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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

So Sorry Garry Beers

Garry Beers, I've met the man, I love him, I think he's a wonderful bass player. He was a wonderful, decent man when I met him. He was always very friendly to me and I met him 3 times. Never a problem with him at all. And I am nothing to look at! Here's the pic I had taken with him in LA back in 2005 during the Rockstar taping...

LOL! It was his shirt that attracted me to him that night. It made me laugh from the first minute he stepped out onto the stage. The big, fat balloon he's holding is me. Honestly, I didn't think I would like him. But I did. I shined right up to him. Believe me, if I thought there was something nearly as bad about him as what his daughter says about him, I never would have approached him that night. I'm a pretty good judge of character, and I did not see a narcissistic, manipulative man with Peter Pan Syndrome, whatever the fuck that is! He's just a likable guy.

I was never the type that went to a taping of Rockstar saying "When we get there, I am going to meet these guys and they are going to become my best friends". Nor did I think "I'm going to like this guy when I meet him, but not this guy". That's not the kind of person I am. I went there with my mind open and blank. Kindof like I had a clean slate in my head for each of the guys with their name on each one. They were the ones who wrote on each of those slates the kind of person they are by their actions. You can tell a lot about a person by their initial reaction to you. Especially to someone like me. I just blurted out to Garry "I LOVE your shirt!" He knew what I meant I think. But that's how I am. I say whatever comes to my mind. I got a smile from him when I said that, and a wink. LOL! I've loved him ever since! Been a growing fan of his! Every time I think about that meeting now, I giggle, and remember why Garry is now one of my most favorite band members of INXS.

But his daughter Lucy-Mae has said some awful things about him. She basically implied he's a bad father, that he abandoned her and her sis when they were little. She said she's lucky to even get a birthday email from him. She said he only writes to her a dozen times a year now, if that many, and that his letters to her are short and end with "I am your father". She calls him narcissistic, manipulative, implies he doesn't care about the family he left behind to marry a woman who waited for them outside their gigs every night. Well, Garry caught wind of what she was saying about him, and he is deeply hurt by the accusations. And I am heartbroken that Garry is deeply hurt!! I feel bad this is going on between him and his daughter. I don't want him to be hurt by this. At the end of the day, Lucy-Mae is only 22. She isn't completely mature on her view of the world yet. And no doubt her mom has hammered these ideas into her head for most of those 22 years. Seems her mom is the manipulator, and bitter because she and Garry are divorced. Sad as that is, sometimes even grown women can act like asses to their ex-husbands.

Even after Garry spilled his heart and soul out to his daughter over what she said, Lucy-Mae still maintains Garry was a bad father. But the man I saw did not seem narcissistic at all. He seemed to be a very kind, courteous, down-to-earth kind of man. And I will forever believe that is really the kind of person he is. Because that is all I saw. Well, I am sending hugs to Garry, and praying this never gets him down. If it's any consolation at all to him, I still think he's the greatest!! I still love him and I always will.

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