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Monday, December 8, 2014

This Is Disgusting and DUMB!!!!

I was cruising through the MH fan page I am usually on and there was a picture of Michael with some unusual pants on:

Pretty neat eh? Well, I heard that after Michael died, his younger brother Rhett sold those pants to get money to move to another country to be with some stupid girlfriend he has. One of my buds in the group said that he also sold Michael's glasses with a comment that said "I feel kindof icky wearing a dead guy's glasses." Ya know, I found that comment very disturbing coming from his own brother! If my sister died tomorrow, 10 years from now I would not be selling her things. And even if I did I would not say anything to the effect of "I feel icky wearing a dead woman's clothes"!! If I had to sell them, and I would hope I would not need to, I'd be thinking more about how it'd break my heart to part with her things.

I really fucking hope Rhett was kidding though when he said that! The worst thing anyone can do, especially his own brother, is to think of Michael as just a dead guy. Rhett should be thinking "He's my brother, and I miss him very much. I was so proud of him in his accomplishments, and I love him still very much." But no, Rhett chose to be an asshole about him. He's older than I am and this never crossed his mind??? Maybe that is why I never liked Rhett. I have several friends who are mutual friends with Rhett on Facebook, but I never even asked him. He's not as good looking as Michael. And again, it's Michael I care about, because of his work with INXS, not his family. And I especially don't like Rhett now after reading he said something like this!! Makes me MAD!!!! My grandma has been dead since 2001, I never think of her as being just a dead person. That may be a fact, but it sounds so cold and callous. Like I don't care about her. Grandma has done so much for me and my family, I only see the person that she was. Not simply a dead person.

I just had to rant at length, because reading this made me so furious!! I just cannot believe Rhett would say such a thing. All I can hope is that he was kidding when he said it. Funny thing, when my ma was 11 years old, her grandpa passed away. One thing ma said when she was told was that in a couple days, he's gonna start stinking. That shocked grandma that ma would say a thing like that, because she's always been so close to her grandfather!! But she was only 11!! Rhett is a grown man! I'd expect he'd have known a little bit better than that!!!


mikessa said...

He may not have really liked Michael, sometimes siblings don't get along.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

He carried Michael's coffin at his funeral. I don't think he was that angry at Michael.