms of kink. I'll tell you, I sure don't want to be a child in today's world and have leftist parents who are going to send me to public school to hear a bunch of that shit! It's hard enough listening to that stuff as an adult!

We had a rather long chat about politics. She used to be a leftist too. But she told me about some strange dreams her daughter had. Her descriptions were a lot like what you see in the book of Revelations. I told her to listen to her daughter! She sounds like the chosen one. Like she's a prophet here on Earth. If so, then her family is truly blessed! I'm not saying it sarcastically or mockingly either. Her daughter really sounds like she's the next prophet of GOD. If she's having dreams about the Revelations, at 4 years old, and never been exposed to religion before, then GOD is talking directly to her. After all, that's how the prophet Joseph got started. Its good that this friend decided not to send her daughter to public school. I would hate to see her potential prophecy destroyed!