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Friday, November 14, 2014

Favorite Hutch Pics

This is going to be a picture post. But I have some favorite pics of Michael Hutchence that I've collected over the past few months. I have come to love this man again SOOOOOOOO much!!! I call myself a "born again" Hutch fan. LOL! Between 2000 and this year, I didn't think much of Michael at all. Between 2005 to this year, I was all a Timmy fan. Did not give much pause to Michael at all. Well, this season I am making up for it. I've even began kissing his pics again. LOL! Of course it's not really like kissing the real thing, but it's second best. Of course I still get weak in the knees looking at Timmy too. I still LOVE him to death!!! I am forever hopelessly devoted to Timmy. I'll always be a Timmy fan. But I feel I have to make up for those years lost that I ignored Michael.

Anyways, here are the favorite pics of Michael...

1985 or 86. Love those eyes!!!

Take this one to bed with me every night!

Uh!! Makes me feel hot and tingly, even on the coldest nights!

Sexy eyes and beautiful smile!

Hot baby at the beach!!

Sexy posing baby!!

Very quickly becoming my most favorite pic of Michael ever!!

I remember that smile! Nice and big, lights up the room, makes you feel good!
In other interesting news, the saga from yesterday continues. I was kicked out of the group "Michael Hutchence By My Side". The admin of that group said she was "getting rid of the garbage". She did get miffed because I said that I did not cry when Princess Diana died. Well, she was nothing to me. I was never a fan of her's. She died some months before Michael died, and to me her death was nothing more than an annoyance. Mostly because every one of my TV shows that I used to watch were cut off to report about Princess Diana and showing her funeral and shit. That pissed me off more than anything back then. But I'll tell you, I cried plenty later that year when Michael died. Before Michael, I always used to just say "They're just celebrities, no different than anyone else. They just get their name in the news more often." So it was a big "Who cares" to me when one of them dies. But Michael was something bigger to me. I loved that man. I kissed him (in real life, not just pics). He was once my idol. His death was a huge shocker to me!!!

Well, I also had to tell this admin that she was getting crazy with the posts about the other group, and she said "I'm not crazy!" I was like, "you're acting like it!" She was obsessed! So she deleted me from the group and even from her Facebook friends. But somehow I am not too disappointed. I don't really need her! And her group is not certified by INXS. She has a logo someone made saying it is an INXS Certified fan page, but it's like those images you get off Google. The group doesn't have the blue tick by the title, like INXS's official fan page does. Well, at least I stood up for what I believe was right. I've lost friends before over things like that, so this is not an unusual case. If I have a problem with the way someone is acting, I'm going to tell them to their face! I hide NOTHING!!! And I'm not going to say I wept for Diana, when I didn't. I'm not going to pretend to be a fan of her's, when I wasn't. That's just me. I cannot help it, I can't control it. Michael and Timmy make my heart flutter. Princess Diana did nothing for me.
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