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Saturday, June 27, 2015

KICK Cancer's Ass!

Sometimes you kick. Sometimes you get kicked, baby! Well, this morning I heard about Kirk's battle against prostate cancer. I didn't know he was even sick! That's terrible news! Apparently it was diagnosed a couple years ago, and it was an aggressive form of prostate cancer. If it hadn't been diagnosed as early as it was, Kirk would have been a goner!! Oh my GOD!! That is so close!! I felt bad for Kirk! I know I've been disappointed with him in the past, but putting my personal feelings aside, I must say I am so glad Kirk is now cancer-free. I hope he continues to be cancer-free for many years to come, and he lives a long life only to die at the age of 130 of natural causes. I want that for all the guys! I love these guys!

Well, I have since forgiven Kirk. I'm no longer angry with him. Well, I don't think I was ever "angry", per se. I was disappointed. I expected him to be friendlier than he was. If anything bad were to happen to Kirk, I'd feel sad. Just like when Michael died, and when Timmy got hurt really bad. When I heard this morning Kirk had been battling cancer, I was worried. It scared me! My biggest fear was something bad was going to happen to him. Like he would have a relapse, or he didn't catch it in time. I lost my Michael. I could not handle anymore INXS-related sadness! It'd just about kill me! No matter what my feelings about Kirk were in the past. That does not matter.

Well, Kirk had the infected prostate removed and he was cured. No radiation or chemotherapy was needed. He is doing fine now. Thank GOD! And I do hope he continues to go on and on cancer-free! I mean that with all my heart and soul. To Kirk: I love you man! Keep Kicking cancer's ass!!! Cancer sucks!! I hope someday it gets completely eradicated. There is no doubt in my mind Kirk will completely win this battle. He's strong! Just like my Timmy.
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