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Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Timmy!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Tim Farriss!!!!!!
Today the most wonderful and beautiful man in the history of rock n roll celebrates his birthday, and as a part of an annual tradition, I am posting this everywhere to assure he will be blessed for the year! hehe!
I want to say thank you to Tim for being the sweet and kind man he is, and granting his time to me that one cold, dark night in Seattle when I was alone and unsure of walking down a dark alley. His smile was like a light in that tunnel. I momentarily forgot I was alone in a big, unfamiliar city.
I also want to thank him for the music. I know he doesn't want to be considered the best guitarist, but to me he always will be. Not only do I enjoy his remarkable talent, but I also enjoy his facial expressions as he is having fun on the stage. I love him for that too!!
I also want to say he is looking good at 51, just like he did at 30!! Some things never change, and the beauty that is Tim Farriss is one of those things.
GOD bless you Tim Farriss! Love ya lots, lots, LOTS!!!!!! I still think you are the GREATEST!!!!
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