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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

INXS Movie Criticism

I once came across an article that spoke of all the things wrong with the latest INXS movie, Never Tear Us Apart. Personally I loved the movie. I don't care if it portrayed Michael in such a negative fashion. I'm guessing most of it may be true. Well of course I know some things were put in there just for the sake of the movie. I mean, I have a few stories that I wrote based on actual events that happened in my life. But they are not 100% accurate. Some scenes I put in each story just to make the story more interesting. Well, I don't really remember where I saw this article, but I do remember some of the things it said was wrong with the movie.

First of all, is one I agree with. I think some of the people they picked to cast as the band members did not look anything like the real things. For example, the guy they picked to play Garry, name is Hugh Sheridan, he looks nothing at all like Garry. They did great in making Luke Arnold look like Michael, but they should have looked harder for someone to play Garry. See for yourself...

Hugh Sheridan
Garry Beers
Personally I don't think they look anything alike. The producers should have looked a little bit longer for this one. Plus, his voice is too deep for Garry. If only the guy who played Andrew had his voice and the guy who played Garry could have exchanged voices with the guy who played Andrew, the movie might have been a perfect replica of INXS. Actually I think Hugh Sheridan would have made a better version of Jon.

Well, another thing the person said in the article, Luke Arnold, as Michael, slept too much in the movie. Yes, he slept some, but not TOO much! This guy said the movie portrayed Michael to be a narcoleptic. Maybe that's how it all happened? When you are trying to get a story across, you're not thinking about whether it has a certain character sleeping too much. You just want to tell the story. Another problem I have about this gripe is that if Luke Arnold had been the opposite, like the movie never showed Michael sleeping at all, then the person who wrote this article would have griped that the movie was portraying Michael like he was constantly high on caffeine, or some kind of narcotics. The guy who wrote the article said that they should have shown Michael having a lot of sex. Well, that would have been inaccurate too. According to Tina Hutchence, who is Michael's sister, Michael hardly ever slept around with strange women. He talked to Helena for several months before they met and fell in love.

In truth, Michael was so complex, if this movie had been 100% accurate and told everything, the movie would have been 24 hours long. Of course they could break that all up in more than 2 episodes. But I guess they did not want to have more than 2 episodes that were 2 hours long. I love the movie. Some fans are opposed to it, but I love it! So far, it's the only INXS movie I've seen, although I have heard there are 2 more in the works. Shows how very fascinating the life of these guys was! And people used to make fun of me because I still love INXS. Of course they were the damn show breeders on the Pluba forums! Who cares what they think!!?? I love INXS! Always did, always will. Even when I take breaks from the band, I still count myself as being an INXS fan. Nothing will ever make me otherwise. I love these guys, I love their songs, that makes me a true fan. Sometimes I do get frustrated with them. But no matter what, I still love them!

I love this movie, I cannot wait to see the next 2 movies that come out about INXS. Richard Lowenstein is supposed to have his version coming out next year. I hope it airs in the USA. I cannot wait to see it. His should be very interesting! He's known the band inside and out for years. So, his version should be really good!!

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