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Thursday, November 13, 2014

More INXS Negativity (oh GEEZUS!!!)

Oh GAWD, I've already been through shit like this!! I don't need to go through it again!! Why the fuck do some people feel they need to tear other people down just to bring themselves up?? Yes, I may tear other people down myself, but I don't do it to make myself look better. I do it to get the truth out there. Well, I have this friend who has a group she says is INXS Certified. This friend, I gotta tell you, she scares me sometimes. She's a little too nutty. Every time someone posts a picture of a cat, she always goes "MIAUUUUUUUUUUUU". I used to face that with weird-ass kids in high school! LOL! I love lemurs, you don't see me going around facebook making lemur sounds at pictures of lemurs. I like dogs. I don't go "RAWRAWRAWR" at every dog picture I see. So, it's kinda really weird this friend always goes "MIAUUUUUUUU" every time she sees a cat! But then again, she has 3 cats, she says she cannot live without. I think sadly, the cats have damaged her brain though. I like this person, but sometimes she scares the hell out of me with her behavior.

Now, she is attacking another group of INXS fans that I am on, and that I really enjoy. I wasn't going to choose sides, as I like both groups. But the people on the other group are really upset about being attacked unjustly. I know exactly how they feel! Catsredrum and her friends did the exact same shit to me on their forum. For more or less the same reason this friend is attacking the other group I am on. She's scared. Scared of the other group's success. Well, Catsredrum was scared more for DonnaG than herself. LOL!! Because I was revealing the truth about her, and it scared her. She didn't want to confront me herself, so she got her dumbass friends to do her fighting for her, like she always does. Well, this friend keeps bringing up "This is a CERTIFIED INXS fan page". I don't know why she keeps using that as leverage. I don't care about that!! I go where the fun is, and it happens to be more in the other INXS fan page. And another friend of mine brought up this morning that if her page really is certified, she should have a blue checkmark by the title, and it would read "Certified Page". She doesn't. And those are not easy to get.

Another person, who was once in the other group but quit because of this friend's accusations, said the people in there were mental. What's up with that??!! She griped because one of them likes to take pictures of Michael and Photoshop herself into the pictures. Now, I admit at first I didn't go much for that either, because I thought they were real pics of her with Michael. But for her, it's just a little harmless, humorous fun. I can't object to that! So to that person, who says we're all mental because of that, I say shut the fuck up, get over it and have some fun in your life! GEEZ!!!! I didn't want to choose sides before, but this got out of hand!! I'm worried for these people. Do they think this is how INXS and Michael would want their fans to be acting towards each other??? Michael's favorite slogan was "Peace and Love". Let's live by that now! This friend said the fans in the other group are saying Michael was a mental patient. They are blaming the other group because Michael's sister on Facebook, Christina Hutchence, deleted a majority of her facebook friends. All but a few.

I want to say first off, I have been on the other group for months now. I've never seen anyone call Michael a mental patient. We were just as concerned with what happened to Michael as everyone else. I don't really understand where that accusation came from. As for Christina Hutchence, relax man! I don't think it was one group's fault she deleted a lot of fans from her Facebook friends. She probably just wanted close friends and associates on her page. Her reasons are her own and none of my business!! But if I were to take a guess, she probably just didn't want a lot of Hutch fans who she may have felt only liked her because she is Michael's sister. That's OK by me. No skin off my nose at all. You can't blame a group of fans for that!!

Then this friend said the other group is "stealing fans from INXS admins". Oh GAWD!!! The other group is a CLOSED group!!! You cannot join unless you send them a request and they approve it! NO ONE is stealing ANY fans from INXS admins!!! They may send out invites, but a person has the option to say NO!! That's not stealing! That's giving someone an invitation and they can do that if they want to. "Stealing" would be like if they were kidnapping members from other groups and forcing them to join their page. I remember a long time ago, I created a forum and I invited a lot of people I liked to join the forum. One of those people was a hutch fag who called herself Bittertears. I don't really know why I sent her an invite. I wanted to get to know her better I guess is the best reason I can think of to invite someone, to my forum, that I really did not like in the first place. I never liked Bittertears that much! Something about her made me uncomfortable from the first day I "met" her online. But later, Bittertears told me in a PM that I was "spamming her with invites". "Spamming her with invites" eh? I only ever sent her ONE invite. And she should be grateful I even sent her that one, and that I would even want to risk having her ugly ass in that forum to begin with. I could have (and probably should have) just said "fuck her bullshit" and not invite her at all. But sending someone one invite is hardly spamming. Now, if I had sent her 10 invites, that would have been spamming. LOL! But sending someone one invite is just more like a friendly social invitation. I should have listened to my instincts! LOL!

Another thing this friend keeps complaining about the admins in the other group is that they are new fans. I don't care about that either. She keeps asking "Where were these people 4 years ago????" I don't care where they were. That's none of anybody's business!! I don't care how long someone has been an INXS fan. I don't care what it was that made them become an INXS fan. As long as they love INXS as much as I do, that's all I care about! That's all anybody should care about. I kindof love it that INXS is gaining new fans because of the new movie. Maybe it'll give INXS a little nudge and encourage them to make music and tour again.

Anyways, these storms come and go. They move on. I really hope this one does soon because it's got a lot of my friends upset. One of my friends, who works in a public school, says she could lose her job over what this person is saying about her. It upsets me to see her so upset. This is so uncool, unnecessary and should not be happening. We should all go on with just remembering Michael and loving INXS. Come on people! This is Michael's month! Let's make it a good one!
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