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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hurricane A-Comin'!!!

Tillamook County has a hurricane warning in effect. I was just in Portland this past weekend and I should have stayed there! I knew there was some reason I got this wild urge to go there! I just couldn't help it! I left Astoria after being booted out of that shelter, and got a little bit bored after I ate. So I said why not take a trip to Portland? Lots to do there. And there were a couple of places I wanted to check out, see if they were still there. I found the exotic bird store, so I am going to go there when I am ready to get my birds back. I saw some gorgeous finches, and they have species you can't get anywhere else. And they can order almost any variety you want!! I like that!! Most pet stores today all they carry are the zebra and society finches. While I do like the little chiming peeps zebra finches make, the finches themselves look boring! And society finches are nothing but mongrels! I'd never get them unless I was breeding such species as whydah birds, which I do plan to do in the near future! I would like to have birds for a while instead of dogs. Save the dogs for much later.

Well, last night someone mentioned the high winds and rain, and Tillamook County has a hurricane warning in effect now. I went to the shelter here in Seaside last night and the dorm is now back up again. But now they have bunk beds! UGH!! And there is a girl sleeping above my head, named Tara. She seems like a nice enough girl alright, but she was there the last time I went to that shelter, over a month ago, and she had bronchitis then. Now, she is still here and saying she has a cold! And she's sleeping right over my head!?!?! The last thing I need right now is a damn cold!! I'm within literally hours of finally getting an apartment, and I have to move all my things into that apartment once it gets approved. I don't need illness slowing me down now!! When she crawled into her bunk saying she is coming down with a bad cold, I said "forget this shit! I'm outta here! I don't need a cold!" And I packed up my stuff and got back in my own van and left. I slept in here all night and believe me, I heard the wind and felt it!! It got scary at times, but I am a tough kid!! I smiled right through it. Well how could I not? I had my pics of Michael and Timmy with me. They provided the comfort, along with prayer. Also knowing to stay clear away of any trees or electrical lines. hehehe! I knew I would be OK. I just hope the hurricane does not stop Noah from doing it's inspection of the apartment today. I really need that apartment!!

I am so proud of my favorite INXS guys now! They won the Man of the Year award!! To me, they will always be the men of the year, every year! But more people are becoming INXS fans, thanks to the movie Never Tear Us Apart. I love that! Even people who were not even born when Michael died are becoming fans, learning how great INXS's music really is! How timeless it is, how music like that will never die. That makes me so happy!!! I only wish Michael was around today to be able to accept that award too. This may have been just the boost he needed. Especially after what that dumbass from Oasis said about him!! But I don't see anyone making any good movies about Oasis! Probably never will either! There just isn't anything good to say about Oasis. They do nothing at all but try to copy the Beatles. I, as an artist, don't feel inspired by Oasis. Someone was once inspired by Oasis to do a video, but it isn't a video that makes Oasis look good at all. LOL! I have the video on a collection of funniest videos ever, and it's called Behind The Music That Sucks, and it's about Oasis.

Michael's sister Tina does not seem to like INXS at all. LOL! She implies the guys never treated Michael very good. Well, they should have postponed the tour until Michael could get better. It's really shitty that they didn't. Poor Michael, he didn't want to be on that tour. They should have held off for a year or so, so Michael would have had a chance to get himself together and figure a way to deal with his problems. I feel if maybe they would have done that, it would have helped Michael tremendously and he might still be with us today. I keep trying to imagine what Michael would look like now, at 54 years old, almost 55 now. Would he have curled his hair again, or kept it straight? Curly hair made him look younger. The straight hair made him look older. Surely it would have been gray, if he wouldn't dye it. Or maybe he might have went bald. His father did somewhat. Bald or not, I bet Michael still would have been handsome!

Well, in the last hour I've been sitting here typing this blog, I've seen 5 emergency vehicles pass by at different times. There must be a lot of casualties. I hope no one was killed. We just went through the eye of the storm, and now we are back in the high winds and rain. I have no idea how much longer this will last, we'll just have to wait and see. But I am a tough ol' gal! I've survived through a lot, I can definitely survive this.

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