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Thursday, August 7, 2008


I've recently joined this group of anti-PETA activists. I love animals for sure, but PETA really SUCKS!!!! At first last night, I was beginning to wonder if I joined the right group because I looked in on some of their posts and I notice they acted like the people of the delusional fans forum. They copied and pasted things from the PETA group to their site and made degrading comments about the people. But then I thought long and hard about what PETA really does to animals and what hypocrites they are, and then I thought "Well, this isn't anything like the delusional fans forum!" The DF forum takes posts of innocent people who simply love the band and band members and twists the posts to take on meanings of their own on their forum and put words of their own in the fan's mouths. Then they talk nothing but BS. These people twist nothing, and speak from facts, and they don't seem to put words in the mouths of PETA supporters. Besides everyone knows PETA is nothing but a bunch of jerks anyway!! I always knew that!! They are not as innocent as they portray themselves to be.

Not too long ago, I found an article about how PETA jerks (this group calls them "PETArds") raided an animal shelter and put to sleep a lot of innocent, very adoptable animals. That made me MAD!!!! I also looked in at some of the "hate-mail" some of the members of this group has been getting from the PETA jerks and boy! Do they ever get vicious!!! One threatened to find the owner of that site's residence and kill him with a gun! Then that person's friend e-mailed the owner of that site and actually cheered that friend on. That friend wrote, "As soon as your life is over, which thanks to my friend should be very soon....." That's one thing you cannot say about me, I never threatened the people of the delusional fans forum with death!! I warned them when I first went into their forum that they could get sued for the kind of stuff they say, and they were the ones who attested their right of free speech. Well, I cannot argue with that!! But I feel they should at least get to know the fans they spoke of before making the kind of assumptions they did the way they did. Which is why to this day, I say they wrote nothing but BS. Someone on this forum stated that PETA is not a non-profit organization, but a business. They are in this for the money, which I think is what makes them so hypocritical!!! I did notice a lot of INXS fans switched to supporting PETA because JD Fortune did, but I think even JD would have given up all association with PETA if he read about the things they do behind the scenes!! I never liked PETA and I never will, no matter what! Even if Timmy supports them, I still will not support PETA! I don't believe in their beliefs! I'd just tell Timmy he has a right to support whomever he wants to.

They also have a list of celeb hypocrites, Olivia Newton-John is one of them because she supports PETA and also founded a cancer-research center. Cancer-research centers almost always use laboratory animals, and inflict them with cancer. The very thing PETA is supposed to be opposing! Well, I used to be against hypocrites until I found out that hypocrisy is actually a part of normal human nature. Every person is to some extent. If we weren't, we'd be perfect and no human is perfect!! I'm not blaming Olivia Newton-John, I just think maybe she didn't make the connection. Now, she'll have to stop supporting PETA!! Or else she will find out about them the hard way, when PETA jerks raid her cancer-research center and tear it to shreds to save every laboratory rat, pig or monkey in the facility.

Also the thing about eating meat. I've got to have meat!! Otherwise it ain't a meal. I was brought up that dinner is supposed to consist of meat, with a SIDE of veggies and bread. Notice I said SIDE!! Veggies are merely a side-dish to me. Not the full meal. I could never go veggie because of that. Besides, there are some veggies I will not touch! Like broccoli for example. I tried to learn to like it but it was just too disgusting!! Made me puke!! As for meat, the only meat I don't like is liver (as well as other weird things like the tongue and brains). But you're looking at a girl who loves gorging in a good rib-eye or porterhouse steak or broiled or southern-fried chicken!!! Eating dogs and cats I will admit would be criminal to me, like eating a baby. But some animals were meant to be eaten, like cows, pigs and chickens. Animals like dogs and cats eat animals like cows, pigs and chickens even in the wild!! How do the PETA jerks explain that?? And don't give me that argument that people were not meant to eat like that!! The earliest human ancestors even fed on meat once in a while. Look at modern chimps. They hunt monkeys, antelope, insects and small rodents and they are the closest living wild relatives to humans. If they weren't meant to eat meat, they wouldn't do it at all. Nature wouldn't allow it. Shoot! Even nowadays there are deer and antelope eating meat!! Duikers (a type of antelope) have been known to eat birds, lizards and mice. And in the Scottish coasts, European red deer have been known to eat sea birds. Their primary target seems to be Manx shearwaters, which are small petrels. The deer eat off the heads for the nutrients in the birds' brains. So no animal is meant to be strictly vegetarian!!

If you ask me, PETA is fighting a losing battle. One way or another.
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