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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Crucifying Pets

OMG!! Now, I discover the muslims have gone too far!! I read an article this morning posted by a friend that says muslims have been crucifying dogs and cats for the past 2 years in Malta. The article even showed dogs and cats nailed to crosses and hung upside down. One of the cats had been skinned alive. Poor animals! And the reason the muslims did this? Because they want to prove themselves to be better than Christians. They want to send a message saying "We will do the same to you Christians very soon!" This is why I fucking HATE muslims!! Talk about a religion that forces it's beliefs down others' throats! Muslims run in the lead of those who do that. People tell us not to judge them. They tell us not all muslims are bad. They tell us there are some good ones out there that are kind, intelligent, gentle people. I want to believe that, believe me I do. I have met some very nice people from the middle east. But I see articles like this, and pictures like the ones in that article, and it makes me lose my whole trust in anything muslim!

I won't post any pics here, because they are too gruesome! But here is the article. Mind you, it's very graphic! I don't even want to see it again! Now, I know I am not too fond of cats, I think there are WAY too many in the world! But no animal deserves to be crucified in this way for nothing more than the sake of proving a point against a religion. It's a terrible waste of life. If they were going to sacrifice an animal, and then eat it, that's different. But to kill innocent animals just because you want to prove a point, that's awful!! And don't even get me started on the pics of crucified dogs. I cried when I saw them. Made me want to hug my babies. Made me miss them a lot more. Made me think of those I lost over the years. Made me think of how close I get to my dogs, I think of them as my children.

Well, in other news, I am getting more copies of other stories I have on my site. I wanted to get stories that I no longer have on my shelves. I will put up a video of them as soon as I get them. I've got 5 stories on order. I have to look them over and approve them on the publisher's site. Then they go international. I can hardly wait to see them.
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