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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Michael Was Murdered!!

I have to say this, I cannot emphasize it enough. I truly believe my Michael was murdered. I think Bob Geldof was possibly the one who set it up too. I cannot believe Michael would have killed himself. He had too much to live for. He had a daughter that he loved more than anything, so I just find it so hard to believe he killed himself. Though I know Michael was facing some issues toward the end, and losing his senses of taste and smell was no picnic for him. Plus he had to go on a tour that I know he didn't want to go on. He also had some problems with things that were said about him in the press. Poor guy, that would be overwhelming to anyone. But I just have a hard time believing he actually killed himself.

Why someone did not reach out and help him after that incident with Oasis at the Brit Awards is beyond me. That clearly hurt his ego. He was already faced with the possibility of INXS not being thought of as "cool" anymore. Noel's remark about Michael being a "has-been" just made matters worse. Well, look who the "has-beens" are now! LOL!! Oasis are down the tube. They are Beetles wannabes, and ripped off a lot of music by those who were more successful than they were, thinking that it might make them popular again. Eventually, Oasis are going to be completely forgotten. I know I haven't heard but one song by them (a song which totally sucked tiger balls!) But INXS, they are a different story. Thanks to the movie, INXS are becoming big again! Now the younger generation is learning to love them, and I am so happy to see that! Every time I hear of someone younger than 30 years old who say they love INXS, it makes me so happy! It's like a Christmas present for me. I've held my devotion to INXS all these years. I'm hoping these young people just learning about them will continue to do the same. Yes, I have been known to get out of INXS for periods of time, but I always go back to them. I love the music, lyrics, I love the guys, I love the inspiration they've given me, and I love hearing stories by other fans of how INXS inspired them or had some impact in their lives. Anyone who does not believe INXS can have a profound effect on their lives, listen to the song Kiss the Dirt. Listen to it closely. It's a hauntingly beautiful song! With meaningful lyrics.

Well, I just cannot believe Michael would have killed himself. I think he was murdered! I was not there, and I am no psychic. I am not Michael's medium either. I have really nothing to do with the guy, aside from being a loyal fan. But judging by what clues were left behind I have a scenario in my mind about what may have happened after Michael's conversation with Michelle Bennett, who was the last known person to hear Michael's voice. I have no proof of this, and no expertise as a CSI, this is just what I think happened. Bob Geldof often told how Michael got threatening in his call to him. Well, I think because Geldof is above the law in England, and the Australian authorities could not do anything about him being from another country, Geldof hired some hitmen in Australia to break into Michael's hotel room that night, possibly through the window. There may have been 2 or 3 of them, who knows? One guy held Michael in the room at gunpoint, while the other probably filled the bathtub with water, as it was found to be full when Michael was found. They had Michael strip naked, allowed him to call one person, so he called the 2 people he trusted most; his manager in NY and Michelle. Michelle was the only one to pick up the phone. The hitmen beat Michael unconscious and then took him into the bathroom and put him in the tub, then held his head underwater until eventually he drowned. They didn't want to shoot him because that would be too obvious, and they would have to fix his fingers to make it look like he shot the gun himself. So, as a final slap in the face, they arranged it to make it look like Michael died by autoerotic asphyxiation.

They dried him off and tied his leather belt around the door frame and the other half around his neck, and stood him up, then dropped him to make it look like he choked himself and then left by the window, arranging it so he could be found that way, and no one would question the cause of his death. Of course this is just my detailed idea of how I think Michael would have been murdered. I don't know for sure if this is how it really happened. But I just cannot believe that Michael killed himself. Bob Geldof had a motive, he wanted Lily. Well, he got Lily! Sadly enough. Geldof is apparently above the law, so they won't do anything about him. So if anybody killed him, or had him killed, it had to be Geldof. I can't stand that man! I only have a smidgen of respect for him because he took in Lily and raised her seemingly well. But for what he did to my Michael, I will forever hate him!

Subject change. Ya know, ever since I started talking about getting a cat, I've had a bigger appreciation for them. LOL! I expected this to happen. I am still not a cat-fag though. I may learn to like them, but I am never going to gain fag-status. I haven't even fully made up my mind if I am going to get one! Before I do, I want to make absolutely positively certain it's what I want. I don't want to go out and get one only to get rid of it a year from now! I want to feel 201% comfortable with this choice before I go out and get one. I haven't had a cat in years. I want to feel completely good about the choice I make. I want to think of the animal as my family, like I always did with my dogs. And if I do decide to get one, it's going to be MY choice!! Not the dirty dozen's! Not the evil INXS fan's! Not my family's. Just mine. And I'm not going to get 3 or 5 or 20 cats. One is enough! If I do get one, I want to get that Litter Genie, that would be the best thing! Then I don't even have to pick up after it. It can be flushed down the toilet.
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