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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Michael's Month

From now on, I am declaring November Michael's month. LOL! No more Thanksgiving, no more nothing. Well, my father being a retired veteran, I have to celebrate Veteran's Day. Well, it is almost over, and I did good in remembering Michael. Had some fun on the 22nd. I love that man so much, and miss him more than anything! I celebrated his life and did good! I always feel when a person passes on we celebrate each year on the anniversary of their passing, it's a way of celebrating all their accomplishments in life. I feel it's more important than celebrating their birthday. When a person is born, they haven't accomplished much more than being born. While that is something to celebrate, they have done nothing in their lives at the time of their birth. But someone who has lived as long as Michael did, though 37 years does not sound like a lot, he accomplished more in those 37 years than a lot of people have in twice that many years. It's not celebrating the dead. It's celebrating that person's life. And not just their birth, but also the many accomplishments that person made in their lives.

Michael will never know how many peoples' lives he has moved. He moved mine. From the first moment I saw him on a video, my life has never been the same. I haven't had as many feelings for any rock group as I have for INXS. They have brought out happiness in me, as well as sadness, joy, even frustration. LOL! No other group in the history of rock n roll has ever made me feel the way INXS has. I've never celebrated the lives of any other rock group, or singer, or anything. I've never been so deeply involved in any other rock group. I never had the desire to meet any other rock star or celebrity of any kind at all, as I have to meet INXS. And I love my INXS friends. Also, I have never cried so hard over the loss of any other public figure as I have over Michael Hutchence. I never missed any other public figure as I miss Michael. To me, the loss of any other celebrity has been like eating hot dogs. They come and go so easily. So what?! But losing Michael was total devastation for me. I still cry sometimes just thinking about Michael.

Well, I've wrote several stories based on my feelings about INXS. No other public figure has inspired me that way before. You won't find any stories in my line up that was inspired by Michael Jackson, or Guns n Roses, or Princess Diana. None at all! But I have several stories inspired by Michael Hutchence and INXS. Some are among my favorite stories. Not all mention INXS. In fact, my most favorite story of all was inspired by Michael but he is not mentioned anywhere in the story at all. In an older version, I did have a poster in the background of Michael demonstrating the Lose Your Head Tour of '97. But I got rid of that version. I thought the Michael poster was a bit too much. INXS is just everything to me. I love these guys.

I remember when my puppy died in the early summer of 1998, it was INXS that made me smile again. I lost my pup, and stopped eating for a few days. By the third day, I had gotten rather weak and could barely get out of bed. I needed to eat again to build up my strength, but because I was still sad after losing my puppy, I had no appetite. I needed to forget about the puppy temporarily and start laughing again. The only thing that made me smile like that was INXS. Especially Michael and Timmy. So, that was why I started watching my videos over and over again. Some other good things came out of that, I learned to love the song This Time. Before then, I didn't like that song. Now, I love it, and even have it on my MP3 player. Because of that incident, I call the men of INXS my "heroes". Before the day was over, I was laughing and smiling again, and eating. INXS saved me from basically wasting away. I would have starved myself to death if I hadn't taken heed and seen INXS and started smiling again. That's how I am when I lose a pet I love so much. And I thought that puppy and I would be soulmates forever.

Well, it's been a fun month remembering Michael. I hope to always be able to do this kind of thing. I have a plan for the 20th anniversary of Michael's passing. I am going to sit in front of the camera and read that whole story that I wrote about the night Michael died. It's going to be a LONG video. But I think it will be worth watching from beginning to end. I hope to be thinner by then. I'm sure no one wants to see a big, fat, ugly bitch blubbering around on the camera!! LOL! Although I have not been working on losing weight lately. I've been too busy to make it to any fitness center! I just hope I haven't gained too much back!! LOL! But that's OK. I can work on losing it all again. I did it before. I can definitely do it again. I haven't been eating any more than I did when I was making daily trips to the fitness center, that's for sure.
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